In the Heart's castle,

there lived two twin sisters

By nature one was pleasant

and the other was sinister


Pleasant one was Love

and the sinister one was Hate

These were their names and

so were their traits


Love was married to Good and

Hate to Evil was married

and duly, in their lineage,

their traits their genes carried


Love gave birth to Justice,

Forgiveness and Generosity

Hate gave birth to Revenge,

Tyranny and Atrocity


Hate and Evil were jealous of

what Love and Good were capable

So Hate began to curse her sister,

for herself was born despicable


'Through us will be destroyed

the species of mankind'

Hate threatened Love, for

pride had turned her blind


' Tyranny, my son, will usurp all

the rights of the poor'

' And he will try his level best to

let not live any well-doer'


'Revenge will bear in humankind,

the seeds of discord

and make them slain their own kind

and let not them accord


' Where there will be war,

there will be my beloved Atrocity

Orphans and widows will he make

through man's own ferocity'


'Me and my family, will

rule the world again

you will be jealous to see me, when

Throne of God I ascend


' I'm what God desires'

with patience retorted Love

'To save His good creation, He will

raise me above'


'Forgiveness my child, will help men,

let go the other's errors

he will build in hearts our own palace,

so we may be their dwellers


'Generosity my child, a sweet one,

she'll teach to help and give

she'll fill completely the hearts of poor

with the eternal bliss.


Justice my son, a strange one,

is different from his siblings

for surely knows how to keep

in balance and place, all things


Shall inspire him one day God,

to change the course of time

he will make the wrong-doers, pay

for each of their crimes.

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v v nyc post

Preci0s0 poetry buddy.....0ws0me...keep it up

Nice Sharing 

Thank you brothers and sisters for reading and commenting
Once again thank you all


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