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guys it is not solved but i think it whould help you ...so gud bless you ...and best of luck...............

current paper of cs201 spring 2015
sat 22-Aug-2015 .subjective
by anne rajput
1: metion the useage of reference data type?(marks 2)
2:write main type of operator based on number of operator they take??(marks 2)

3: write a c/c++ statament to poient a floting poient number 1.234 in a digits feld with precending zero?(marks 2)
4:indentify and correct the erro(s) in the code below
int &p;
p=new int (10);
delete p;?(marks 3)
5:given is the code for nested classes ?(marks 3)
class first
class second
void display();
int fvalue;
6:write general syntax of two way friend relatioship between to class i.e(class1,class2)?(marks 3)
7:in your words how whould the follwing cout statment be interpreter by compiler.

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best of luck guys..............

good work ALLAH pak hum sub ko pass kara AAMIN

Ameen dear.............and thank you thank you so much for replay

Please alwyas try to share/upload study related discussion in relevant subject group. :)

i know but mujy mil ni rahi thi ap ki post is ly yaha only

Questions I encountered (hope it helps)

Identify the errors in the program
Int &p;
p = new int(10);
delete *p;
Int *p;
p = new int[10];
delete [] p;

Write a program which defines three variables of type double which store three different values including decimal points, using set precision manipulators to print all these values with different numbers of digits after the decimal number.(5)
main ()
double x1 = 12345624.72345
double x2 = 987654.12345
double x3 = 1985.23456
cout setprecision (3) x1 endl; cout setprecision (4) x2 endl; cout setprecision (5) x3 endl; } What is the keyword ‘this’ and what are the uses of ‘this’ pointer? What will be the output of following functions if we call these functions five times? 1) void func1(){ int x = 0; x++; cout x endl; } 2) void func2(){ static int x = 0 ; x++; cout x endl ; } 1)Output will be: 1 1 1 1 1 2)Output will be: 1 2 3 4 5 In main function of the program 1. Prompt the user to enter the number of objects to be created. 2. Dynamically allocate memory to objects according to the size entered by user. 3. De-allocate memory that was allocated to objects

thanks dear ....yes it would be


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