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mgmt - 611 or hrm - 611 mid term papers correction with referance by me (AFAAQ) 

A person with a strong work ethics is likely to do all but prefer:
Perform well on even minor tasks
Get projects completed on time
Ask a coworker to handle free-floating responsibility
Assume personal responsibility for problems


A performance standard is a statement of what:

You must do to get a raise

The worker must do to retain a job

You hope to accomplish on the job

Constitutes acceptable performance


Which of following is suggested technique for uplifting ones self-confidence?

Strive for peak performance

Use negative visual imagery

Use negative self-talk

Develop a solid knowledge base


Page - 139 (Lesson # 44)

Steps to build self-confidence:

These are certain steps which can be followed to build up self-confidence

Write down Personal Assets and Achievements:

• Develop a Solid Knowledge Base:

• Use positive self talk:

• Avoid Negative Self-Talk:

• Use Positive Visual Imagery:

• Strive for Peak Performance:

• Bounce Back from Setbacks and Embarrassments:

• Get Past the Emotional Turmoil:

• Find a Creative Solution to Your Problem:


Field of Human Relations concentrates on which of the following?

Provides ways to get information about people’s private lives

Shows management how to get what they want from their employees

Applies specific techniques for dealing with all employees in the same way

Studies individuals and groups in organizations


Ref: Page 1 , Lesson -1

This subject focuses on the systematic analysis of human behavior, preventing conflict, and resolution of behavioral problems.

The subject can help in the development of interpersonal relations and produce those abilities which promote good working relations with people at work and also in personal life. This course aims to develop the abilities to resolve conflicts amicably and to address the various interpersonal issues congenially.


Amir is going to another country where he is facing the stress of cultural differences, what kind of demands are the reasons of his stress?

Societal demands

Situational demands

Organizational demands

Social demands


Page 6 Situational demands:

Stress merges out of expectations, situational expectations, cultural expectations, organizational expectations, and family expectations all these expectations make you work. If you work according to the situation there should be no stress. Suppose if a person from Pakistani culture travels to Europe, there are different expectations of that society for you to act in a particular way. Your training, potential, socialization is from your Pakistani culture but the demands of the immigrant society are different. You do not know the every day routines and norms of that society and the demands and expectations of that society are different.


Which one of the following approach focus on changing the way people think about an entity or object?




Social and behavioral


Ref: Page 17

Cognitive approaches focus on changing the way people think about an entity or object. This is done through information, persuasive communication through introducing conflict or dissonance between the existing attitude and the new one.



The accumulation of knowledge contributes to creativity because knowledge:
Can be substitute for intuition
Supplies the building blocks for generating and combining ideas
Prevents too much mental flexibility
Allows for the development of a traditional mental set

Ref: Page-24
1.Knowledge. Creative thinking requires a broad background of information, including facts and observations. Knowledge supplies the building blocks for generating and combining ideas.


Waleed feels that he is good, strong and best, it is his self __________ about himself.






Self worth is related to work and ability. Self Perception is related to psychological issues, so the correct answer is Self Worth.


Page 8

Self worth: You should know your own worth and value of your work. Basically it is marketing of your self as well as your capabilities


Page 7

Self perception: One of those tools is self perception. How do you value and evaluate yourself? It is probably the most important psychological factor. Self perception is the picture you hold about your self


Which one of the following is NOT the way to cope with the loss of a relationship?
Pamper yourself
Get emotional support
Give yourself time to heal
Lag behind positive outcome


Ref: Page 29.
A major personal problem many people encounter is the loss of a valued personal relationships, including separation, divorce, or death. Loss of intimacy in a relationship is another significant type of loss. The person who takes the initiative in terminating a relationship often has to cope with guilt. Ways of coping with the loss of a relationship include:
• Be thankful for the good in the relationship
• Find new outlets for spare time
• Get ample rest and relaxation
• Pamper yourself
• Get emotional support
• Get out and go places
• Give yourself time to heal
Anticipate a positive outcome (it is not to be lag behind)
• Totality of relationship is not bad


In communication process, noise refers to:

The voice quality of both the sender and receiver

Conversations between sender and receiver

Anything that distorts or blocks a message

The background sounds that take place during the message


Ref: Pg-34

Noise, or unwanted interference, can occur at any step in the communication process.


People most likely to be creative when they are motivated primarily by the:

Potential financial reward for being creative

Satisfaction and challenge of the work itself

Fear of job loss for not being creative

Opportunity to obtain creative idea


Saba understands that positive visual imagery boosts self-confidence because the person:

Imagines being in control of a situation

Forms an image of what went wrong in the past

No longer has to prepare for fight

Visualizes asking the right questions


Ref : Pg-47

E. Use Positive Visual Imagery:

Again, visualization is important for acquiring human relations skills. Positive visual imagery is picturing a positive outcome in one’s mind. The technique is effective for gaining control of an upcoming, challenging situation.


Which of the following drug, dulls the senses, facilitates sleep and is addictive with long-term use?



Drug abuse



Page 29

a. Narcotics.  A narcotic is a drug that dulls the senses, facilitates sleep, and is addictive with long-term use. 

b. Depressants.  A depressant is a drug that slows down vital body processes. Alcohol is a depressant. 

c. Stimulants.  A stimulant produces feelings of optimism and high energy.   Cocaine and diet pills are stimulants.


Ahmad communicates clearly and convincingly disarms conflicts to builds strong personal bonds. Ahmad is very good in:
Musical intelligence
Choosing easy projects to avoid conflict
Relationship management (correct)


A typical act of a servant leader should be to:
Work for a salary no higher than that of group members
Expect group members to act like his or her personal servant
Ask group members what they want to achieve (Correct)
Volunteer to do custodial work for the department (Incorrect)


Religious diversity is most likely to affect workplace behavior because religious practices sometimes influence:
Which gender a person is willing to work with
Whether or not a person will accept a salary increase
Whether employees demand a place of worship on company premises
Which hours and days people are willing to work (Correct)


Question No: 14 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one When working to achieve a win-win solution to a conflict, it is most effective to use:

► Competition

► Confrontation and problem solving

► Compromise

► Forcing


Question No: 15 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one

The most recommended way of resolving conflict is _________ and problem-solving.

► Confrontation

► Competition

► Forcing

► Compromise


Question No: 17 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one

All of the following are suggestions for improving your listening skills EXCEPT:

► sympathize with the speaker

► empathize with the speaker

► Maintain eye contact with the speaker

► Paraphrase the speaker



Companies who have an educated workforce and workers have high self-esteem and  are likely to exhibit increased:

Behaviors that lead to a competitive advantage

Stress levels

Wages and salary costs

Turnover and absenteeism



mcq num 6



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