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Instances when our Ghairat doesn't awaken:

-When a Christian woman in Lahore is raped, stripped and beaten.

-When innocent peoples dies in drone attacks.
-When a hundred kids in Kasur are raped, stripped and videotaped.
-When a girl is set on fire in Abbottabad for helping her friend to escape.
-When we vote for the same corrupt politicians.
-When the biggest metropolitan city is nothing but a garbage dump.
-When two boys in Sialkot are beaten to death publicly.
-When countless women are abducted and trafficked.
-When a shot transgender in Peshawar isn't treated in a hospital.
-When a baby girl dies because of one of our "Leader's" VIP protocols.
-When nation representatives sleeps in Assemblies.
-When a "Religious Scholar" on national TV makes crude shalwar remarks at a woman.
-When a woman in our national assembly is called a "Tractor Trolley".

-When there are semi nude Arab dances in metropolitan city, when kids are present and its Ramzan.

-When everyday there are several girls being raped sold in our big cities.
-When drugs like heroine involves whole families for business.
-When a women came back here to Pakistan after a long time and was harassed publicly because her car was present in the way of our royal family route.
-When thousands of Kashmiri's are murdered and all we care about is how someone is dressed.
-When we die talking about gender equality but at the end of the day men are studs and woman are sluts. And the list goes on and on.


Instances when our Ghairat awakens:

-When a woman takes off her clothes.


I'm not a fan of Qandeel Baloch nor I'm sharing her sorrow. What pisses me off is a brother killed his sister for a second if we believe that she was killed in the name of Ghairat and the fact that peoples who watched her videos and enjoyed them are now celebrating her death.

It is amazing how everybody suddenly has guts when it's about a woman acting inappropriate, but when it comes to men, everybody is silent and no Ghairat awakens.

Waiting for the day when people would kill men in the name of HONOR and we'll see how many men would survive.

Waiting on someone to murder our incompetent politicians, racists, rapists, religious fanatics, bigots, corrupt bureaucrats and judges, law makers, enforcers and leaders for our Ghairat.

There are maniacs who are saying Qandeel Baloch is going to hell for her actions. To them I'd say look around I think she just left.

We as a society and nation are nothing but Hypocrites and living with double standards.

I suppose the idea of Dignity begins and ends at how covered a woman's legs are!

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our priories despite of education are as you mentioned above


ہمارے ہاں مجرا دیکھنے والے مسلمان کہلاتے ہیں اور کرنے والے بے غیرت ۔۔۔ 

Waiting for the day when people would kill men in the name of HONOR and we'll see how many men would survive.

Well said,,, 


Well said @JS

sahee kaha 


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