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MTH001 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2014 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place Date: June 07 to June 18, 2014

All Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2014 and Past Mid Term Papers at One Place From June 07 to June 18, 2014.

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According to Demorgan’s law

~ (p Ù q) º


~ p Ù q

~ p Ù ~ q

~ p Ú ~ q

p Ù ~ q



 An argument is invalid if the conclusion is false when all the premises are ......






If is a subset of universal set U, then





For the two sets A and B, A Ç B is a ---------of A.

Super set


Complement set


If A and B are two sets such that A Ç B= A È B then .....................


A and B are disjoint sets

A and B are super sets

A and B are equal sets


Order of elements in a set does not matter






If A = {1, 2 ,  3} and B = {{1 ,2},3} then A - B = ……..


{3 }

{ }

{1, 2, 3 , {1 ,2}}

{1 , 2}


Which of the relation defines a function from X = {2,4,5} to Y={1,2,4,6}.

R1 = {(2,4), (4,1)}

R2 = {(2,4), (4,1), (4,2), (5,6)}

R3 = {(2,4), (4,1), (5,6)}


R1 and  R2



R2 and R3



If a relation is given by R = {(0,1),(1,2),(3,4)}then Range of R is






If R and S are reflexive then R Ç S is ...........





Suppose A is a set with m elements and B is a set with n elements.

How many functions are there from A to B?



 .n m

Question = Write an Excel syntax to add 60, 33, 6, 2, 91, 57 and divide the sum by 6.


Question =The price of an item is increased from $ 8.00 to $10.00. What percent of the original price is increased?





Question=A relation R on the set of Natural numbers N is defined as:

 For all  , a R b  iff   is odd.

 Show that R is symmetric.





Question =


Initial value = 120

Final Value = 200

Increase = 80

Then the Percentage change...................






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