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MGT603 Current Final Term Papers Spring 2011 (15 to 26 July 2011)

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MGT603 Final Term Spring 2011

MCQs                         56

Subjective Qs               8

Total Questions            64



56MCQs x 1 mark         = 56

4Qs x 3 marks              = 12

4Qs x 5 marks              = 20

Total Marks                  = 88


Q57 (3 marks)

“Government regulations can create opportunities and threats”. Support this statement giving three examples?


Q58 (3 marks)

If a firm is falling under Quardrant-I of GSM, what strategic position that firm depicts?


Q59 (3 marks)

One of the approaches to implement change says, “People are basically compliant and will generally do what they are told or can be made to do and change is based on exercise of authority and imposing of sanctions”, identify that approach and explain?


Q60 (3 marks)

Explain the concept of “Feasibility” as Richard Ramlet’s criteria for evaluation strategies?


Q61 (5 marks)

Give at least two examples of multinational or local firms that are operating in Pakistan and have initiated backward integration. Justify your answer?


Q62 (5 marks)

Suppose as a manager of company you find out after analysis that your company is located in Quadrant-2 in GSM. What type of strategies it should adopt and why?


Q63 (5 marks)

Explain how internet is changing the business in the world?


Q64 (5 marks)

Explain “Target Marketing” and also pros and cons of Target Marketing?
almost 10 mcq were new .rest of them were from past papers
subjectiv portion is as follows
1 )wt r marketing mix ? wrtie the marketing mix component factor ?3
2)interpret IFE total weighted scoreof 1.5, 2.8 n 3.4 shown on x axis of IE matrix of the firm ?3
3)vertical intigration is the degree to which firm owns its upstreams n its downstream buyer.wt can b the possible benefits if firm goes for vertical intigration ? 3
4)a value chain is a chain of activities .define any 3 primary activities of value chain identified by michael porter ? 3
5)positioning is actually the way a product is introduced into market audience .wt r the 5 steps required for effective product positioning ?3
6) mergers n acquisitions r the methods by which 2 companies combine to form a large company .wt can b the reasons of axplain achieving merger n acquisition ?5
7 ) explain SMART criteria for establishing annual objectives of organization ?5
Cool the goal of value chain activities is to offer customer a level of value that exceeds the cost of activities which results in a profit margin .u r required to discuss some of primary value chain activities ?5
I attempted paper of MGT603 @ 4:30pm which was difficult and only 5 to 8 MCQ's were from Past Papers

    What are different types if division of firms
    What is marketing segmentation, explain with examples.
    What is Strategy Evaluation Control System
    What is objective and what is its importance.
    What is SMART and etc…
    What is EFE MATRIX?
    What is target marketing its application and etc..
Total 64 questions in which 56 MCQS & 8 subjective given below

paper was lengthy 

Govt regulation can create opportunities & threats Support your answer by giving three examples? (3 marks)


A value chain is a chain of activities define any three primary activities of the value chain identified by Micheal porter? (3 marks)


Illustrate at least three limitations of divisional organization structure? (3 marks)


What can be the consideration of a firm while taking decisions regarding place as a component of marketing mix? (3 marks)


Explain strategic management & its significance for business? (5 marks)


ABC Company is located in Quadrant 4 of Grand Strategy matrix what is strategic position of ABC Company & what types of strategies should it adopt? (5 marks)


Financial analysis is process of identifying financial strength & weakness by establishing relation ship b/w the item of balance sheet & income statement you are required to explain how to perform a projected financial analysis? (5 marks)


Describe the strategy evaluation system a large & a small organization require ? (my this question was of 10 marks )


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