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It has been few weeks since we last had a show. I guess Ayesha Awan was busy preparing a mega threat for couple of members here. I know most of the tagged members below are either busy enjoying their life or copying assignments from others to get good grades But i guess everyone has to face wrath once in a while. So, Ayesha came up with this mega cross fire round and decided to put 111 questions on 11.11.11 (2011) to make it memorable.



Mega cross fire round

Tagged members

  • Hira Ghumman
  • Aamir
  • Sadia Ali
  • Malik Ahsan
  • Aneeqa Sadia
  • ChulBul Tataari
  • Naïve Angel
  • Rocky
  • Miss Taurus
  • Ali (MBA)

    Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to answer of 111 Qs but to the point  


1.Last hair style:

2.Last phone call:

3.Last text message:

4.Last song you listened:

5.Last time you cried:

6. Last real anger

7. Last major accomplishment


8. Been cheated on:

9. Hurt someone & regretted it:

10. Lost someone special:.

11. Been depressed:

12. Been slapped:


13. Been fail in the exam and in which:

  1. Puked in public?


16. Made a new friend:

  1. Fallen in love:
  2. Laughed until you cried:
  3. Met someone who changed you:
  4. Found out who your true friends were:
  5. Left anyone on your friend’s list:


22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life:  

  1. Do you have any pets:
  2. Do you want to change your name:
  3. What did you do for your last birthday:
  4. What time did you wake up today: 
  5. What were you doing at midnight last night:
  6. Name something you CANNOT wait for:
  7. Last time you pick your nose:
  8. Have you ever talked to a person named Black Mist:
  9. What’s getting on your nerves right now:
  10. Most visited webpage:
  11. Nicknames:
  12. Zodiac sign:
  13. Hair color:
  14. Weight:
  15. Do you have a crush on someone?:
  16. What do you like about yourself?:
  17. Piercing:
  18. Right or left hander:


  1. First toy:
  2. First serious blunder of life:
  3. First best friend:
  4. First flirt:


  5. Feeling:
  6. Dressing:
  7. I’m about to:
  8. Listening to:
  9. Waiting for:
  10. Hurry for:

  11. Career?:
  12. Want partner like?:
  13. Get Married on?:
  14. How many kids do you want to have:


  1. Complexion off white or brown:
  2. Coffee or tea:
  3. Shorter or taller:
  4. Romantic or spontaneous:
  5. Nice stomach or nice arms:
  6. Sensitive or loud:
  7. Hook-up or relationship:
  8. Trouble maker or hesitant:
  9. Up to your opinion link:

Tariq Malik                    kharoos

Cute One                        sayaniii

Muslimah                       pangey baaz

Annie Gohar                  Nakhra           

Ghufran Asif                  Reserve

Silent Jin                        Jealous

Atif                                Brilliant

Imran Ali                       Proudy

Zaria Khan                    talkative

Talib                             Dun Watta

Singing Bird                  Laraaka / Laraaki



63. Yourself:

  1. Miracles:
  2. Love at first sight:

  3. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time:
  4. Did you sing today? If yeah, sing few verses here:
  5. Ever cheated on somebody?
  6. If you could go back in time:
  7. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it:
  8. Are you afraid of falling in love?:
  9. Observation test:

You have to write 3+ & 3- aspects anyone from the Tagged people besides you.

Female members

  1. Hira Ghumman
  2. Miss Taurus
  3. Sadia Ali
  4. Naive angel 
  5. Aneeqa sadia

Male members

  1. Aamir
  2. Rocky
  3. Ali (MBA)
  4. Chulbul
  5. Malik Ahsan


  1. What are your favorite simple pleasures? 
  2. You have to ask just one question to any member of the vustudents. 
  3. Do you have any quotes of your own that you admire?
  4. Someone from VUSTUDENTS you wish returns back?
  5. Quicker you

Write the first word clicks you by just read the following words.  








  1. What’s the worst part ing YOU?
  2. What motivates you to be your best?
  3. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
  4. What difference did you make to this world?
  5. What makes you smile?
  6. What or who has been distracting you?
  7. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:
  8. What are you listening to right now: 
  9. Which one more loveable person in your life.
  10. Which one expression people like most of your face?


Vustudents members in your opinion

  1. Most dangerous
  2. Most lovely
  3. Most naughty
  4. Most confused
  5. Most confident
  6. Most suspicious
  7. Best troublemaker
  8. Best Blogger
  9. Best chatter box
  10. Most silent
  11. Best commenter
  12. Best Group
  13. Best male member
  14. Best female member

You prefer

  1. Imran Khan or Shareef Bros
  2.  Chocolate or Lays
  3. Speaking or Listening
  4. Atif Aslam or Mohit Chuhan
  5. Flirts or Crushes ?



  1. Any five tasks you want to do before death.
  2. What is your greatest skill?
  3.  Your all time favorite song
  4.  Have you got bad temperament?
  5. Are you tired after a long interview? =D



Well, everyone of you had a tough time in answering all 111, but my sympathies are with the viewers who are gonna tolerate you + your answers


Don't blame me, its Ayesha who came up with this venture. Actually, this activity including above 111 questions are the outcomes of her MBA. You can call it side effects coz original effects are much worst which i better not expose here


You all can now have a clear vision about what you will become once you are graduated from VU. Can't help it so my recommendation, come up with your own creativity even though it will be irritating


Alryte, jokes apart...It has been a pleasure and thank you all for being part of this mega threat.


Note: Those who are thinking of escaping or ignoring this mega round, beware that absence will result in dangerous replies drafted under your name and posted through your profile using owner's rights So, my recommendation, be part of it and save your self from trouble



 With Regards,


Ayesha Awan & BM


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Replies to This Discussion

Both CT and Ahsan, Your name is not by mistake. Answer it yourself or else I will answer it hilariously through your profile...Choice is Yours


mera kia kassoor tha??? :DDDD is ka ans karmny ki duration kia hai..... yeh hi bta dain ....

You got 48 hours to answer this!!!

hahaha nice shottttttttt


Welcom back

Bandook rakh k answrs leny hie :-S

Well!!! Very nice questions... really

But admin should give more time to the tagged members... I think minimum time is required 72 hours approx...

Hay!!! Tagged members it's not much difficult to ans.. these questions... You can copy and paste into MS word file and then wrote your answers and paste again with reply...

Best of luck


sono bhai ko bhi tag kr die

But I'm not regular member... so sorry... dude

Really Nice

me enjoyed ur replies a lot 

Awesome replies aamir.... But cute one = siyaniii se kia matlab....

baki log bhi jagooooooooooooooooo yaar 

Most confused           Annie howwwwwww??


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