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MGT301 - Principles of Marketing GDB Solution and Discussion Spring 2014 Due Date: May 26, 2014

Total Marks : 5

Starting Date: Friday, May 23, 2014

Closing Date : "Monday, May 26, 2014"

Topic: Market Segmentation

Learning objective

  • The primary objective is to enable the students to understand the importance of market segmentation.

Learning outcome

  • Students will come to know how market segmentation becomes effective in increasing or maintaining the market share in intense competition.


Telecommunication sector is the fastest growing sector in Pakistan and average growth rate enormously increasing. There were 97.6 million mobile subscribers in Pakistan by April, 2010. There are five network providers in Pakistan who are offering their services include U-fone, Telenor, Zong, Warid and Mobilink. Telenor is owned by Telenor Group, international service provider who is providing services in 11 different countries. It started its operation in Pakistan in March, 2005 and till December 2011 it has customer base of 28.11 million people with 24% market share. Telenor segmented market into different groups includes students, businessman, housewives, domestic consumers and daily customers. For this purpose, they issued pre-paid and post-paid SIMs with different calls and SMS packages for different users. They focused on catering the needs of every group by providing efficient services.  In order to increase market share, they consistently emphasized on delivering prompt and state of the art services to its customers. Though, they are running with the changing needs of the customers but still competitor’s pressure lies there. As loyalty is the major concern so, by offering more promising services, lowering prices and attractive features one company can attract the customers of other’s. Moreover, the recent launch of 3G & 4G open so many challenges for telecom companies operating in Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan already facing the pressure of its strong competitors like Ufone, Warid, Mobilink and Zong as these companies have captured large market share by increasing their customer’s base. Currently, Telenor Pakistan targeting rural areas where their promotional campaigns are more effective than in urban areas. But, this 3G launch not only explores more business opportunities but also create so many challenges that have to face by all telecom companies. Now there is a need to introduce 3G compatible mobile phone (smart phones) in order to target each and every segment.

Q. Discussion Question ?

By keeping in view the above situation, do you think that Telenor Pakistan will be successful to maintain its current market share by targeting each and every segment in this 3G era? Provide any five logical arguments in favor of your answer.

Instructions to attempt the GDB:

  • Attempt the GDB by yourself and it will be entertained positively.
  • Copied from any material will be marked zero
  • Solution should be very concise and brief.
  • Irrelevant information should not be provided.

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Replies to This Discussion

telenor will be successful due to its better services as compare to other companies

Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs and priorities, and then designing and implementing strategies to target them. Market segmentation strategies may be used to identify the target customers, and provide supporting data for positioning to achieve a marketing plan objective. Businesses may develop product differentiation strategies, or an undifferentiated approach, involving specific products or product lines depending on the specific demand and attributes of the target segment.

For more help to understanding the case see files


 u all knw that vu study is totally conceptual . u should have GOOD command on your subjects to fullfilll vu requirements.and to b gud students forever :p

This one gdb is also conceptual and related to the concept of targeting and marketing etc  .so check the rating of all carriers in market to get the obvious result for your gdb.

after that u have to knw the services of telenor oppositegud or best  to other companies and also provide the extension in strategis telenor to b gud in market paradigm and finally u have done the GDB....

add the essential details on your own behalf.......

take some points....
To deliver on its strategic ambitions, Telenor Group has prioritized a number of initiatives.
Enable people to use the internet
We will increase penetration of internet users by making data networks available and affordable, and by increasing penetration of smartphones and other internet-capable devices.
Stimulate use
We will make larger customer segments aware of how mobile internet is beneficial and relevant for them.
Monetize internet use
We will continue to develop holistic portfolios that encompass prepaid, postpaid and all sub-brands. We will also continue to focus on total communication bundles consisting of relevant volumes of voice, SMS and data services.
In selected markets, we will build positions in new service areas with attractive stand-alone revenues and strong network effects, such as financial services, M2M, online classifieds and others.
Telenor’s Marketing Platform
Telenor’s Marketing Platform consists of best-in-class tools and creates a common language for discussing strategic marketing topics across the Group.
Net Promoter Score and Closed Feedback Loop
Net Promoter Score and Closed Feedback Loops are important tools for becoming a customer-centric leader. We will improve quality in customer touch points and customer-facing processes, and improve loyalty through better customer experiences.
Customer Insight
Solid insights are needed to create more targeted product and price packages in order to improve the customer experience and retention. Customer insight also drives cost efficiency.
As customer preferences evolve, digital channels increase in share of commerce. We will develop digital distribution capabilities and assets to stay competitive. In our growth markets, we will also strengthen mass market and physical distribution.
Customer Service
The customer service organization is a vital touch point between us and our customers. With the abundance of devices and services, customers need more advanced support. We will develop customer service to deliver on new expectations and service volumes.
Efficiency agenda
Improving efficiency and changing how we operate will allow us to invest time and money into the customer experience. We target gross opex savings of NOK 5 billion by 2015.
New data demands result in new requirements for networks, and we see network quality as a lever for differentiation. We will be implementing networks that are faster, smarter, more robust and available, high-performing and more efficient. We will continue to utilize network sharing to improve cost and quality positions in our markets.
We aim to transform IT to become an enabler for superior customer experiences. IT renewals will be business driven, and simplifying product portfolios and business processes is a prerequisite for success. Changing how we operate IT is another important tool to reduce cost and improve agility.
Global activities
We aim to realize operational synergies across borders, specifically within the following areas: Global Digital Service Deployment, Global Sourcing, Telenor Common Operations, Global Shared Services and Global Roaming.

Thankx Usman Sarwar 


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