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CS201 Current Final Paper........!!!

Question 1:

Identify each of the following as system software and application software.



Write the explanation of this program. See program from book pg no534. (mark5)

Q3: Write a program which defines three variables of type double which store three different values including decimal points, using set precision manipulators to print all these values with different numbers of digits after the decimal number.(5)

Q4 define static variable also explain life time of static variable? (3)  

Q5 what do you know about run time error? (3)

Q6 what are limitation of the friendship between classes? (3)

Q7: read the code and explain the functionality of this program? See page 535 for cod (3)

Q8: write down the meanings of given below line of code, where m is an object of the class matrix. If (& m = this) (2)

Q9: write the general syntax for the definition of the user defined function? (2)

Q10: what is the source and destination of cin?(2)

Q11: write the general syntax of allocation memory dynamically to an array using new operator? (2)

1. Suppose an object has a pointer type as data member. (5 marks)
a) What happen when we assign that object to another object using default assignment operator?
b) What happens if we delete one object in the above situation?
2. given a class date.define a class person having name,address and date of birth.name and address of character type. (5 marks)
3. how new and delete operators can be overloaded?
4. write prog to write a floating point number in 9-digit width preceding zero like number 12.34

Date: 20-7-2013

Time: 7:00 am


Question 1) 

class matrix                      (5 marks)



int Elements [3][3];


write insertion operator for this class..

Question 2) Create an array of 15 elements which take input from getline function till the delimiter 'comma'.

Question 3) Working of the copy constructor mentioned in the matrix which was the test subject for the last 3 lectures of cs201.

Question 4) main() {

int x= 5;


int x =10;






Describe the output of this program.

Question 5) main(){

int x =3, y = 4;

char b = 1, i = 0;

if ( x,y,b,i)





Describe the output.

Question 6) Then there was a code with a error and we had to identify and remove the error. I can not remember the code but it was regarding dangling pointers.

CS201 Final Term paper Spring 2013 Today 21-07-2013 10 AM

Q41:      What will be the output of following code snippet? (2 Marks)

Q42:      Write down the general syntax for unary operator function? (2 Marks)

Q43:      Why it is meaningless to declare a static variable inside main () function? (2 Marks)

Q44:      Read the given code and explain the code functionality? (2 Marks)

               Matrix :: Matrix ( int row , int col )


numRows = row ;

numCols = col ;

elements = new ( double * ) [ numRows ] ;

for ( int i = 0 ; i < numRows ; i ++ )


elements [ i ] = new double [ numCols ] ;

for ( int j = 0 ; j < numCols ; j ++ )

elements [ i ] [ j ] = 0.0 ;



Hint : This function belong to a matrix class, having

Number of Rows = numRows

Number of Columns = numCols


Q45:    Write equivalent template function for the given function? (3 Marks)

            Float Celsius (float Fahrenheit)


            Float Celsius = 0.0;

            Celsius = ((Fahrenheit – 32)*5/9;

            Return Celsius



Q46:    Which one of the given two methods is better to read from a file and why? (3 Marks)

  1. Using stream insertion operator>>
  2. Using get() function


Q47:    Identify the errors in following member operator function and also correct them? (3 Marks)

            math * operator (math m)


math temp;

temp.number= number * number;.2

return number;


Q48:    Which one (copy constructor or assignment constructor) will be called in each of the following code segment? (3 Marks)

            1) Matrix m1 (m2);

2) Matrix m1, m2;

m1 = m2;

3) Matrix m1 = m2;

Q49:    Write a program using do-while loop to compute and display the product of all integers from 1 to 10? (5 Marks)


Q50:    Write the main function in which you have to add three integer elements in template class queue, and then call print function. After that, remove two elements from the queue.(5 Marks)


            Iss ke baad ik lengthy program or code likha hoa tha due to shortage of time I can’t wrote it.


Q51:    Given is the code of Date Class. (5 Marks)

            Class Date



                        Int Day;

                        Int month;

                        Int year;


                        Date ()


                        Day = 01;

                        Month = 01;

                        Year = 2000;



                        Write the code for a class person which contain three data number name, and DOB, where Name and Address are char pointer while DOB (Date of Birth) is an object of type Date. This class should also contain a default constructor to initialize all its data members using same default values.


Q52:    Suppose an object has a pointer type as its data member. (5 Marks)

  1. What happen when we assign that object using default assignment operator?
  2. What happen if we use delete one object in the above mentioned situation?




mera aaj cs201 ka paper tha.

about 50% mcqs from past papers and remaining new mcqs...
long questions....
Q.....Date class was given,,,,i needed to display its objects.
Q.....Template class mn int and double k liye conversion bnani ti
Q.....THIS pointer ka question tha.
Q.....aik switch statment ka question tha,,,v simple and easy.
Q.....manipulator ka ik question tha......**** k liye manipulator bnana tha and then Virtual****University display krna tha...
Q....new and delete operators pe likhna tha kuch.
bas or bhi the paryad ni hain....
plz remember in prayers

Check this out frndz!!!

I hope it will help you!


My Today CS201 FINAL PAPER (22-7-2013)

Total Questions: 52

40 MCQ’S : 40 Marks                        4 Questions: 2 Marks

4 Questions: 3 Marks                          4 Questions: 5 Marks

(5-7)MCQ’s are from Moaz objective file

 Some MCQ’S are:


  • Result of mathematical operation 6+27/3*3 is:

 45               9                 33                30


  • Result of the expression z=x%y if x=19 and y=4?

2                 3                 4                 5

  • A precise sequence of steps to solve a problem is:

Program                Utility          Routine                 Statement


  • The member function of the class occupy ______ region in memory for ________ objects of class.

Separate, each                 Common, all                   Different, each                 Different, all


  • Automatic variable are created on __________

Heap           Free store              Static storage                  Stack


  • Templates provide way of abstracting ____ information.

Type                     Data            Method                 Access


  • The code is written to _______ a program.

Implement             Design                   Analysis                Test


  • ANSI stands for____________
  • STL stands for _______________


  • At the time of linking, library functions are available in the__________ form.

Compiled              Text             Run able                Code


  • Assignment operator is __________ associated.

Left             Right           Binary                   Unary











  • What is return by new operator?


  • What is the equivalent C expression for following algebraic expression?

ax3ay2 + bax2y + abcx


  • Write down piece of code that will declare a matrix of 3x3. And initialize all its locations with 0;


int matrix [3] [3] ;

matrix [0] [0] = 0;

matrix [0] [1] = 0;

matrix [0] [2] = 0;

matrix [1] [0] = 0;

matrix [1] [2] = 0;

matrix [1] [2] = 0;

matrix [2] [0] = 0;

matrix [2] [1] = 0;

matrix [2] [2] = 0;

Another answer:-

we can also do it as given below

int matrix [3][3] = { 0 }; //all elements 0


  • How can we initialize an object which is declared as constant data member in another class?




  • Write the output of the given code:





          int num [3][2]={12,51,34,54,12,55}

for (int j=0; j<3; j++)


return 0;



  • Write simple program that use getline() of cin obj for reading string of 30 char from keyboard when press enter to output;
  • Describe each in one line:


Matrix (int =0, int=0);

Matrix (const Matrix&);



  • Given is the code for nested classes:

Class First



class Second







Void Display();


          Int fValue;




Write these code to define Display() member function of class outside the body of outer class. The function Display() will display the value of data member fValue of class First.





  • Suppose you want to develop a payroll system of a company having permanent, contract and hourly based employees. Which type of activities would you follow to program this system efficiently?


  • Write the main function in which you have to add three integer elements in template class queue, and then call print function. After that, remove two elements from the queue.


Iss ke baad ik lengthy program or code likha hoa tha due to shortage of time I can’t wrote it.


  • Template class queue

Class Weight()



          int Kilograms, grams;







Weight (int k, int g)







You are required to write the > operator overloading function for comparing the objects of type weight such that if first weight object is greater than second, the function must return true otherwise it should return false.


  • Write a program which defines three variables of type double which store three different values including decimal points, using set precision manipulators to print all these values with different numbers of digits after the decimal number.(5)





int main ()


double x1 = 12345624.72345

double x2 = 987654.12345

double x3 = 1985.23456

cout setprecision (3) x1 endl;

cout setprecision (4) x2 endl;

cout setprecision (5) x3 endl;

return 0;


yr koi upper wale mcqs ko toh solve kardo plzzz ??? :( 

 Shafaq Shafique thanks a lot for sharing ur paper ..best of luck for ur result 

Attention Related Final Term papers Spring 2013: All Fellows You don’t need to go at any other site for current Final Term papers Spring  2013, Because All discussed data/sharing of our members in this discussion are going from here to other sites. (Other sites Admins/mods Copy from here & posted at their sites with fake IDs or original name: p). you can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links.

Today my paper was about multticasting, NAT and ip addreses
Aik q tha error detection scheme jo k size n information k hisab se sab se ziada useful oo konsi hai? Parity aye ga isme
2. Server computers client computer se kaisay different hain 3 features
3Name two networks of by mobility
Fixed an mobile networks ata tha isme
4. Konsi multicasting methodology organization me use hoti hai write complete name of it?
5.Private computers global metwork se kaisay interact karty hain?
6. Aik organiztion ipv6 adopt karna chahti hai to uskay liay konsi motation use oo gi?
7. Ipv4 or ipv6 me kia differneces hain? Detail se btain?
8. Multicasting methodoligy small no of computers and scattered computers k liay konsi use hogi?
9. Yad ni raha

sadaf noreen thanks for sharing ur paper.best of luck 



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