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Every style of dressing or any piece of clothing is actually a showcase of the culture of that particular area. Every outfit or costume is worn and liked in specific areas of the world. For example, Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh wear kurta, Macau dress is worn by Chinese, Jubbah is popular in Arabian and Gulf states etc. but T-shirts are not limited to any land, gender, religious or ethnic group.
The t-shirt is a piece of clothing that is popular all over the world and Asians, Americans, Africans, Australians all wear t-shirts. The popularity of t-shirts is because of the reason that they are comfortable, can be stitched with different materials, have a big margin of designing, easy to wear, requires minimum material, and are a simplest wearing article.
The popularity and vast use of tees have uplift the garment industry and many brands are involved in its production and designing. Billion dollars are invested all around the world in designing, production, import and export of t-shirts around the world. Not only big brands are involved in this business, many entrepreneurs and small startup individuals are in this business.
To compete in the market and make your place in this business you have to be good at designing. The urge of unique, desired, and startling designs can make your t-shirts, the people`s choice. For T-shirt designing, you need to follow the mentioned three basics of designing and according to the requirement, budget and market have to select the suitable option for designing.
• Elements Of Designing
• Types Of Designs
• Process of Printing
• Fabric Selection
Each of them is discussed below in detail.
Elements of T-shirt Designing
Keep Target In Mind
The choices of people vary from place to place. A t-shirt is a product that is usually purchased because of its design. The best point is that whatever you will design, you can still get some customers for it all you have to do is to hit the right target.
Study the culture, popular choices, existing brand, gender choices, and age wise preferences and set a target in your mind.
Understanding the Niche
If you have any some clients than research to understand their niche and find out best possible ways to meet the requirements in form designing. If you don’t have any client then work to understand niche of your targeted audience. Keeping in mind likes, dislikes, ongoing trends, climate and class of people, design to meet the needs in the best way. Your design should be of a level that target audience cannot resist to buy it.
There are certain requirements for every category. Semi-formal t-shirt, formal t-shirt, beach time tees, daily wear t-shirts etc. Understanding of styles and chucks of each category is a necessity.
Play with Colors
Colors are actually God of this filed. Selection of colors decides what class of people will wear it and for which category the t-shirt is for. Colors actually attract people more than the design or material. So the best way to design is to incorporate suitable colors into your designs.
Maintaining the decency and sophistication of design with a selection of colors is actually an art. Adding too many colors will spoil the class of design whereas wrong selection of colors can end the show as well. Be playful with colors but in a sensible manner. Consider a fact that a many people like minimum colors whereas there is a big market for multi-color designs as well, right selection of colors according to target audience, gender, age and climate convince the buyers to select any specific design
Increase Design Quality by Composing Your Creativity
The composition of design multiples the attractiveness of the product. Lines, prints, graphics, and other elements should have linkage with each other and focus on the flow of design is mandatory to generate a fine piece of art in T-shirt designing field. Weight and placement of design are the two keys to add an appealing factor. Balancing of colors and suitable sizing of everything in design adds more beauty.
Add Uniqueness
Going with the flow in terms of designing is a safe play but will not work for so long. The artist should have the ability to produce something unique to set trends rather than obeying other`s already set styles.
Competition is too tough in the market, why people will prefer your design if it is just like many others in the market. Being creative and setting your own style will not only make your t-shirt worthy enough to be purchased but people will love to wear it and it will give your brand a recognition as well.
A design that is at the armpit, at the hip place, or around the boob area will obviously decrease the wear-ability of design and people will feel uncomfortable while carrying it. Something that is awkward has no or very limited market. Always ask yourself “will I buy and wear this design?”
In a competitive market pricing is everything. During the whole process of design keeping in mind measure of quality and amount of investment is essential. Overly priced products are not preferred, very cheap articles are also considered as cheap many times. A balanced proportion of quality, competitors offered price, and your design price will make your t-shirts sales graph to rise.

Types of T-shirt Designing
For ease of understanding of choices, designs are divided into types.
Typographic T-shirts
Slogans, names, catchy captions, messages etc. are usually written on t-shirts this kind of designing falls into the category of typographic t-shirts. To promote any thought this form of designing is the best choice. Designs are created by using different fonts, in different sizes with options of bold, italic and underline to generate a look that can appeal buyers. Basic shapes can also be added to complete the design. Typographic shirts are widely used and are also considered as a choice of majority people. In a wardrobe of 2 to 3 shirts of this type are usually found. Sober people prefer to wear plain or typographic shirts because they look sophisticated. Along with young people, kids and elderly people also choose these shirts.

Calligraphic T-shirts
Like typography, slogans, names, catchy captions, messages etc. are printed on t-shirts as design. The difference between the two types is that calligraphy uses fonts of Arabic, Persian or Urdu language. It is a popular choice in Arabian countries, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. This form of designing is considered very classy in Arabian countries and designs are created by mixing typography and calligraphy together.

Hyper-Realistic T-shirt
These shirts include pictures, illustration or photographs. They create a very strong impact and are a popular choice for youngsters. Usually, 300 dpi or more is printed. Due to the clearity of the picture these designs attract buyers. A trend of having own or loved one's photo on tees is has set by hyper-realistic t-shirts. Most commonly pictures of famous personalities especially singers, models, and actors are printed.

Illustrated T-shirts
This category requires a high level of skills and knowledge of graphic designing to generate an artistic piece. These t-shirts are too popular among all age group people and genders. Some only have a drawing while some include hidden messages described in form of drawings. People who are good at using illustration software of having good drawing skills are known as cheetahs of this type of designing. Illustrative t-shirts have a complex design, non-necessarily but mostly in multi colors. Sober natured people are usually not buyers of an illustrative variety of designs.

Graphic T-shirts
This kind lies between typography and illustrated t-shirts. Sometimes include calligraphy as well. These t-shirts are less complex than illustrative type but are more detailed than typographic p or calligraphic type. Play with simple shapes, easy images and text is are the objects of designing.

Abstract T-shirts
Like abstract paintings, these tees include geometric shapes, lyrical designs or colors plays. The geometrical designs are a popular choice for sober natured people and 30+ of age. Lyrical and color manipulation designs are popular among all ages of people. This type of designing links to the art of expressionism.

Brand Promoting Or Logo T-shirts
This type of tees include names of any brand, or logo. They are usually using a uniform or are to promote any brand among people. Company logos, event name, organization name, the slogan of any cause or symbol of any trending stance are used in designing.
Process of Printing
Screen Printing
A screen is prepared which is basically made of a piece of mesh stretched over a frame. Then colors are poured on over the frame, spread by scrapper and print is transferred on a piece of cloth. Screen printing machines skip all manual process and transfer color of the garment itself. This technique is suitable for printing single design in bulk and is cost-effective in for bulk production but when it comes to designs having more than 3 colors printing process becomes a hustle. This method is not suitable for printing of customized pieces of design. Prints are durable.
Heat Transfer
This kind of printing requires a heat transfer machine. Cloth piece is spread over the one surface of the machine, the design is printed over heat paper and is installed in the machine, then the other surface of machine presses the design print over the fabric while generating heat in this way tees are printed. This is a commercial and a suitable way for complex designs and customized designs. The quality of the print is low and less durable.
Direct-To-Garment (DTG)
This printing process is similar to printing with an inkjet printer. It is an easy process of printing on a printing machine is required. The finishing is outstanding and printing or complex designs is easy. By automatic mixing of colors by the printing machine, unlimited colors and shades can be produced which gives the design a perfect look. Quality of prints is also durable but this process is not cost effective, bulk printing increases cost of stock too much.
Hand Painting/DIY
This technique is old and is not for commercial use. Fabric paints are used to paint the design on tees and are usually painted manually. Stencils are used to paint with finishing.
Some other DIY techniques are also popular among which tie and dye technique, vinyl setting etc are included but all these techniques are not durable and consume a lot of time.
Playing With Fabric
Suitable selection of the material of tees is also important. Climate, gender, and comfort ability should be kept in consideration while selecting fabric material. Most commonly cotton mix and polyester mix material are top choices of the market.
Along with material, there are styles of stitching as well including different neck styles. V-neck, round neck, buttoned front, full collar neck, half collar neck.
Whereas fitting styles should also cooperate the design. Loose fit shirts look amazing with minimum designing, illustrative designing looks great on fitted shirts, You can also choose among short body shirts and long, extra-long shirts.

Selection of right thing for right market is the real process of designing. If you plan things smartly you can rock in tees market and can earn good money as well as recognition.

Written by Bushra Jawaid
Picture are taken from Pintrest and google.

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