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agar kisi ne puri parhi to  :X 

Very good and easy tips for improving speaking power. Communication is indeed the most important part of all the hard-work for being successful in life. All rest of the skills lie on one side and are useless unless we are properly equipped with communication skills, because the communication skills only help us utilize our rest of the capabilities in the best way possible.

Apart from speaking skills, one also needs to develop effective presentation skills, because we are always presenting ourselves in front of the society; it is not necessary that presentation skills are only of use in workshops and trainings / presentations etc. To learn how to improve your presentation skills, read this useful article.

Thx Naveed Ahmed fr giving more tips about it,  

How to improve Presentation Skills?

What is communication?

Communication according to experts is the sending of messages (through any proper channel) which transform a certain meaning and understanding in the minds of its receivers. So, if the message sent by someone fails to produce an understanding in the receivers mind, than the process of communication is said to have failed and is therefore a mere wastage of time and resources. Communication is a vast encompassing term which includes verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal Communication is the transformation of messages and meanings by the use of language (like me; I am using verbal communication to interact with you). Verbal Communication may be oral or written. Non-verbal Communication is the transformation of ideas and understandings by employing signs, symbols and gestures etc. For example, the blowing of a whistle by a traffic warden at a road intersection to regulate traffic is non-verbal communication.

Communication is an essential part of our daily life

Communication is the most essential human activity for mans’ survival in the society. Man is a social animal who needs to interact with others of his kind (people) to fulfill his necessities. Therefore the need and importance of communication has always remained vital in history of human life. Man always needed effective communication and presentation skills to achieve and promote his goals. But in this age with the manifold growth of competition in every phase of life, it has gained even more importance. Now one should be even more well equipped (than past) with goodcommunication skills for achieving his goals efficiently and effectively.

Importance of effective presentation skills

Presentation skills are an embedded product of both verbal and non-verbal communication to be used collectively. In the modern competitive environment, effective communication skills are the key to success. Organizations are not looking for mere professionals; rather every position now essentially requires effective communication skills besides the usual job description. Most businesses if not all, require employees, especially the newly-hired staff to have a combination of professional and communication skills. The technical qualification alone is no more a requirement today.

So to earn your right in the today’s marketplace, you should be a confident personality in yourself and know that just having a degree won’t earn you your right there. You never know when you may be asked to present in front of managers, delegates, colleagues and other members of your department or represent your department or organization in front of a completely new audience. Usually many of the professionals face great stress and duress when they are required to do so. A confident and successful presenter would be aided by the use of projectors, computers or placards to deliver his presentation; but would not be affected too much in delivering his message if he has no access to these facilities or in the process of delivering his presentation suddenly loses access to these resources.

How to develop effective presentation skills

So now that you know, in today's competitive business environment, every now and then you may be required to present in front of an audience. It is therefore very important for you to inculcate "effective presentation skills" in yourself. Follow these guidelines in order to help yourself become a successfull communicator and presenter;

  • Prepare yourself

Accept the fact that you are going to present. Know that mistakes do occur by every presenter, but it is the quality of the presenter who lets them go unnoticed by the 


. So control your nerves and make yourself understand that the audience will be learning from you what they do not already know. When you stick this theme in your mind, you find yourself confident enough to deliver. Relax and visualize what you would like to hear being an audience, thinking about common mistakes the presenters make in mobilizing their opinions and prepare yourself to avoid those mistakes.

  • Know the venue of presentation

Arrive at the venue of your presentation well before time and have a look at the environment to know and remove anything that is going to disturb you in the process of your presentation. Get familiarized with the setup and the room or auditorium, fixtures, stage and visual aids to be utilized in your presentation and undo the distractions you feel before starting your presentation.

  • Know your audience

It is always easy to present in front of the known faces, but when you have to deliver before unknown faces; you have some homework to do. Gain as much knowledge 

as possible about the background and educational level of your audience and understand what they intend to gain from you through this presentation. Dress and address accordingly keeping in mind the cultural diversities and that how could you gain sympathy of your audience in understanding your message. For example maintaining eye contact in America is considered as essence of communication while in Japan it is understood as an expression of aggressiveness.

  • Know the material you have to present

It is very likely that you will fail in delivering your presentation effectively if you do not 

prepare its material

 in advance. Moreover, not knowing what to speak about, you may land yourself in intense nervousness. The material for your presentation can be well prepared when you know the objectives of the presentation. Moreover having prepared the material, plan about how you will be delivering each part of it so that it is effective. For example, if you are presenting about the level of education or literacy rate in different areas / regions; it will be more useful if you compile your presentation in a tabular form so that the audience can easily compare and contrast the values for different regions / indicators.

  • Choose a relevant medium


 is anything through which you 

deliver your message

, for eg. Sound waves, telephone cable, light waves etc. are the mediums of communication. Medium is the second most essential requirement after the (contents of the) message itself, which makes a presentation attain its objectives. For example, just hearing a cricket commentary (on the radio etc.) is less enthusiastic than simultaneously hearing commentary and watching the cricket match (on a television). Therefore the 

choice of a medium

 is also relevant to the success of the presentation, and you should decide whether it is going to be a video conference, a telephonic address, a one to one meeting or a lecture delivered in front of the audience.

  • Be Positive

The success lies in the ‘can do’ attitude

. A positive attitude is at the ground of all successful ventures. Developing this attitude helps eradicate nervousness and identify one’s own weaknesses thus helping himself or herself in overcoming his or her shortfalls. Lack of self-confidence and procrastination can gradually be turned into positive energy if the above steps are well aligned and incorporated into every presentation. What matters at the end is that you should be content about having given your 100 percent, and the rest will be itself made easy.

very useful info...appreciated siso :)

thx  sunnybhaya

v nice 

v useful tips 



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