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MGT 603 1st GDB Starting Date Thursday, June 13, 2013 Closing Date Monday, June 17, 2013

CPM matrix:
Many mobile companies are in a rivalry to occupy the major share of market. According to the latest research, Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be giving tough competition to Apple iPhone 5, as few years back Apple iPhone had gripped the whole market with its unique features and advanced iPhone series.
Following are the estimated rating of smart phones according to their market share:
· IPhone = 2.3
· Samsung Galaxy = 3.5
Point of Discussion: Based on the rating mentioned above, you are required to
· Choose the weak and strong rival from “iPhone and “Samsung Galaxy”.
· Mention ONLY the threats & weaknesses for “weak” smart phone and opportunities and strengths of “strong” rival.

Smart phone (Choose the weak and strong rival from the above smartphones)



Important Instructions:
1. No definition/explanation is required. 2. Your discussion must be based on logical facts. 3. No theoretical or subjective discussion is required. 4. Obnoxious or ignoble answer should be strictly avoided.5. Be concise and to the point in your comments. 6. Do not copy or exchange your answer with other students. Two identical / copied comments will be marked Zero (0) and may damage your grade in the course.7. Questions / queries related to the content of the GDB, which may be posted by the students on MDB or via e-mail, will not be replied till the due date of GDB is over.

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Anjum riaz, ap ne opportunities ur strengths tu btai hi ni?

plz opportunities usr strenghts b btao ap?

ASGHAR ALI SHAHID brothewr sara ma na hi karna ha kia ap khud bhi net sa search kr lo
qurat ul ain bilkul r only 2 2 btani ha

agr ap bta dien gy tu koi bat ni anjum bhai. thori ur help kr do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Apple iPhone 5 is easily the Cupertino company's best effort at making a cell phone. It packs more features into a thinner and lighter device that will surely delight the many millions of people around the world who choose to buy it. Making that choice will be difficult, though, as the smartphone market is a fierce place in which to do business.

The iPhone 5 has plenty of competitors to worry about, not only with respect to hardware, but software, too. Here's a competitive assessment of the iPhone 5 amidst a crowded field of combatants. Let's use the good old SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) method.

Strengths -- The iPhone 5 may not look all that different from previous generations, but it still has an iconic look and (what appears to be) top-notch construction. The glass and metallic materials used give it a high-class, sophisticated look that puts many of today's smartphone designs to shame.

The iPhone 5 has incredible carrier support, and is launching around the world quickly. It is fairly cheap, $199, $299, and $399, depending on storage capacity.

Apple's brand is at the height of its powers. Also, Apple's ecosystem is better than that of its competitors. The iTunes Store, App Store, and seamless integration between phone, tablet, and computer make a compelling story for Apple to use. The iPhone 5 may not have the cache of the original iPhone or iPhone 3G, but it still brings its own star power to market.

Weaknesses -- Apple releases one phone per year, while its competitors release hundreds. Apple takes the one-size-fits-all approach, where the competition prefers wide-ranging choice (varying screen sizes, keyboards, etc.). The iPhone 5's screen may still be too small for some. The iPhone 5 is locked down. Apple's competitors are generally open. Android's home screens, for example, offer far more customization thanks to resizable widgets and moveable app shortcuts.

Apple is also a bit weak when it comes to technology. There are no cutting edge features in the iPhone 5. It is evolutionary, not revolutionary. That's not to say that evolution isn't important. After all, it's what got humanity out of caves and into McMansions. But some competitors are jumping ahead with new technology.

For example, the iPhone 5 doesn't have near-field communications. Without NFC, the iPhone won't be a good mobile payment device. The iPhone also doesn't have inductive charging. Both of these features are offered by the recently-released Nokia Lumia 920. NFC is available on many Android devices, as well.

Opportunities -- Apple is a winner in the enterprise. It has beaten BlackBerry out of the boardroom, and has so far held Android at bay. The iPhone 5 has a real chance to score massive enterprise support, especially with companies that have already chosen the iPhone. This could help give it a lead over Android and keep Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 from regaining their lost enterprise market share.

Same goes for the government. If Apple can win over even more governments, it can grow its user base with sales of the iPhone 5.

Apple's biggest opportunity comes from its own, loyal fan base. Considering how incremental the update between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was, many iPhone fans decided to skip the iPhone 4S. Those iPhone 4 owners are surely pining for new hardware, and the iPhone 5 is a tempting target. Apple's ecosystem also plays a role here. Those who've already invested money in Apple's ecosystem are more likely to remain with it. Beyond that, the truly fanatical fans--which number in the millions--will buy the iPhone 5 no matter its faults. These annual upgraders are all too happy to give Apple their money.

The challenge will be winning back previous iPhone owners who've moved on to Android devices.

Threats -- In a word, Samsung. Samsung is gunning for Apple, and it's obvious. The Galaxy S III has already replaced the iPhone 4S as the best-selling phone in the U.S. Samsung believes it will sell 30 million of them before the end of the year. The Galaxy Note II is due to arrive before the holidays, with a massive, 5.5-inch display that puts the iPhone 5's 4-incher to shame. Further, the number of features and capabilities Samsung has been putting into its devices is astounding. The Galaxy Note 2, in particular, has more camera options than some digital SLRs I've used. Sure, the end results matter more than the tools used to achieve them, but no one can scoff at Samsung's results nor its tools.

Apple: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

A SWOT analysis is a look at a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and is a tremendous way to gain a detailed and thorough perspective on a company and its future. Fresh off their fourth quarter earnings report, which was a beat and miss in different respects, I would like to pinpoint on the most valuable company in the world, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL).


Apple is valued at $567.28 billion on the market, and they didn’t get to where they are by snoozing, they got their by being an industry trailblazer and consistently innovating.
The company possesses one of most globally recognized brands, right up there with Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.
Brand loyalty is incredible, people will line up in the freezing cold overnight just to be one of the first to get their hands on the new iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
The company is irrationally undervalued, with a price to earnings ratio of 13.68, significantly lower than slower growing companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.
The company’s year over year growth is still fast-paced, in the double-digit area for the past couple of years, and the company has just recently paid out its first dividend, which annualized at current prices yields around 1.75%.

Some analysts say that without legendary founder Steve Jobs at the helm innovation may slow, as Tim Cook is a good CEO but just not the same.
Apple operates and sells items in one of the most competitive sectors in the world, and will always have competition that will offer something very similar for a bit less.
Competition from deep-wallet companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon may sometimes lead to the compression of margins, as in the past quarter gross margins came in at 40.0%, below the consensus of 40.8%.
Recent problems from their main supplier and producer, Foxconn, has caused investors to get weak in the knees as shipment dates have been pushed back and customers who pre-ordered devices have been faced with several week waiting periods.
While this can be used as an advantage if an investor is smart, the recent price movement in the stock has been volatile, rising $100 and then falling $100 in less than 3 months.

While the past two quarters have not been the best for the company on a financial note, the first quarter of 2013 should be incredible, as the company should benefit immensely from the holiday season.
Over the past weeks the company has unveiled a flurry of new items, including the all-important iPhone 5, the iPad mini, a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, a new Mac, and a new iPod Touch, proving that the company is still innovating for the future.
The iPad mini puts Apple’s foot in the small tablet market, a space that for a time was eating the iPad’s lunch.
Early in 2013 Apple is expected to unveil the Apple version of the television, possibly the iTV, which should nearly complete the Apple ecosystem as in one common platform customers can have a phone, computer, laptop, tablet, and television.
In nearly all respects, Apple is relatively unsaturated in the markets it operates in, 17% in the smartphone market, 5.2% of the worldwide computer market, and the one exception, 85.7% of the tablet market, meaning the company still has significant room left to run.

When you are one top, everyone wants to knock you off of your pedestal, and this is true for Apple.
Recently some analysts and tech junkies have claimed that Apple is behind the curve as they copy the larger screen size of some of the Android smartphones or shrink the screen size of their tablet.
You would think they can only slightly tweak the iPhone or Mac so many times before it simply becomes unreasonable to purchase the expensive devices every couple of years, but obviously this has not proven to be a problem yet.
The biggest threat to Apple’s success would have to be the stiff competition it faces, Android, Microsoft, Research in Motion, Nokia, Amazon; the list is endless.

Strengths include the well-designed products that the company puts out, such as the iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computers. Apple has loyal customers and the strength of its products allows it to charge more than its competitors.

Weaknesses include Apple’s relative softness in the business market. Most of its products are bought by everyday consumers and aren’t widely used by businesses – PCs are more common computers to find in an office, and Research In Motion, which makes Blackberry phones, has long produced preferred tools for those in the working world.

That market gap is an opportunity for Apple, too. For example, businesses have been using iPhones more frequently for their employees as the device has grown and expanded its features.

Threats include the growing use of the Android platform for smartphones from companies like HTC and Motorola, and the growing tablet computer market — although the iPad reigns supreme for now.

search above data for this GDB , APPLE SWOT Analysis .. Now read above details , think and answer the GDB hope so it will help u

Plz tell me strength and oppertunities samsung glaxy ke helikhne hain na please reply soon.


            CPM matrix:

Many mobile companies are in a rivalry to occupy the major share of market. According to the latest research, Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be giving tough competition to Apple iPhone 5, as few years back Apple iPhone had gripped the whole market with its unique features and advanced iPhone series.

Following are the estimated rating of smart phones according to their market share:

  • IPhone = 2.3
  • Samsung Galaxy = 3.5

Point of Discussion: Based on the rating mentioned above, you are required to

  • Choose the weak and strong rival from “iPhone and “Samsung Galaxy”.
  • Mention ONLY the threats & weaknesses for “weak” smart phone and opportunities and strengths of “strong” rival.


Smart phone (choose the weak and strong rival from above smartphones)




1) Technological Change:

The first and foremost threat to lounge a new product in the market is the technological change. World is changing very quickly so people’s ideas and behaviors to buy goods are also changing. Moreover there is pressure on producers to make the produce the product faster and faster. This creates problem for competitors who want to introduce new products in market. Apple was also able to introduce new products in the market and may lack of information to start new goods.

2) pricing Pressure:

There was pressure on APPLE from Samsung that there would be high price charged on processing of various APPLE software. Apple may be asked to pay even more.

3) US Dollar:

Apple earned more than half from US dollar as compared to other competitive firms.


1) Profit Margin Decline:

Current Apple’s gross profit is high but due to raising competition and high prices the profit margin is declined. Because high cost effect the Apple’s cost price.

2) Decreasing Market Share:

Market share is decreasing due to high competition and high prices. Customers cannot want to buy a product from such a company that shows high risk but low and unexpected return. The less market share Apple has, the less it can influence its potential customers and persuades them to jump into using Apple’s closed ecosystem products.


1) Level of Payment:

There was already high level of payment of Apple’s manufacturers but in 2012 it has increased more that effect the price of Apple.

2) Android OS Growth:

Android OS is the main competitor for iOS in mobile device market. The domination of Android decreases iOS power over influencing consumers to join Apple.

3) 2013 tax increases. Tax increases in USA in 2013 will negatively affect Apple.

Deficiency of new products:

Some new products of Apple like I pod and I phone indicates faults and so disturbed the reputation and profit margin of the firm and sales become less and less due to clear faults.






Improving Efficiency:

APPLE must try to find new products and improve the existing products to get high market share. As it is the weakness of APPLE to produce effected Ipod so this must be replaced

Huge market of Apps is the strength. To earn more buyers and sellers it is necessary to expand the business of Apps.

APIs should be readily available in competitive markets.


New Ideas:

There may be ideas available outside the market. For example listening outside people and getting there views about Apple products may also be an opportunity for mangufacturers.Try to get immediate feedback from customers to get more opportunities and Improve efficiency.

Get better efficiency: the Apple phone can improve its efficiency by manufacturing the better quality products. This is opportunities for the APPLE phones to get advices from the rival firm to increase the market

Decrease the price:

The apple phone if decrease the cost of the devices then the price of the devices automatically decrease. This can attract the people and the sale volume of the devices is increased that can increase the total sale of the company and the increase in the total sale will also increase the total profit margin.

Best hardware selection:

Best hardware selection is an important strength in this regard. If the APPs products like Ipod and Iphone have faults and there are more complains then it must be tried to select the best hardware used in such a systems.

HUGE MARKET OF Apps: the market of the APPLE phone is huge as compared to the rival firms. The market growth is more than the any other firm. This strength of the firm will leads to the firm to success.

Faster change in the Management:

There is extra change in the management of the APPLE phone company. That is a negative effect of the company.


Extension in due date Dated: Jun 17, 13

Dear Students!


As you are aware, GDB-1 was to remain open till today (last day), however, due to some technical error, the due date has been extended till tomorrow, i.e. 18th June 2013.


You are advised to be proactive in this regard and not wait till the last moment. Similarly, if the problem persists, you may post your answers in email to Kindly do not send it in word file and use your OWN student login ID for correspondence

its true?


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