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potatoes 2 cup,boiled and mashed
chicken 1 cup,boiled and shredded
white sauce 1 cup
salt and pepper to taste
green onion 1/2 cup,chopped
green coriander 2 tbsp,chopped
green chillies 2-3 chopped
lemon juice 2 tbsp
samosas wraps
oil for shallow frying

milk 1 cup
flour 2 tbsp
butter 2 tbsp
salt and pepper to taste
mustard powder 1/2 tsp

heat butter in pan add flour cook but do not brown the flour remove from fire add milk stirring continously add salt,pepper,mustard powder again cook over heat till it.mix all ingredients in bowl make samosas as shown.freeze them.whenever needed shallow fry them till golden.



Recipe as follows:
1. Remove seeds from fresh dates and tamarind add to cold water and boil for 15/20 mins
2. Once cooled, grid till you get a smooth paste. Sauce ready
3. Combine boiled chickpeas and boiled sliced potatoes
4. Add thinly cut red onion, fresh finely chopped coriander, finely chopped green chilli, cumin seeds, poppy seeds, mango powder, crushed dry red chillies, chat masala, salt and add to potatoes n chickpeas n mix well
5. Mix full fat yogurt with salt and pour over the mixture
6. Top with tamarind sauce made earlier n red chillie


Potato Pie:

Mince(Beef,Chicken,Mutton) 1 kgs....cook it as normally u cook mince meat....but that shld be in oilive oil....keep it aside....boil spaghetti in salt and oil keep aside.....boil potatoes in salt...keep aside...make a white sauce ( 2 tblsp margrine,2 heaped tblsp flour,heat the margrine in the pan and add flour to it...take 1/2 ltr of milk and add gradullay to margrine and flour and keep mixing it with the spoon to avoid lumps....add salt and pepper 1/2 teasp is enough.)
Now in a pie dish put the mined meat on the bottom,than put a layer of spaghetti,than white sauce and at the top cover it with mashed he top of the pototoes brush a small amount of oiliveoil and beaten egg...bake it for 1 hr at 150C.

<::::POtatO QeeMa CutleTSSS::::>

Potatoes 7 normal size med to large
( boiled n mash)
Chicken mince 1/2 kg or 1 kg upto u...( completly cooked in 2 tbsp oil wid salt)

Soya sauce 6 to 8 tbsp
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Green chillies 2 chopped
Chinese salt 1/2 tsp
Tomato ketchup 3 tsp
Red chilli flakes 1 tbsp

Eggs for coating
Oil for frying


After boiling n mashing potatoes finely add mince n all the spices... Mix mix!! Give any shape u wnt coat wid beaten egg... Can add crumbs too... N deep fry!! EnjOy



Chicken Aloo Samosas :)
Sath imli ki chutni Ho tu kiya kehne :D

For Samosas:
Used my old recipee....

ingredients for dough.. 
4tb spoon oil ,
2 cups of maida( white flour), 
half tspon salt ,
3 tb spoon desi ghee 
1 to 2 tspoon zeera ..
. knead all these ingrdients 2gther... with slightly warm water.. 

for filling.. add 2 cups of boiled thn shredded chicken..... 2 large size potatoes mashed.. mix 2gthr n add red chili flakers, red chilli powder, lil of chinese salt, salt ,green chillies, coriandr, zeera ,2to 3 tb spoon of chilli sauce ,2 to 3 tb spoon of soya sauce , half t spoon of blck pepper ...u can also add boild peas...

serve it hot n always wid green coriandr chuttni .. u will luv n enjoyy.!!!



Here is the special recipe of ALBAIK CHICKEN BROAST....I never had it but my Huband ate it very frequently in his stay at Saudi Arabia so like million of other people he is also a huge fan of this chicken:), and i have been making it for my Arab friends and they always say that the taste and texture of chicken is very very close to the actuall Albaik,So i am posting the recipe get ready take the chicken out of your freezer and marinate it to make your weekend special tomorrow,I am sure your family and friends will love it like mine:D
Ingredients for albaik style chicken Broast:
Chicken whole cut, Actually it is made with skin of the chicken on but we dont like the skin so i made it without skin but ofcourse you can make it with skin....1 kg
Garlic powder:1 tsp full
GINGER powder:1 tsp full
Salt:i used 1 tbsp but you can adjust according to your taste.
Red chilli powder:1 tsp
Cinnamon Powder:1 tsp
Lemon juiece or white vinegar:4 tbsp
Meat tenderizer:1 tsp(It will help to cook chiccken in less time so ultimately the chciken will be juicy and tender)
Prick the Dry chicken with fork.
Mix all the above mentioned ingredients and make a paste now apply this marination on chicken pieces very well and leave over night or atleast or 4-5 hours.
For Coating:
1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of corn flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1/4th tsp of salt
1/4th tsp of white pepper or paprika powder i used white pepper
Mix all th edry ingredients well.
2-3 eggs beat very well with fork and add 2-3 tbsp of chilled/cold milk .
Now heat the oil in a deep pan on medium heat.
Now dip the chicken piece in egg mix and then in lour mix.
Take the flour mixture in a bowl not in a flat plate and put the chicken piece in and coat very well,with light hand.keep coating chicken with flour until chicken piece is completely coverd with flour,now hold it from on edge and remove th excess of flour by shaking your hand,at this stage the layers will be very clear on chicken. I gave my chicken one coat but if you like thick coating you can do th esame process twice but i did for only one time.Do the same process with 4-5 chicken pieces or depend how much capacity your pan have dont leave chciken with coating for long as it will remove the layers from chciken.
While frying take care that you fry chicken in single layer not one above the other,
Secondly dont touch chicken with spoon as it might remove the coating from chciken let it cook for 10 minutes,after 15 minute your chicken should be ready i fried for 15 minutes and in this time it was crisp and nicely cooked.
Serve hot with fries and garlic sauce...enjoy:)
Grlic sauce:
Garlic powder:1tsp( use fresh chopped garlic,if dont have garlic powder)
Myoneise:3-4 tbsp
salt:1-2 pinches
Mix everything together and yummy garlic sauce is ready to serve with burgers,fries,fried chicken...etc..
I hope everything is clear but still if you have any question regarding recipe feel free to ask..


LAHORI Chirgha- 

1 whole chicken- approx 1 kg
3/4 cup yogort
1 1/2 tsp salt- levelled
1 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
...1 tsp cumin seeds, slightly crushed
1 tsp Garam Masala
2 tsp chaat masala
1 tsp black pepper- levelled
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp ginger paste 
1 tbsp butter
1 pinch yellow food color

- make slits/cuts in the chicken and tie legs
- apply marinate, keep aside for minimum 2 hours (best if overnight)

*if baking, just bake directly
*f steaming&frying.. take 1/2 cup water, let come to a rolling boil, place chicken and cover.. cook over low heat until 20-25mins or until done... when fully cooked set aside and let cool for 10-15 mins. beat 1 egg and apply it to the chicken (this would preserve the masala on it when you fry and will give it a crispier crust).. deep fry till golden brown.


• ½ kg boneless chicken
• 1 large capsicum
• 3-4 onion
• 1 tbsp red chili sauce
• 1 tbsp green chili sauce
• ½ tbsp soya sauce
• 1 packet chicken dana masala
• ½ packet chicken angara masala
• ½ tsp vinegar
• ½ cup curd/ dahi (wiped)
• Bread crumbs
• Ice-cream sticks
• In a mixer, add boneless chicken, capsicum, onion, red chili sauce, green chili sauce, soya sauce, chicken dana masala, chicken angara masala, vinegar, curd/ dahi (wiped) & grind it.
• Put this mixture on sticks……coat with breadcrumbs
• coat with breadcrumbs & deep fry it.
• Ready to serve

recipes is lleyh dee jaati hein k log khud b try kerin 

Chicken Sticks

A fantastic recipe ♥


Chicken Breast 500 gms cut in 1” cubes
Chana daal/yellow lentils 3tbsp (grind into a fine powder)
Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
Black Pepper crushed 1/2 tsp 
Salt to taste 
Ginger Garlic paste 1 tsp
Cream 3 Tbsp
Egg 1 
Red chilli flakes 1/2 tsp
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1/2 tsp tandoori masala (for the colour)
1 tsp lemon juice

You will also need:
1 onion
4-5 green chillis
2-3 tbsp fresh coriander


Completely dry the chicken by blotting the pieces with kitchen tissues/towels
Make a paste of Onion, Green Chillies, Fresh coriander by using cream Do Not Add WATER, make thick paste. 
Now take a large mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients together.
Marinate the chicken in the above marinade for 6-8 hours. 
Right before you take your chicken out of the refrigerator, start heating about 2 inch of oil over medium heat in a large fry pan..
Take the chicken out of the refrigerator ...skewer them on sticks ...
At this point you need to check the temperature of your oil. If you throw in a pinch of flour it should sizzle. . Not too hot because you don't want your chicken to burn. My oil is perfect over medium heat

Now One by one place sticks in the heated oil.

Allow to cook 5-8 minutes per side depends on thickness of pieces. Your sticks are done when they are a nice golden brown.

If you fry the chicken for too long , it will loose its tenderness and become chewy.

Serve Hot with your favorite dip. Enjoy!!
ts an old pic.but i always make trifle in the same way as i made this


strawberries (keep the same sized strawberries for garnishing and slice all the others, keep all the cut and uncut strawberries in a bowl if strawberries are... not sweet put 6 teaspoon sugar and refrigerate for an hour)

pineapple slices



sweet seedless grapes

vanilla cake slices

jelly (any falavour, it has to be ready before we put everything together)

custard powder 4tablespoons

milk 1 litre (full cream milk works best for desserts)


Put 1 litre milk in a pot bring to a boil, mix custard powder in 5tbsp cold milk and put in boiling milk. keep stirring for 15 minutes.

separately take a large bowl put cubed jelly at the bottom then put small cubed vanilla cake over it then put sliced pineapple,banana and sliced sweetened strawberries that we prepared earlier, also put sweet grapes, the bowl will be 3/4 filled with these fruits and cake. now by this time your custard will be ready,thick but runny. pour it over the prepared fruit bowl. let it cool then refrigerate for 3-4 hours,when the custard is set perfectly garnish with whole sweetend strawberries and pineapple. you can also pipe whipped cream for garnishing.

heaven delight
all u need...
fresh cream & yogart (equal quantity mixed well)
chop bananas & mangoes 
make puree of one mago with lil sugar
now arrange in layers....

enjoy chilled!!!



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