MGT610 Business Ethics Current Online Quiz Fall 2012

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John Maynard Keynes arguments were the most influential in economics, when they become less convincing?








Who should receive the benefits of pollution control?


Who bear the external cost


Who bear the product cost

Who bear the internal cost


 A medicine for the patients of river blindness was developed by which one of the country?







Which of the following is TRUE in free market economy?


Prices are controlled by law

There will be no advertising

There will be no monopolies

The government allocates resources


Which one of the following laws related to morality?


Parking Laws

Business Laws

Dress code Laws

None of the above


Pinto was an offer from which company?





None of the given


Which one of the following is not a school of thought in Business Ethics?





  All of the Above


Which one of the following is not a feature of market Economy?


  Free choice

  Free enterprise

  Price inflexibility

  Focus on China


 Which one is the example given by James Rachel while explaining ethical relativism?


  Flat earth…Not sure

  Slop earth

  Uneven earth

  Horizontal earth


ABC Company has a monopoly on bottled water sales in Lahore. If the price of tap water increases, the quantity of bottled water sold will:




  Remains the same

  May increase or decrease


How many pounds of garbage are produced by each American daily?


  3 pounds

  4 pounds

  5 pounds

  7 ponuds


Which of the following statement is CORRECT about social audit?


A report of social costs of firm’s activities

  A report of social benefits of firm’s activities

A report of social costs and social benefits of firm’s activities

 None of these statements is correct


Which of the following economic principle is first posted by Adam Smith to describe that the greatest benefit to a society is brought about by individuals in the pursuit of their own self-interest?



Free trade

Economic freedom…Not sure

  Positive sum game

  Invisible hand



Moral standards are absorbed from?


  Family & Friends


  Intellectual capital

  All of the given


Which of the following is the most common cause of oligopolistic market structure or unification of two companies that formerly competed in the same line of business?

  Horizontal merger


  Hostile takeover

  Leverage buyout


Which of the following claims that the welfare of at least some nonhumans is intrinsically valuable and deserves respect and protection?


  Ecological ethics

  Environmental ethics

  Financial ethics

  Organizational ethics


Every person has a right to freedom from coercion that takes priority over all other rights and values is known as?

  Karl’s principle

  Nozick’s principle

  Blanc’s principle

  None of the above


Environmental ethics is the discipline that studies the moral relationship of?

  Human beings


 Both a & b



Which one of the following ethic sees concrete communities and communal relationships as having a fundamental value?


The care of ethic

  Demands of caring

  Communitarian ethic



Who argued in response to the free market and utility by Adam Smith that government should intervene because there is a mismatch between the aggregate supply and demand?


Maynard Keynes

  Herbert Spencer

  Charles Darwin

John Hicks


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