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All students please share midterm papers

helping material 


best of luck your examsssssss

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Replies to This Discussion

Thanks alot

Do u have any stuff related to PSC 201

no mari psc201 nahi hai

Friends Complete paper old paper ma sa aya tha 

Today my midterm paper 19th December fall 2015

Timing 12:00 to 1:00

Total Question 27

23 MCQs

Three Question in three marks

Two Questions in five Marks

Some Mcqs

Q1 Which one of the following statement is correct about communication?

Communication can solve all problems

Communication skills are not learnt.

Communication is dynamic, not static.

Communication is just an information transfer

Q2 Downward communication flows from people at higher levels to those at lower levels in an organization. Primary function of downward communication is to provide:

Organizational policies and procedures

Feedback about employees’ performance

Organizational goals and objectives

All of the above.

Q3 Creating and holding a mental image of the person with whom you are conversing by telephone will:

Give the impression the other person is important.

Help you keep the conversation focused on the other person.

Make your voice sound professional

Minimize the potential for in-person interruptions

Q4 __________________ is an automatic psychological process of receiving aural stimuli




None of these
Q5 A thesis statement is a ____________________ in sentence form

Declarative statement

Direct statement

Indirect statement

Straight statement

Q6 How many levels communication can be divided in?





Q7 Which of the following involves grasping what the speaker means by seeing the ideas and information from his/her point of view?





Q8 Mediated communication occurs through:

Select correct option:

Letters, reports, forms and interoffice memoranda

Letters, newspapers and radio

Newspapers, books and TV

TV, radio and wall chalking

Q9 In a well planned presentation where there is no need to record information that comes up on the spot, there may be no need for:

Photographic slides

Chalk or dry-erase boards



Q10 Which one of the following statement defines Environmental psychological context of interpersonal communication?

 It concerns your reactions to the other person.

 It deals with the psycho-social "where" you are communicating.

 It deals with the physical "where" you are communicating.

Q11 Where does immediacy come from during a presentation?

Looking at your notes


Dressing with authority

Making eye contact

Q12 Which one of the following is not a part of electronic media?





Q13 The eye is capable of processing 500-million bits of information per second, however the

brain can only compute about _____________ bits of information per second.





Q14 Which type of communication it would be when co-workers decide to meet to deal

with a problem?





Q15 To select a good topic of speech

one should keep in mind all of the following, EXCEPT:

 A topic should be intriguing

A topic should be appealing

A topic should not tell too much about a speech

A topic should be too vague

Q16 Which of the following is a type

of nonverbal communication derived from the sound of the speaker's voice?





Q17 All of the following reduces communication apprehension, except:

 Rehearsing your presentation

 Speaking more often

 Taking speech courses and workshops

 Concentrating on your nervousness

Q18 In word Audience C stands for




None of given

Q19 All of the following are the types of periodical except:

Select correct option:





Long questions:

1. Define Critical Listening? Marks 3

2. Badly Expressed Message in presentation? Marks 3

3. yaad nahi a raha               Marks  3


4. Difference between Persuasive speech and Informative speech? Marks 5

5. Discus the Barriers to Communication?   Marks 5


bro 1 mara hi paper bar bar

Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 19 December 2015 to 01 January 2016 to help each other. Thanks


For more papers & mid Tem Papers Preparation Material check all the featured discussions in this group one by one discussion.

How you can check all the featured discussions in this group .Visit this link 

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My today's paper. 

22 Mcqs, 3 Q of 3 Markx and 2 Q of 5 Markx.

Mcqs were mostly new but very easy.

Q.1 What is Introduction to speech. (3) Q.2 What are the different levels of meaning. (3) Q.3 What are the Sender barriers(5) Q.4 Write about importance of Listen skills (5) Didnot remember one Q of 3 markx.  

thanks for sharing

Muhammad Umair Khan  thanks for sharing 



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