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Assalam o Alaikum my fellows...

I have been fed up of some mentally sick people here at this social network, who have got no other business but to hurt people…So I am quitting this melodrama for ever…













But wait a minute, I have to think about a few things before leaving….. (Shsssshhhh!!!………I am talking to myself now, don’t disturb plz…..)

Well, it’s true that sometimes, ‘enough is enough’ and we go totally exhausted and frustrated of people around us, therefore, I am compelled to take such harsh decision to quit…However, the question is: Is this the optimal decision that I can take…? Will this make a real difference for me or others….??? Since life has capacity to go on without me, so nothing’s gonna change in the hustle n bustle of life. But, will my footsteps be remembered or not…? or maybe i am leaving a vacuum for other evil forces to occupy the space and further contaminate the environment...? If I am not a good enough person so it really doesn’t matter to stay here or quit.

I may be one of these types of people…

1.   Caring Person: I am a helpful hand to others regardless of their gender, caste, creed, or any GAIN that I may have...

2.   Curious Learner: I am a good enough person, not as much capable to teach people but m curious to learn…

X. Undefined Person: I exactly don’t know, what I am here for? But so far I am here just to chill, life is all about enjoyment, flirt, lust,  regardless of its cost. Its not my business if someone got hurt or so, to hell by my side…I don’t care, I give a ****

TYPE 1 - Caring Person: If I am type 1 person, then i really deserve to be given room (by myself & others), I deserve a lot than to be kicked out of this social network. Since I do better for others for the sake of ALLAH’s will…without having thought of any worldly GAINs. if a few people can’t get along with me so it’s not a point to ponder. I am not here to have a personal relationship with people. I am just a well-wisher and won’t leave these good people for one or few bad creatures who don’t like me, hates me, don’t understand me, don’t want me to be here. The motto of my life is to learn & help others learn, I will improve if I committed mistakes, will forgive when others commit mistakes, my cause is more important than restraining factors around me…I really care for people around me,I won’t ever let anyone get hurt because of me, I will act as a lighthouse for people, I am ready to burn like lamp at the cost of lighting others' way”

TYPE 2 - Curious Learner: If I am curious to learn than, I should absolutely be careful about what others say, either they are right or wrong. I don’t have any right to prove them wrong, cos I am in the learning phase. I have got to be truly broad minded and open to criticism, cos I have to quench my thirst of learning, I will bear even the harsh words of people for the sake of learning, I will try my best to teach others whatever I can. I won’t quit or surrender cause it’s my loss to make enemies and be such bad character that people think me as a mess or menace. A thought of being mentally ill & sick person is like abuse for me…I wont ever let people walk through my mind with their dirty feet…I know I can hurt someone in the process but “I will try my utmost best not to hurt anyone”

Type X- Undefined Person:

This type basically have no type, no real existence but still they hold powerful restraining forces. Neither they, nor anthropologist could discover this type till date. It’s difficult to acknowledge that I am this type of person. This typo is such a cupid who has an attitude to ‘never care’. I am aware of the fact that world is full of stupidzzz so I may also be the one who is pretending to be wise but I am otherwise, So Mr. if you could really acknowledge that you have symptoms of Type X, your punch line is “I DON’T CARE’ – I don’t care other than my own SELF (read selfishness). I don’t want to spell it, but it’s true that “I can’t resist myself from hurting others, it’s in my veins of blood, its part of my attitude”  

IF TYPE X is mY TYPE…THEN I should leave this site right now! Since its true that “I DON’T CARE” then..Nothing will go wrong with me anyway…, I will not incur any loss finally but something may really go wrong with others….with my presence on social networks…


The (over)Sensitive Creature:

Some people are born to be hurt with one reason or other….they seek reasons to get hurt, they take a lot time to heal and be strong enough to survive with people. We need to be very sensitive to handle such people. For this typo people, I will say “O thou please have pity on thee…”

Mahatama Ghandi very well said, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

I HAVE MADE MY DECISION: I promise myself today that i will either be Type-1 or Type-2 person and will especially take care of those (over)sensitive people. however if i have symptoms of Type X, then i will suggest myself to either quit or be a silent spectator and will never type any word on the social networks ever…


In my view, “Words can hurt more than a slap, a slap may hurt the face for a while but words can hurt the soul for life…….” Think my dear before using your words on social networks because it put a scar of slap on people; which is long remembered…be socially responsible for your words pleeezz…

This post is dedicated to Ms. Saeeda Malik (Kaneez e Oliya)....May Allah bless you wherever you live in this life or hereafter.....Ameen

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Agr Kisi nai Saeeda ko nikala hai to Allah us bandhay ko dadayat dai,,,,

Laikin agr wo kisi sai tang aa kr gai hai to Saaeda ki galti hai

because sachay aur mukhlis log maidaan sai nai bagtay

Us ki post mein aksar Self confidence ki batein shamil hoti thi

Aur haq baat pr rehtay hoye bi kisi ko maaf kiya jana bari neiki hai


I think us ki post aur us kai zehen mein agr tazad na hota to wo khudh sai kai na jati ha agr koi majbori  na ho to wo aur baat hai


Shabbir dear, firstly, she has left at her own for a pious cause....may Allah grant her success on every step she takes.......Ameen, secondly its now better not to discuss why did she left, or she did right or wrong....Allah knows better.

We wish her all the best for her future endevours.

Mujay khudh bi members kai harsh words aur comments miltay hai

Leikin mein jo hun wo kisi kai kehnay sai na barh sakta hun na gatt sakta hun

is liye mujay ksi ki koi perwaa nai hotii

aik baar to meray aik barey payarey member nai mujay kaha kai mujay Tum keh kr na comment karo

aur khuch nai kaha aap meri post pai comment na krey to behtr hai

Butt i dont care

jo mujay krna hai mein wo  krta hun,,,

Because mera dil dhimgh psot aur amal main Allah ki fazal sai koi tazad nai

Shabbir mera bhai, i know which frequency you are talking dear, its better to talk to the relevant person and clear your heart, rather than talking on the dead wood. (I will request both of you to clear the differences & be good like before) You both are quite nice persons but kindly keep some flexibility and big heart for other fellows...and Shabbir kisi ki parwah nahi means "I dont care" is a harsh statement, we should take care not to say such things...

I would also request the same to all :)

I dont want to be relevet/personal to anyperson ,,,

Just love to talk at open platform instead of personal chatt

aur naa hi mein ksi ka hint diya hai



Ja Rhy.....

Tussi ay e chanday OOO ???

Silence is a powerful tool to avert crises, aik sensible kahmoshi bohat kamal ka amal hai.

Cos mene activity disable ki huwi hai

Jahil ki baat pai khamoshi behtr hai


Ameen & Thanx for your appreciation

burried ap mat jao.


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