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The case:

Sorbet pvt Ltd is an integrated engineering services and manufacturing company operating in Pakistan and Middle East. Company’s unique strengths enabled them to provide integrated package of services encompassing engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction, and commissioning & maintenance projects. The organizational chart shows a typical structure in a commercial organization. Sorbet functional areas include accounts, projects, marketing, human resources (HR), information systems (IS) and operations. Like other functional areas, the accounts department has three layers of management e.g. a director, a manager and three assistants. The accounts manager, therefore, has a span of control of three as he directly supervises three assistants.


Sorbet is currently facing the communication problem in its employees as it takes a long time for information to pass up and down the chain of command. Structure of organization enables top management to have a tight control over its subordinates. Those at the top of the management layer have more authority than those at lower end. Everybody in the organization knows their place in the organization and has clear roles and responsibilities.


Point to ponder:

Is the existing organization's structure appropriate? If not, suggest appropriate organizational structure that management can design. Give logical reasoning to support your answer.


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Plz reply quick i m witing


r u sure

Matrix Organization Structure may be a kind of a corporation structure, that takes the most effective options of each worlds; i.e. the projectized organization structure and also the useful organization structure.

In matrix structure, data and skills of the gifted staff might be shared between the useful departments and also the project management groups, as needed.
Here, typically the worker works below 2 bosses. The authority of the useful manager flows vertically down and also the authority of the project manager flows facet wards. Since, the authorities flow downward and facet wards, this structure is termed because the Matrix Organization Structure.
In matrix organization structure, sometimes staff have 2 bosses to whom they will have to be compelled to report. that boss is additional powerful—it depends on the kind of matrix structure.
Matrix structure structure exists in massive multi-projects organizations in order that they will move or relocate staff to any team where their services square measure required. Matrix structure has the flexibleness of applying the organization’s talent wherever it's required. Here, staff square measure thought-about to be shared resources between the project groups and also the useful units.


Don't copy paste just take idea thanks

remember in prayers...


this is copied from Google

plz give right solution

Dear fellows, is case main all ready ye mention kiya gya ha k top management k pas subordinates pr control kam ha... n according to matrix structure subordinates do not directly work with functional head, the worker is controlled by the membership of a certain project. then how can we say k matrix structure suitable ha???


wait wait!! its functional structure for waqt ye functional hai its not appropriate nd we have to sgst the sahi one!!!


Functional Structure   HANDOUT PG 118
The organization is structured according to functional areas instead of product lines. The functional
structure groups specialize in similar skills in separate units. This structure is best used when creating
specific, uniform products. A functional structure is well suited to organizations which have a single or
dominant core product because each subunit becomes extremely adept at performing its particular portion
of the process. They are economically efficient, but lack flexibility. Communication between functional
areas can be difficult.
The most widely used structure is the functional or centralized type because this structure is the simplest
and least expensive of the seven alternatives. A functional structure group’s tasks and activities by business
function such as production/operations, marketing, finance/accounting, research and development, and
computer information systems. A university may structure its activities by major functions that include
academic affairs, student services, alumni relations, athletics, maintenance, and accounting. Besides being
simple and inexpensive, a functional structure also promotes specialization of labor, encourages efficiency,
minimizes the need for an elaborate control system, and allows rapid decision making. Some disadvantages
of a functional structure are that it forces accountability to the top, minimizes career development
opportunities, and is sometimes characterized by low employee morale, line/staff conflicts, poor
delegation of authority, and inadequate planning for products and markets.   


yah,,this is functional so we suggest matrix for it

ji hum janty hain k case main functional structure ha.... bt sahi hona chaiye konsa... ye tu bta dy koi... esa structure ho js main top management ka control ho subordinates pr...

tell the right structure plz 

any one give the idea hint



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