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Passing Criteria for VU Students (Simple & Easy)

~Pehly ya dekh lain k mid kya hai or final kya hai ~


Midterm is assignment gdb and quizes plus your midterm papers and final is simple final papers mid ka paper 35 ya maximum 40 marks ka hta hai to isky 20% marks bny 10 or baki assignment GDB or quiz k 15 marks hty hain jismain farz krain apky 10 agy to 10 paper k or 10 assignment quiz wagara k huay 20 so midterm k 35 + 15 = 50 jismain apny 20 marks liye to ya percentage bni 45% percent which means u r passed in midterm ku k percentage 45% sy zada hai 


Final k paper  total marks  80 hty hain  or ismain apny 30% lany hain to wo bny 25 so ismain b 30% agyy so final ma b pass 


Ab vu ki grade points ki trf aty hain jo k ya hai




  90 – 100



  85 – 89


  3.66 - 3.99

  80 – 84


  3.33 - 3.65

  75 - 79


  3.00 - 3.32

  71 - 74


  2.66 - 2.99

  68 - 70


  2.00 - 2.65

  61 - 67


  1.00 - 1.99

  50 - 60


  0.00 - 0.99

  Below 49


Ab dakhain k apky mid ki percentage or final ki percentage ko plus krty hain to ya bny 45% + 30% = 75% to apky us subject ka grade point hoga 3.33 or B+


Midterm Fail Issue

Kuch students k mid ma 20% sy km aty hain to wo gbrain nhe bcz assignment gdb or quiz k marks jitny subject k mid ma marks ayain hain usmain add kr dain for example


CS101 subject ma 6 ay hain out of 40 jo k 20% sy km hain to ap assign gdb or quiz k marks ki calculation kr k like 15 ma sy 10 agy to 10 or 6 add kr dain .ab hmary pass mid k total marks hain 50(35 + 15) jismain 16(6 + 10) agy to percentage calculate krny ka trika ya ha 16/50x100 = 32% which are more than 20% So he/she is passed.


But final ma agr 30% sy km agy to phr apky pas koi choice nhe hoge then he/she will befailed.phr chy k mid ma 80% he ku na ho final ma sirf papers sy 30% mil skty hain0


Last Issue

Kuch students sochty hain k mid ma he unky 50% agy to unko final nhe dana pry ga to wo asa glt schty ha bcz final ma b 30% lany he prain gy otherwise he or she is fail ku  k wo 50% to sirf mid k hain bki final k 30% kn ly ny maximu 20% mid ki or maximum 30% final ki passing percentage range rkhi bki agr ap is range sy zada laty ho to wo apki he khushnseebi hoge k ap k grade points brhain gy.


I hope ab sb ki confusion dur hogyi hoge!



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Final term Marks Weightage = 60/80*45 =33.75% from 100% full course weightage 

@General...sir your post and your reply in one of the below query is contradicting....tell me that the mid term result i got includes assignment and quiz marks also?

No mid term result only includes mid term exam marks. My post and my reply is not contradicting in any case.............

Formula = (Obtained marks / Total marks * Total weightage according course grading scheme) 

+~General~+ what about mscs passing criteria in vu?

Grading scheme for MS degree is as follows

Mid term = 30%

Final term = 30%

Assignments + Academic term paper = 40%

Total = 100%

You have to score 50% as aggregate in each subject to pass as 

Midterm + Academic activities + Final term = 50%

This is absolute SHIT!!

Agar midterm k total marks 40 hian aur uska 20% 8 marks

Final 80 marks aur uska 30% 24 marks.

Total= 24+8= 32 ju k 120 (40+80) ka 27% ha

aur Vu kk mutabik subject mei 50% marks wala PASS!!

Ye ju opr scheme jis bnde ny post ki ha wu Farig Tareen insaan ha.. jis ka knowledge bilkul LUL ha!

Mr. Minhaj Syed!

Please tell me what will be exact result... i have prepared an excel sheet where all of my obtained marks are given and some prediction have already been made in this assignment. (file attached)

moreover, this files consists of two types of results. In this file " BLUE Writing" is also a result according to someone.

Can you tell me what will be my exact result...(Blue typed result or other ?)


Please somebody tell me what will be the result? All members are requested to help me to make 100% excel file according to VU rules. 

Minhaj Syed You have totally misunderstanding and you left the point of course weightage because of you not read all post & discussions well.......You're a University level student not a Secondary or Higher Secondary School level student.

Grading Scheme for Masters or Bachelor Degree of VU:

Midterm = 35% (weightage)

Final term = 45% (weightage)

Academic activities (Assignments + GDBs + Quiz) = 20% (weightage)

Total 100% (Overall weightage)

Formula = (Obtained marks / Total marks * Total weightage according course grading scheme) 

 = (8 / 40 * 35) = 7% midterm 

 = (24 / 80 * 45) = 13.5% final term

 = midterm + final term = 20.5% out of 80% Total Weightage

To pass a particular subject you have to get 

(Assignments + GDBs + Quizzes) + Mid Term = 20 % at least (collectively/aggregately) 


Means you will not pass if you get 20% only in midterm and zero in Assignments + GDBs + Quizzes


Final Term = 30 %   at least


And Overall Percentage should be at least 50 % to pass a course

If you blame or making false statement against someone then you must have enough or more knowledge about him. 

I hope u will understand well after my explanation........

me ek mid ka paper ni de ski thi... ab samjh ni a raha hy k me pass ho jaon gi ya ni


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