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Dear Friends Please download the given attach file this is final solution that, I have made my own. So, I request you to change variable before submitting. Here is the demo of my program and remember this VUID that I have declare is my own id so change ID: otherwise teacher give you zero marks;

Remember me in your prayers group study skype id: alirazamirchal or

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thankyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soo much

Thanks ALo0ot Ali Raza..

We  proud to b having such  gr8 n experienced ppl at vuning...lyke ZUlfiqar Ahmad zakki, Ali Raza Marchal n  M. Tariq Malik... U are doin good jobs at stdz....thnx to all O U!!!

(Me also 4m AJK basically)

all this discussion would have been a lot more fun if someone was not picking on someone

no one can claim to be a pro in programming world even if u have got 50+ years of experience u r still just a student a learner so showing off of skills to ridicule or discourage youngsters is not a very good impact u e giving

although this dialogue had given many of us new solution ideas but the way things went here is not admirable mr. Ali Raza is always helping with his "babyish" code and we dont have a problem with that coz we are new to this world and we can easily learn that babyish code so if u cant be supportive then there is no apparent reason to boss anyone around here

brother zulfiqar we are really impressed by ur skills and if u really want to help then u should explain ur ideas here step by step rather than asking every1 to contact u personally via email

when u got the blackboard here to teach why u want every1's notebooks to write on.

hope u understand without a frown 


                  Sir... mir ali said right...indeed u have a very interesting views, to learnt us with compete bt we r in learning age...not able to compete with u...we want not just help ...we want to learn more & to best.....and then we will be able to compete, not u bt fellows...Coz no one can compete with his "Coach"   bt i think u will not do so...


malika n ali said right zulfkar vbhai. we are learnerz not the competent at yet. if you need to compete u can build us step by step n at the last day we can have a final contest for compete. whats ur opinion???

... lolz 

Dear Zulifqar,
I don't think so that you can grow in your professional career and no one will feel good to work with you in your professional career.
Here, All peoples are professional not children.
We don't need your help.
I think, You copied this code from some one due to that you are unable to explain.

Bro, don't hyper....... it was just kiding.....everybody have his own style... he have excused...I think if anyone excuse then not make him regret it again & again  coz it not fair ...anyone can be fed up and may he regret his excuse.....

plz, request to all of u,don't lose ur patience , leave this topic....and let come same friendly environment..... Hope to understand..

brother for example i am here with a totally different educational background biological sciences and m doing all this to learn a bit more about the machine sitting on my desk now i can compete after i get a good grip of the subject and there are a lot of students here who r at novice level u can ask for a healthy competition when they are all over it in sum time

they way brother ali raza was treated leads to a fight not a competition we are here to learn first and then compete if u r armed and dont know where the hell is trigger then u r good as dead in a fight i hope i cleared the air

brother we are already impressed if thats what we were competing for yar this is not an arena its a discussion board where we share ideas rectify them strengthen them debug them so outcome helps everyone

if u want respect then first respect others and that respect will find its way back to u here are a lot of struggling students like myself and when we see a duel of titans its a lot more confusing u wanna help they choose a better way if u cant explain abc to us then u r neither a good teacher nor a worthy competitor u have knowledge thats only gud for us upon sharing and explaining with patience

here infront of every1

its not a a third or fourth grade where we fight for positions here we tend to help eachother out without a laugh or sarcasm brother u neva know when the camel gets infront of a mountain u cant claim to be the best in this world only 1 best is which doesnt give a demo of his might


i think brother zulfiqar owes an apology to brother ali raza

lets see if u have the courage to admit 

n plz for the future if u really want to help try a different way plz 

i am thanking u a lot in advance and wish u best of luck 

char VUID[12] = "BC120403456"; is tara hota aur be fast hota


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