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Overseas students are using Tightvnc for Cheating in Exams. As the program hidden and only process can be tracked from Task manager.

This is not good for university i am afraid that value of VU degree might not get devalued.

Concern authorities need to take action against such students.

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Aslam O Alaikum Bro first of All if they do the same which u mention here then it is very bad and alarming situations for university as well as overseas students 2nd do u have any proof to share or its just a cause of wording and blaming not mind if this issue really exits then u have to do mail to vu as well as exam department of overseas so this may help for university to check either they are doing the same or not I know what you mean and I hear it a lot, not only in relocation advice as a consultant, but also as a new theme people are looking for answers on every single day.If this thing is happen then why VU is silent about the matter why they can not take proper action in this regard bro we need proof to defend our words if u have any proof kindly share it Thnks alot  very sad news about overseas if it is happening There is a thing called Moral Courage which is the strength to stand up for what is right.A couple of interesting consequences which may flow from what could be a seemingly harmless act If the cheating occurs at a large scale then this erodes the veracity of the qualification I have a simple rule for this - Stop it right there if it is going to effect someone directly or indirectly and ignore if it doesn't matter.

Best of Luck


Ws Thanks for your reply and support.

For proof, you can verify and download this software on two of your PC's and test it very easily.

I will drop an email to concern vu overseas department now.

Thanks and Regards

Ahan but bro let me ask

you one question how u know about these activities are u overseas student or from Pak.

strange but true how that is possible any way forward and share if u can thnks bro


Thats not the way the person can prove because the don't have Admin & control software which Uni has, 
So thats the reason I told, you have to go directly to Uni or write them an Email with prove, 
Good Luck. 

LOL, dude VU management knows all these risks but what can they do to avoid this? create exam centers overseas, which they are not going to do, so its useless to persue. even overseas students can make call to another student and get answers for his/her questions during exam. camera is not recording your /lips movement which is really difficult to notice,

PS. who needs cheating in VU :p when you can pass every exam without studying, its almost impossible to get failed in VU, All Hail Virtual University in Pakistan. 

Abu Bakar Bhai ,

Thanks for writing here,

As I want to tell you some thing for clarification I m the VU student now a days I m doing my exam though overseas Package, during exam they open Mic from Team viewer, Even yesterday when I was coughing the voice was going straight way the mic line showing value for presence of my voice. 
Its clear now _ I appreciated the way they doing. 

Hope its clear,

agr ap sure ho to vu ko complain kro

Bilal brother , 

(((U need treatment)))
I m really sorry to Say,

can you read the theory of 'ALARP' as reasonable and practicable. All the system threats prevention set on that. how ever you Said about reputation of UNI, your are the person who announced on the forum & Try to degrade the reputation, you are the publication. 
THE  IDEA: go straight to the UNI & tell them for preventive action & Dont announced on the forums. (Right) 

Wallah !!! first time I heard the software name which you announced. 

Any way _ I 'll never every ask about prove because Announcement on the forum cause of reputation damage. 
Hope you Understand __________


Bro why don't you give your VU degree back, coz as per your discussion its devalued.

and one thing more we trust our University and its system and we trust our efforts too. people like you first take benefits and later disgrace institutions. I was also an overseas student in previous semesters and I know any type of cheating is not possible during exam.

You better clear you misconception with VU and stop disgracing University here.

I don't know why Admin allow such posts.

Alina Thanks for your consideration & a positive approach & believe. He is the Ex student of Uni, & now he is trying to tell the people about uni reputation .... I think he fight with any of overseas student  ________ :D 

yes! this could be a reason. but this is disgusting people should restrict their issues to individuals only. he could have reported about that student to university but questioning university repute as a whole is not a proper way. 

He surely needs treatment


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