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MGT201 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

MGT201 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

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A firm has a capital structure of 1:2 for debt and equity respectively. Its cost of debt is 12%. Its overall cost of capital is 16%. What is its cost of equity if there are no taxes?
13% ►        
16% ►        
15% ►       
18% ►     i think 18% is right ans

yes its 18% ....... 

Thanks Nazeer Ahmed bhaiya for solving these.

Most Welcome sis ..... 

Current Paper 8 - 26 - 2016

Alhamdulillah I have Most easiest paper of MGT201 .....Thanks to " ALLAH Almighty"  

Mcqs was easy and simple .. Mostly from theory ... 2 or 3 of Calculation ( simple )... 

4 to 5 Mcqs was from given above Mcqs .....  2 to 3 mcqs was from Past Papers .... 


Subjective Part was very easy ....... 

Qs 1:-  Define Real Asset and give example ? 3 Marks 
Qs 2:-  Advantages of Small Current assets ? 3 Marks 

Qs 3:-  Find the Present Value of stock .. Data was given just put the values in formula ? 3 Marks 

Qs 4:-  Table was given .. with  Expected return and Standard deviation Tell which is more risky ? 3 Marks

Qs 5:-   a) Expected rate of return , Dividend and Market value was given find "g " in Part (b) Expected rate of return value was change and then calculate "g"? 5 Marks 

Qs 6:-  A Table was given with Values of Portfolio 1 and for Portfolio 2 ... Calculate the Portfolio Rate of Return and comment which is best for investment ? 5 Marks

Qs 7:-  In SML graph .. Stock that lie above the SML line are undervalued or overvalued explian and Investor will buy/Sale them or not ? 5 Marks 

Qs 8:- Company ABC wants to issue more Common Stock of Face Value Rs 10. Next Year the Dividend is expected to be Rs 3 per share assuming a Dividend Growth Rate of 10% pa. The Lawyer’s fee and Stock Brokers’ Commissions will cost Rs 1 per share. Investors are confident about Company ABC so the Common Share is floated at a Market Price of Rs 17 (i.e. Premium of Rs 6). Calculate the WACC ( expected return ) Using New Stock Issuance Approach?    5 Marks 

Qs:- 9 EBIT = 1000, Tax = 25% , Re= 20%, 100 % equit , Calculate the WACC using NI approach ?  5 Marks 

nazeer ap na current paper ki subjective solve ki hy to please upload

Buhat Shukria Sab kaa 

God bless you 


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