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MGT201 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

MGT201 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

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Replies to This Discussion

My today Paper: (Total marks 83)

46 MCQs, mostly logical and less from past papers

9 subjective (4 of 3 marks) and (5 of 5 marks)

Q.1 how diversification is helpful for reduce the risk? explain it 3 marks

q.2 calculate the break even point and selling cost? data was given

q3. calculate WACC?

q4. calculate retained earning?

q5. Calculation of portfolio return using formula for 2 stocks

q 6. calculate coefficient of beta data was given.

other 3 question i forgot..  but these were in calculation form 

and the past paperz that i have read. are attached  


✿❤ Nabila ❤✿ thanks for sharing

welcome sir

other past paerz


1 more..

plzz remember me in ur payers Allah bless u all


Its very helpful.


data given caculate expected return
data given calculate Re
data given calculate market risk premium and current value of the stock
Advantages of stock repurchase
if market value of common stock is higher then its intrinsic value, a rational investor buyers or sell the common stock ? Explain
write the name of the working capital policies
write down the different risks faced by the firm while maintaing the desired capital structure
why does tax sheild always available for debt financing rather then for equity financing
MCQ's past papers main sy ni thy sbi new thy
r tqrebn hr lecture main sy hi ay thy 3 4 PV k thy r wacc k b

Kis file sy MCQS a rahain han.

My paper of mgt 201
Mcq's were conceptual ........few from past papers..............moslty based on formulae........... so please prepared all the formula carefully
Calculation of WACC DATA WAS given 3 marks and for 5 marks both with and without tax deduction
calculation of BETA 3 MARKS
Calculation of required rate of return 3 marks
Calculate Earning per share 3 marks
Define money market will example 3 marks
Positive co-relation and negative co-relation ....it was a conceptual question no calculation 5 marks
Calculation of Break even analysis 5 marks
one question i forgot but it was based on calculation

Aatika Qasim thanks for sharing

-define annuity and perpetuity
-5 steps of WACC of levered firm alomg with formula under net operating income approach.
-discuss the modifications (with respect to tax) made by different economist in order to apply the basic capital structure theory in real word.
-three stock portfolio
A is 5000 8% 0.8
B is 3000 6% 0.6
C is 2000 12% 1.4
calculate weighted average expected return and beta of the portfolio.
-operating leverage company if total cost is 360000
variable cost 270000
fix cost 90000
-find CV
actual return 20%
expected return 15%
standard deviation 12%
-calculate present value of a common stock by using data
forecasted earnings per share Rs.14
present value of growth opportunity Rs.42
Required rate of return 12%
ek queation correlation sy tha

Thanks to all of u 4 sharing .Best wishes for all of u for ur result.plz all people share this paper.


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