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MGT501 Current MID Term Papers Fall 2012 Date: 08-December-2012 to 19-December-2012

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Replies to This Discussion

Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

My today paper on 19th Dec 2012

22 MCQs and 5 Subjective

1. Difference between Occupation and Career. describe with example?

2. How you will be doing HR Planning as HR manager while organization is going to purchase new computer based technology?

3. Why it is essential to inform employees about their Compensation and Benefits while socializing them in organization?

4. why org. prefer to recruit employees from their competitors in the industry? Is it ethically good or bad in your opinion?

5. Forgot

 today's paper

total 27 quiz
22 was mcq and 3 quiz of 3 mark 
2 quiz of 5 marks
50% from past papers and 50% was new 

1.outline the advantages of globlization for employees? 3

2. in selection process what is the next phase after interview? 3

3 job decription and its components 5
internal recruitment advantages and disadvantages? 

JAZKAllah :)


MGT 501 Mid Term 10-12-12

see this attach file




There are 27 question 
22 multiple-choice 
3 questions are 3 marks 
And two questions of 5 marks 
Describe three error which are commonly occur in interview? 3 marks
Does the job analysis occur only once time during the life time of an organization? 3 marks
Describe the specification an its importance in an organization? 5 marks 
Which are the main factor which can contribute toward the importance of HRIS in future? 5 marks 
Ek question yaad nhi jo k 3 marks ka tha 
are mcq's from handouts mostly from last 12 lactures best of luck to aal of u

Read more: my paper of mgt501 - Virtual University of Pakistan http://vustudents.ning.com/group/mgt501humanresourcemanagement/foru...

Thanks dear....

My Paper: 9th Dec

Most MCQs from Job Analysis chapter and last chapters. Only 30% MCQs from past papers.


Long Questions are below:


  1. Suppose you are planning a training on “prevention and treatment of dengue fever” for the doctors, how would you deliver and evaluate the effectiveness of this training. (5)


  1. A job is define into four segments, ; job, position, duty and task, How you compare these four parts from each other? Also find out relationship among them. (5)


  1. Do organization conduct ob analysis only once in the life of an organization? (3)


  1. Summarize the significant of obtaining top management support and commitments in cultivating a diverse workforce.  (3)


  1. What benefits an organization can get by appointing the employee from headquarter to a foreign subsidiary.  (3)

My today paper mgt501-session-2

1.Write about workforce diversity?3 marks

2.why organizations are use employement agencies rather than its own recruiting?3marks

3. i forgot...sorry

4.job specification of "Executive Secretary"5marks

5.External recruitment methods?5marks

Best of LUCK................ oooooooh lala

Muhammad naveed thanks 

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