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yahan koi ADE /b.ed ka student h jis n lesson plan bnany hain?

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Grade/Class SSC-II   Subject: Mathematics Topic: Partial Fractions

Topic & Sub Topic: Resolution of Fraction into Partial Fractions

Time duration:     45 minutes to 1 hour

Content:              Methods: Partial Fractions, Proper, Improper and Rational Fraction

General Objectives:   Upon completion of this lesson

                                Students will be able to find the partial fraction decomposition of a rational expression, Proper, Improper and Rational Fraction, Resolution of Fraction into Partial Fractions.

Specific/Instructional Objectives 

         Students will be able to:

  • Define partial fractions.
  • Differentiate proper and improper
  • What is the role of partial fractions.
  • How we can solve partial fractions.
  • Resources/ Materials:  whiteboard ,markers and eraser


    1. Introduction

    The class will begin with a warm up on simplifying quadratic expressions. Then, the students will be presented with a soccer problem that describes the path of the soccer ball and they will solve it to find out how long it takes to hit the ground.

    1. Teaching Procedures

    I will show the students that there are many ways to solve this problem. We will discuss the different ways that they came up with. Then I will tell them how some methods will allow us to solve all quadratic equations. I will chunk the different methods and allow time for the students to practice and solve.

    1. Student Participation

    Students will have 4 problems of each method to solve. I will place one on the board, walk around and help if needed, then show them how to do it. I will have students put their answers on the board.

    1. Formative check

     I will have students write on note cards a problem that they create themselves. They must really understand it in order to create their own equation

    1. Closure/summarizing

    Students will have a summarizer problem that they must solve before they leave. It will be a tough equation and they will be able to use any method they want to solve.


    Homework: Do Exercise 4.2  Question No 1 to 8 on note book. 


     Total Marks 15                      

    Q No 1  Write short answers of the following questions.

    1. Determine the partial fraction decomposition of  .................. (5 Marks)                                                                           
    2. Write the Partial Fraction Decomposition for the rational expression .............(5 Marks)


    iii. Write the Partial Fraction Decomposition for the rational expression ............................. (5 Marks) 




              The students will have homework problems over solving and a quiz the next day.


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