For those who are so against moving themselves from the car to the gym, there’s a solution just for you! It’s called InForm Fitness and instead of you having to fight traffic to get to that elliptical machine, the gym now comes to you, in the form of a large bus filled with gym equipment. These are no ordinary gym buses either-each vehicle has been outfitted with hardwood floors and air conditioning to make sure that workout is as comfortable as ever.

Adam Zickerman is the brains behind the mobile gym revolution. After his customers requested a place to workout in the Hamptons, ‘he realized that building a new gym over there wasn’t feasible’ so he decided to go mobile. But if you think this is a cheaper option, yikes, think again. Sessions start at $100 and a personal training session will rob you of $500 in New York City. Another downside? You also won’t be able to do a workout while the bus is moving, so you can forget about waving to friends or enjoying the scenery during this fitness session.