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CPM is used to compare the sample organization with other firms through their competitive profile. In this matrix we consider critical success factors including external and internal factors. Simply if you want to evaluate your firm with other competitive firms you will used CPM matrix.

You have to compare Ufone, Zong and Mobilink by creating CPM on certain critical success factors mentioned in table:

Critical success factor




Call and Sms packages rates




Coverage and connectivity




Customer Loyalty




Evaluate the strong rival



You don’t need to assign rating to these telecom companies. You just compare them on the basis of said factors. Evaluate a stronger competitor by providing logical answers.

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Angel and I are working on it. You also try something Prince.

The Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
The Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) identifies a firm's major competitors and their particular strengths and weaknesses in
relation to a sample firm's strategic position.
The weights and total weighted scores in both a CPM and EFE have the same meaning. However, the
factors in a CPM include both internal and external issues; therefore, the ratings refer to strengths and
weaknesses, where 4 5 major strength, 3 5 minor strength, 2 5 minor weakness, and 1 5 major weakness.
There are some important differences between the EFE and CPM. First of all, the critical success factors in
a CPM are broader; they do not include specific or factual data and even may focus on internal issues. The
critical success factors in a CPM also are not grouped into opportunities and threats as they are in an EFE.
In a CPM the ratings and total weighted scores for rival firms can be compared to the sample firm. This
comparative analysis provides important internal strategic information.
A sample Competitive Profile Matrix is provided in Table. In this example, advertising and global expansion
are the most important critical success factors, as indicated by a weight of 0.20. Avon's and L'Oreal's
product quality is superior, as evidenced by a rating of 4; L'Oreal's "financial position" is good, as indicated
by a rating of 3; Procter & Gamble is the weakest firm overall, as indicated by a total weighted score of 2.80.
A Competitive Profile Matrix
Advertising 0.20 1 0.20 4 0.80 3 0.60
Product Quality 0.10 4 0.40 4 0.40 3 0.30
Price Competitiveness 0.10 3 0.30 3 0.30 4 0.40
Management 0.10 4 0.40 3 0.30 3 0.30
Financial Position 0.15 4 0.60 3 0.45 3 0.45
Customer Loyalty 0.10 4 0.40 4 0.40 2 0.20
Global Expansion 0.20 4 0.80 2 0.40 2 0.40
Market Share 0.05 1 0.05 4 0.20 3 0.15
TOTAL 1.00 3.15 3.25 2.80
Note: (1) The ratings values are as follows: 1 = major weakness, 2 = minor weakness, 3 = minor strength, 4 =
major strength. (2) As indicated by the total weighted score of 2.8, Competitor 3 is weakest. (3) Only eight
critical success factors are included for simplicity; this is too few in actuality.
Other than the critical success factors listed in the example CPM, other factors often included in this
analysis include breadth of product line, effectiveness of sales distribution, proprietary or patent advantages,
location of facilities, production capacity and efficiency, experience, union relations, technological
advantages, and e-commerce expertise.
A word on interpretation: Just because one firm receives a 3.2 rating and another receives a 2.8 rating in a
Competitive Profile Matrix, it does not follow that the first firm is 20 percent better than the second.
Numbers reveal the relative strength of firms, but their implied precision is an illusion. Numbers are not
magic. The aim is not to arrive at a single number but rather to assimilate and evaluate information in a
meaningful way that aids in decision making.

Here is my solution friends. Duaon main yaad rakhna, aur thora change karna bhi yaad rakhna, aur thora apni aqal ko istamal karna bhi yaad rakhna 

Critical success factor




Call and Sms packages rates



Poor, Mobilink sucks. They just want money, money, money. They also have hidden charges and annoying spam.

Coverage and connectivity



Do I have to admit that it’s excellent. But who knows how their service is in the remote areas. It is not just the coverage that matters, but also the quality of coverage.

Customer Loyalty

Excellent; more people are buying Ufone sims, and their support staff is also great.


Poor, people are not satisfied with this bull shit company. I had 2 sims with platinum numbers, and I sold them.

Evaluate the strong rival

Clearly Ufone is the best, Zong is second best, and Mobilink is the worst company that ever existed in Pakistan. They should just close down.


I just pasted the above table, but the lines are not showing, why? Is there a way to paste a table with its lines showing?

 Amjad Cheema  very gud

keep it up

thnx for sharing

Bhai keema sab ye to sary ap ny apny personal comments dey hen, en main koi Logic to nai na....  Koi logic wali baat bato g,,, jes sy koi baat prove ki jay,,, es tara to agr koi Mobilink use karta hy to wo usy Good kahy ga, or jo Zong use karta hy usy GOod kah ga....

Wesy plz dont mind,,,, main en main sy koi b use nai kata,,, Mian to  "DU" use karta hun....

Plz think something more brothers and sisters  

Nice sharing

I just want to advise you all that we are supposed to evaluate a major competitor on the basis of the comparison we would make (coverage and connectivity, sms and call rates and customer loyalty) not on our personal experiences. Just for an idea I am sharing the following which might help us to make a better GDB.



If Mobilink would have been worst in its performance then it would not have been able to maintain its market share for the past 5 years...

And one more thing, we are to make the choice of a strong rival considering all 3 factors not only on the basis of rates...


nice sharing um also satisfy y ur over all observation good work keep it up 

But in this GDB market share is not a critical success factor then why we should consider it? we have to conduct CPM in terms of the mentioned critical success factors only i.e. call and sms rates, coverage and connectivity, and customer loyalty.


You are absolutely right bro., but I just shared this due the fact that we can't ignore these figures, although Mobilink charges higher rates then others but for a mobile network nothing is more important then the coverage, people would be willing to pay more to have good coverage but paying less and not having proper coverage does't makes any sense....

Customer loyalty is represented in providing the services readily to the customers anywhere and any time without interruption....and Mobilink also offers different packages....people still find Mobilink as the best one hence Mobilink is able to maintain its leadership in the mobile market...if we relate all this to our GDB we can come up with strong logical arguments....

Rest is all our own choice but I am preparing my GDB by declaring Mobilink as a strong rival...

If any one find some points in favor of Ufone or Zong, kindly share......



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