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ENG201 Current Final Term Papers Spring 2020 & Solved MCQs, Short Notes, Solved Past Papers, Solved Online Quizzes, E-Books, FAQs, Short Questions Answers & More

ENG201 Current Final Term Papers Spring 2020 & Solved MCQs, Short Notes, Solved Past Papers, Solved Online Quizzes, E-Books, FAQs, Short Questions Answers & More

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*Eng 201* by 


Final term paper

Boath asan aya itni umeed nh thi lkn marks batae gy ye tu... !

*40 mcqs*

1. (Impromtu)ka ek mcqs aya howa tha

2. Outsider letter kn sa hota hai *ans* letter

3. No 2 wela mcqs again aya howa tha.. 

4. Kn sa letter used hota hai pta nh kis chiz k liye *ans* recommendation letter.. Ye dekh lo kya hota hai.. 

5.problem during Editing?

Is ka ans btadu? 

6. Sensing, interpreting, evaluating, repres*** ,and meas*** are used for what *ans* listening 

7. Letter of desh used for ( gathering specific information *ans* claim or inquiry m sy ek h? 

8. Phr same as 7 thora alag letter of inquiry used for? ..... *Ans*... (specific information) not sure.. 

9. *Business letters* (kya hota hai)

10. Result of market research *ans* (functional) chk also

11. Sensing, evaluating interpreting are *ans* effective listening ..

12. Finding of the investigation is? *ans* recommendation asi kuxh tha

13. Convential super station contain..... Element 

Option a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 

*ans* b 5

14. Teachinal documents asi kuch tha *ans* shyd beginning kuch tha

15.assiging no in a text is...? ...(enumeration) not sure 

16. Length to used functiin asi kuxh tha 

17.Bakhi visual aids k kafi mcqs thy like bar 

18. Correct sentence 2 mcqs thy 

19. Why we used unabridge dictionary 

A) For American word

B) For British word

C) both

D) for searching word 

Its *D* ans

*Short question*

20. 2 eg of prefixes 1 multi.. 2... Anti 

*ans* multi-ple, milti-talented........ Anti-virus... Anti- search on net( 2 marks) 

21. Why we used 'end notation ' (2 marks)

22. T/f (2 marks) 

23. T/f (3 marks) 

24. 3 sentence used *told* or *said* (3 marks) 

25. Why we used hypens? (3 marks) 

26. 5 steps for business (5 marks)

27. Steps for organizing report... 1..sequential,.........,.........geographical,............

*ans* chronology , spatially and categorically (3 or 5 marks) 

28. Your conclusion are your overallVu assessements (chk handout) if your conclusion is valid so what should we do? (5 marks) 

29. Choose tha best ans 2 options deye howe thy

30. Same 29 question but 3 sentence are given

Today my eng201 paper 

Hardware functional specifications (5) marks, wind up effective meeting (5), visual aids (5), or 1 question true false thy 5 marks k mcqs thory tough thy or short questions easy thy

1.Budget Statement
2.Write 5 methods of feasibility report?
3.How "facts" comprise of with progress report??
4.True false aye thy
Active / passive
5. Fill in the blanks with WH family members ( When ,What, How much, )
Mcqs Bs Normal thy past papers ma sy bhtttt km aye thy handouts sy ziada aye thy

*Eng 201*
(Don't rely on past and current papers of other students, at least must clear concept from chap 22-45)
Fill in the blanks
True false(maximum)
*Questions of 2 no*
True false and blanks
*Questions of 3 marks*
True false and punctuation definition nd 3 punctuation marks
3 rules for writing instructions
3 rules of best listener
*Question of 5 marks*
Maximum true false, two ways of writing criteria in feasibility report, short note comma splice and blanks.

ENG201 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

ENG201 Today paper

1. In which of the following bars are replaced by drawings that represent the thing 
2. How many a progress reports in a year is made?
Two not sure
3. Which of the following aspect represents a series of events that tells the reader what happened?
4. Way to collect primary data are:
Documentary evidence and historical records
5. Unabridged
Dictionaries are used for:
differences between American English 
and British English spelling.
6. How many elements in superstructure of feasibility report?
8. That are not included in proposal:
Solution,cost, problem and conclusion.
And: conclusion
9. visual aids present information:
10. The chief ___ of the pictograph is that it uses drawings to symbolize concretely the quantities you are talking about in your graph.
11. They are often used in project proposals to show the proposer’s plan of work.
Schedule charts
12. Title Page should be from top to bottom and from left to right. 
13. Writer’s block is what we call the experience of getting stuck while:
14. Use in paragraphs to provide instances that clarify your topic statement.
15. Use to establish a series of events that tells the reader what happened.
16.long strings of modifiers or noun:
Stacked modifier
17. In scientific and technical writing styles the hyphen between most prefixes, 
especially prefixes that are not words themselves.
18. Select the wrong acronyms:
DOS--Direct Operating system
19. Gain credibility by supporting your message with relevant facts.

2 Marks Question

i. In______technique 
you associate similar things or processes by grouping them into classes.

ii. Two methods of Explaining the importance of research.

iii. Describe the two ways of presenting criteria in feasibility report.

3 Marks Question

i. Write Three prefixes of:

ii. Describe 'Fact' in the general report?

5 Marks Question

1. Fill in the blanks. 
i. Present the steps in ___.
ii. Use the ____ and imperative mood. 
iii. Yad nahi

2. True/False. 
i. Use descriptive prose to provide a physical picture or a functional view of the subject.
ii. Use analogy to explain one object or process in terms of another.
iii. Use cause and effect in paragraphs when you are tracking the development of one situation or event out of another.
iv. Yad nahi

3. Define comma splice. write three ways of correcting the comma splice.

ENG201 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

biased language and its categories
true false
true false
fill in the blanks
fill in tha blank
acronyms and its examples
three functions of formal report
three ules of capatalization
define capaptalization and two rules of capatalization

ENG201 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

# eng201 today paper mujay true false zayada questions aya tha 5 number may long may blnak fill bhi aya thy 5 number ky short may glossary 2 marks ka or flow chart cause and effect 3 marks ka pronoun three case 3 marks ka or ik blnak fill may 5 marks ye aya tha most writer always include literature review in report thy write for professional journals blnak fill may just name batna tha wo literature review tha bs 5 marks ka 2 marks ka how to construct table most important chapters including lesson 32 33 23 24 last two most important topics please past papers Na kro paper Sara book say aya ha cgpa achi bni ha too 23 say 45 tk sary lecture tayar kr ky Jana paper ap bohat acha ho ga. or mcq most financial safication design safication test safication or yad nahi ha #

ENG201 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020


Today my eng201 paper 
Hardware functional specifications (5) marks, wind up effective meeting (5), visual aids (5), or 1 question true false thy 5 marks k mcqs thory tough thy or short questions easy thy

ENG201 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020


Eng201 8:am
1present indifinet
Punctuation 3
Pictoghrap kis ki type ans barghraph
Pictoghrap ki daffination 
Simecolon ki daffination 
T/F Mark the feasibility report topic 5 mark 
T/Empirical report 3 mark 
Establish credibility. 
Instructions background information 
Use hyphen 3
Appendix sy related msqs

Report production   (2)

Name two human factrors that affect bussiness communication (2) 

Define visual aids (5)

Types of sentences (5) 

bakii mjhy yadd nahiii


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