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Passing Criteria for VU Students (Simple & Easy)

~Pehly ya dekh lain k mid kya hai or final kya hai ~


Midterm is assignment gdb and quizes plus your midterm papers and final is simple final papers mid ka paper 35 ya maximum 40 marks ka hta hai to isky 20% marks bny 10 or baki assignment GDB or quiz k 15 marks hty hain jismain farz krain apky 10 agy to 10 paper k or 10 assignment quiz wagara k huay 20 so midterm k 35 + 15 = 50 jismain apny 20 marks liye to ya percentage bni 45% percent which means u r passed in midterm ku k percentage 45% sy zada hai 


Final k paper  total marks  80 hty hain  or ismain apny 30% lany hain to wo bny 25 so ismain b 30% agyy so final ma b pass 


Ab vu ki grade points ki trf aty hain jo k ya hai




  90 – 100



  85 – 89


  3.66 - 3.99

  80 – 84


  3.33 - 3.65

  75 - 79


  3.00 - 3.32

  71 - 74


  2.66 - 2.99

  68 - 70


  2.00 - 2.65

  61 - 67


  1.00 - 1.99

  50 - 60


  0.00 - 0.99

  Below 49


Ab dakhain k apky mid ki percentage or final ki percentage ko plus krty hain to ya bny 45% + 30% = 75% to apky us subject ka grade point hoga 3.33 or B+


Midterm Fail Issue

Kuch students k mid ma 20% sy km aty hain to wo gbrain nhe bcz assignment gdb or quiz k marks jitny subject k mid ma marks ayain hain usmain add kr dain for example


CS101 subject ma 6 ay hain out of 40 jo k 20% sy km hain to ap assign gdb or quiz k marks ki calculation kr k like 15 ma sy 10 agy to 10 or 6 add kr dain .ab hmary pass mid k total marks hain 50(35 + 15) jismain 16(6 + 10) agy to percentage calculate krny ka trika ya ha 16/50x100 = 32% which are more than 20% So he/she is passed.


But final ma agr 30% sy km agy to phr apky pas koi choice nhe hoge then he/she will befailed.phr chy k mid ma 80% he ku na ho final ma sirf papers sy 30% mil skty hain0


Last Issue

Kuch students sochty hain k mid ma he unky 50% agy to unko final nhe dana pry ga to wo asa glt schty ha bcz final ma b 30% lany he prain gy otherwise he or she is fail ku  k wo 50% to sirf mid k hain bki final k 30% kn ly ga.vu ny maximu 20% mid ki or maximum 30% final ki passing percentage range rkhi bki agr ap is range sy zada laty ho to wo apki he khushnseebi hoge k ap k grade points brhain gy.


I hope ab sb ki confusion dur hogyi hoge!



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agr aik student k final ma 30% naa ayn tu or mid term k over all 40% marks hain mid ma tu pass ha or suppose final ma 22% a jaty hain tu overall 62% hoy na us student ko pass hona chahiiye q k 50% sy above marks hain tu ye kesy cgpa calculate krty hain ?????

Assessment of Study Progress

The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout semester by giving assignments, on-line quizzes, Graded Discussion Boards (GDBs), mid-term and final-term exams. The mid-term and final-term exams are conducted at VU’s designated exam centers and usually count 80 to 85% of the total marks of a course.


Dear brother i have d grade in cs101 now i want to improve it because the next will be my last semester, the question is that if i fail to improve it and get F grade in my improving struggle then my previous grade will be considered or the new grade which i will got will be considered. Kindly guide. Kindly also tell that after doing MBA 96 cr hours what is will be my next study path can i got admisssion in phd or i have to do m phil.

CS101 is very easy subject. I got 4.00 GPA in CS101 easily. If u want to improve it's no problem u can improve CS101 with good marks according to these guidelines:-

  • Perform well in all academic activities (Assignments + Quizzes + GDBs) don't miss anyone from these.
  • Midterm + Finalterm well prepare from handout and old papers many questions comes from old papers approx. 50% plus.
  • Don't loose your momentum regarding studies. 

Improvement of ‘D’ Grade:

(i)     In any of the subsequent semesters a student may repeat once, those courses of the previous semester(s) in which he/she had secured the lowest grade i.e. “D” only. However, a student is not allowed to improve ‘D’ grade of a deficiency course qualified.

(ii)  Any improved grade will substitute “F” and “D” grades of the previous Semester for calculating CGPA but “F” and “D” grades will form part of the transcript. 

If you doing MBA 3.5 years then its equivalent to M.Phil declared by HEC. You can go next for Phd. 

Suppose I got 20% in mid, assg, GB, quiz etc that is 11 out of 55 and in final 33% that is 15 out of 45. So the total I got is 11+15=26 out of 100. This is 26%. AM I PASS or FAIL?

kindly share your all obtained marks (i.e. mid+quiz+assignments+GDB) then i will try to make your result ....


mid+quiz+assignments+GDB= 11 out of 55 i.e. 20%

Final 15 out of 45 i.e. 33%

MS Student agar kisi k mid term + academic activities mein 55 mein se 11 mark aye jo k 20% nhi baty aur final k b 33% nhi banty. See below for clarification of your point. 

Formula = (Obtained marks / Total marks * Total weightage according course grading scheme) 

 = (11 / 60 * 55) = 10.08% midterm + academic activities

 = (15 / 80 * 45) = 8.44% final term

 = midterm + academic activities + final term = 18.52% overall score (Fail)

To pass a particular subject you have to get 

(Assignments + GDBs + Quizzes) + Mid Term = 20 % at least (collectively/aggregately) 


Means you will not pass if you get 20% only in midterm and zero in Assignments + GDBs + Quizzes


Final Term = 30 %   at least


And Overall Percentage should be at least 50 % to pass a course

I hope u will understand well after my explanation........

You calculate marks in a wrong way. See attached file for correct your calculation regarding percentages of results.


idar likha hy final marks are more than 20 so pass

Just Calculate kerny ka sample hai ye......... 

Tips to pass your Exams in VU

1. Do not copy MCQs found from internet as it is. try to verify them from your text book and internet as well. because most of the MCQs are not correctly solved so these wrong answers can decrease your Final Result. If you solve any Material related to study then try to give reference for it( page number Lecture no etc).

2. Respect your parents respect your Teachers their prayers are source of your success.

3. Don't feel proud on your success and don't feel ashamed (disappointed) on your less grade. Pay thanks (be obedient) to Allah and have Faith on Him. Try to seek help from Him. Moreover Hardworking is Key to achieve your Goal of life.

4. Read handout properly and attentively also prepare from past papers (solved with reference)

5. Make your assignments, GDBs yourself it you copy from others then you will get Zero marks and it will effect your final grade. So be attentive and active in your activities. Do your work yourself. Do not rely on anyone because it may possiblr that the assignment or GDB idea you are coping is not correct so always use your own thoughts for your work.

6. Your concepts should be clear relevant to all subjects because VU exam questions are concept based so be present minded to solve your papers.

7. Always use solved with reference files for your exams preparation to avoid any disturbance and deduction of marks.

8. If you get low grade in mid term do not be disappointed. Start preparing for final term with double effort and try to overcome your loss. If you are able to get good marks in final term/assignments/quiz/GDB then it is possible that you will get good CGPA. So do not be disappointed with mid term low grade result, try to work hard for final term.

9. Never try to disgrace anyone and respect others because "A man who respects others is respected by all" and this is the key to success. Say your prayers five times a day and recite the Holy Quran daily to get success. Never forget Allah Almighty and He will never forget you and He will never ever let you down InshaAllah.

10. Remember that Allah Almight helps those who helps themselves so never rely on anyone never beg for anything before anyone. It is only Allah who can give you success and hard work and trust on Allah are key to success.



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