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This report is the result of 8 weeks internship. During the internship it was required to study the organization, department of the organization and critically relate the theoretical aspects of the Marketing Department to the practical situation.

“SM Textiles Pvt. Limited” operates throughout the world with over 1200 employees as part of our team. SM’s Collection has a wide selection of quality Bed Linen, Kitchen Linen, Table Linen, Curtains, Slip Covers & All kind of Furnished Quilted Items, Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Valance Sheet, Bed Ruffles, Pillow Covers, Pillow Shams, and Bolsters. Competent professional staff, a team of talented merchandisers, excellent supplies & support services, and state-of-the-art technology is the driving force behind SM’s phenomenal growth in the past years. SM has expanded its operations to include the Internet, and has taken advantage of the variety of international trade facilitated by the Web. Now SM uses state-of-the-art client/server technology for its market information processes to coordinate its network of global buyers and agents around the world. Environmental Organizational and the individual challenges which are to face by the department of “SM Textiles Pvt. Limited”.  The motive of joining the SM is to have an exposure of textile sector and potential to avail a sound and promising career. There is no any formal union in  SM Txtiles Pvt.Limited.

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 The secret of success of every organization is the result of the commitment, dedication and team spirit of its employees. M.S.C.  is no exception employing over 1200 people, including more than 100 professionals. M.S.C enjoys high employee motivation and excellent working standards by encouraging informal and frequent communication at all management levels.  People are expected to take full responsibility for a job and get it done. It is a matter of pride for M.S.C that it enjoys one of the lowest employee’s turnovers in the country. The factory works for three hundred sixty five days in a calendar year with twenty four hours daily, in three shifts.



“The management and employees of MSC are committed towards utilization of all available resources to provide such products that are technically complete, professionally done, reasonably priced and delivered on schedule, in a way that exceeds customer expectations.”



“Production of products according to the needs and expectations of customers is quality. MSC Textile (Pvt.) Limited achieves quality objectives through professional management, skilled workers and modern machinery. The company management as well as workers are committed to continuous improvement in quality of grey cloth, finished fabrics and textile mad-ups with timely delivery.”

OUR MOTTO_______ Excellent Quality





“We the top management of MSC Textiles (Pvt.)Limited strongly believe in the supremacy of social norms and values and our all workers are given respect, integrity, freedom and are considered our partners.

We work in complete compliance with SA8000 Standard through continuous improvement.”



“We are committed to maintain pollution controlled, Environment friendly and legally compliant working environment and strive to make it better via continual improvement and pollution prevention.”




Quality has been slogan of MSC to help and achieve goal have different crosscheck systems to maintain the quality standards. At processing MSC have sophisticated and full equipped quality control lab (QCL) which administers quality from the issuance of the fabric till finishing. While checking the quality of fabric, customer standards are carefully documented and administered. After processing, each and every meter of fabric is physically checked to make sure that the fabric supplied is up to the ark.

For fulfillment of this commitment:


v     We are adhering to Quality System by preferring prevention over correction.


v     The proper training of our personnel is our top priority in order to keep them in-touch with new ideas and innovative techniques of production.


v     We are emphasizing on customer satisfaction because customer is our master.


v     We ensure continual improvement of our process and system to produce consistent quality.


Quality Management

In the line with our basic philosophy, we believe that our future depends on our ability to consistently produce only the highest quality products.  Effective quality management is therefore a basic necessity and hence top priority.  Fabrics off all ding in variety of constructions are supplied overseas.

 The company has the capacity to meet orders large quantities out of its own production.  The balance requirements, if any, are met by procurement from the preferred suppliers.  The quality thus procured is, however, put to tight inspection, ensuring that compromise is made.

The company maintain strong network enabling best possible combination of pricing and availability to the entire satisfaction of its buyers.

An independent quality control team is trained specially to monitor each process to ensure the customer’s requirement.  It is a flit team with authority to control complete production processes to achieve the desired quality level. 

Each and every material used is checked by this team before it can be stored or consumed.

Process of quality checks starts from in-house fabric, inspection, cutting, inline and final inspection in sewing and wet process, finishing till the end when the final product is packed for shipment. 


               “Without comprising on quality, we achieve our production targets”.


Quality Assurance

The management is ever conscious about quality of the company’s product.  Accordingly the company has established its own LAB equipped with modern apparatus and qualified technicians.  The tests carried out in the LAB include analysis of the fabric pilling, color fastness, rubbing fastness, light fastness, shrinkage, blend ratio etc.






·        Imported Machinery

·        Strong Marketing Image

  • High Financial Resources
  • Committed Staff
  • Good Reputation
·        Awareness of Product


  • Weak implementation for Production Planning
  • Delay in Out side Grey sourcing
  • Decision making power is centralized
  • Slow process for development of new items/inquiries
  • Product range display room need improvement
  • Minimal meetings between export & production departments


  • Potential in Market
  • Covering almost all areas of the world
  • Untapped market of Russia & Middle east
  • New Entrants
  • Tough Competition
  • Strong Promotional activities to convince buyers by competitor
  • Uncertain Political and Economic condition




Marketing Department:

Marketing Department cannot be ignored in any organization.  Because it is the heart & soul of the organization.

MSC Textile cannot ignore the pivotal importance of this department.  The marketing manager with the Chief Executive Officer performed the marketing activities jointly.  They not only promote their department but also visit the foreign markets to search their new markets.  







Marketing Strategy


v     Maintain high standards

v     Develop and strength good business relationship with the valued customers

v     To maintain timely deliveries

v     Search for and introduce latest technical and design developments

v     Search for new markets

v     Strive for expansion in the local and international markets.

            Our marketing team comprises of top of the line individuals who are fully capable of achieving sharp deadlines.  These individuals are highly trained to develop and maintain excellent business relations with the existing customers and are always in pursuit to look for new markets.





Vision Without action is a daydream; Action without vision is a nightmare



“Marketing is a process of planning & executing the conception, pricing, promotion & distribution of goods, services and ideas to create exchanges with target group that satisfy customer & organization’s objectives”


Marketing Concept:

The marketing concept holds that the key to achieving organizational goals consists in determining the needs & wants of target market & delivering the desired satisfactions more efficiently than competitors.

It can also be expressed in many other ways like

  • Meeting needs profitably
  • Find wants & fill them
  • Love the customer, not product
  • To do all in power to pack the customer’s dollar full of value, quality and satisfaction

Export means to sell the products outside the boundaries of the country.

Marketing Division deals with market activities related to product sales abroad. MSC products are Grey cloth, Bleached, dyed, printed fabric and made ups (Home furnishing items). MSC is famous for its quality products and its products are exported all over the world.

Objectives of Marketing/Export Dept.

Following are the main objectives of export dept

·        Committed to generate export business all over the world with good quality products.

·        To provide better service to customers

  • To achieve company objectives actively

·        Establish & develop professional working environment in the Dept.

·        Computerize work in Export Marketing Dept.

·        Incline a sense of responsibility and timely initiative in staff members of Dept.

·        Proper implementation of ISO 9002 standards






Inquiry by Customer:

Customer inquiries are received via fax and E-mail. Inquiries that comes through Fax are directly received at fax room and sent to CEO as well as concerned department, however inquires through e-mail are directly received in concerned dept. 

Costing Sheet:

After receiving inquiry from customer first of all costing sheet is prepared for price determination. CEO is final authority to finalize the price to be quote against any inquiry, however in absence of CEO export dept. incharge reviews price idea. If both are not available, then sectional incharge is allowed/authorized to quote price.

After approval of price and review of customer's requirements, prices are quoted to customer for confirmation. Upon confirmation, sales contract is issued to customer with complete details of constructions, width/size, prices, quantity, delivery, payment terms etc.

Contract Review & Issue:

Sectional incharge takes following steps before issuing a contract:

  1. Complete review of the contract
  2. Whether requirements are adequately defined.
  3. 3.       If have the capability to meet the order requirements/ Shipment date

Purchase Orders:

Purchase orders are received from customer pertaining to contract booked. Sectional incharge studies it for any discrepancy or any special instruction. If there is any discrepancy it is brought into the knowledge of customer for amendment. However, if customer wants to amend the contract booked, after considering all the aspects of the order it is amended. Instructions of amendments are passed to relevant departments to follow.


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