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Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions and their Appropriate Answers

So many talented individuals often fail to land their dream job because they are unable to answer certain interview questions in a good enough way, thus giving a less than favorable impression to the interviewer. Even though many of us are confident enough before giving an interview but once inside the interview room, even the most self-assured people tend to get flustered sometimes.But you don’t need to worry at all because we have compiled a list of commonly asked job interview questions along with their suggested responses for your benefit. Check them out below.

1.       Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself

This is the opening question of almost all interviews. It is mostly asked to make the other person comfortable and to get the conversation going for the coming questions.One way of tackling such a question is by answering it indirectly, that is, by telling them what you are passionate about. What’s your favourite hobby or how willing are you for the job that is going to be assigned to you. While you are talking about yourself don’t talk about those things which you have already mentioned on your resume. Instead, talk about something which is interesting but not on that piece of paper in the interviewer’s hands.  

2.       What Makes You a Good Candidate For This Job?

This question may sound rude to some of the candidates but one can answer it in a nice way by telling them about one’s past experiences. Don’t be nervous if you don’t have any sort of experience. What matters is how confidently you answer the question. You may have done some sort of internships or any voluntary work in the past. You may tell your experience related to that work and how those experiences will help them do the job well. One can also tell that they will put in a lot of effort in a task assigned to them if they are hired for jobs in pakistan

3.       How Did You Hear About Us?

This is another commonly asked question. What you have to do is stay calm and relaxed. It isn’t difficult at all. If you have any relative or friend working at that company then tell them that you have heard great things about the place from your friend. If you have seen an ad in a newspaper or on any website then tell them so and mention how excited you were to come across this vacancy. Your answers should be framed in a way that they show you as a proactive individual who is always on the lookout for ways to grow personally as well as professionally.

4.       Why Should You Be Preferred Over Other Candidates?

You may answer this question by talking about a number of skills you have. Tell them how you can be an effective team player as well a steam leader. If a task is assigned to your group members then you will put in a lot of effort to complete that task with them by creating a friendly environment.

5.       Tell Us Something About Your Past Professional Experiences?

Often candidates tend to panic when this question is asked, particularly fresh graduates who do not have any experience. But not to worry, you can still answer this question in a nice way. You can let them know that you have studied a lot on the specific job that is going to be given to you. For example, when you were in college or university you studied many subjects that would surely help you during the tasks that may be assigned to you when you are given a particular job. What matters is how you tackle a question when it is being asked. 

Some people might be prepared for an interview and others might not be prepared so well prepared. But going into panic mode is never going to help. It might be your first experience. Just take a deep breath and everything is going to be good. Just answer the questions in a way that it leaves a good impression of you on the interviewer.

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