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Passing Criteria of VU How to Get Passed in VU For New Students

Passing Criteria of VU

According to old Marking Scheme

Mid term     +           Final Term                                Result

18%(Less than 20)      40%                                           Fail

40%                           18%(Less than 20)                       Fail

20%                           20%                                             Pass

And to be declared as passed as a whole in a particular subject you must have atleat 40% or CGPA equals to 1.00. grade below 40% will be included in F grade and you must have to reapear in that subject in which you have F grade. D grade subjects are not necessary to improve. You can carry on with D grade but if you want to improve D grade then you can improve it only once before the issuance of degree, otherwise you will not be able to improve D grade once you got your degree.

Assignments/Qiuzs/GDBS are like bonus for you. do your best in it to get Excellent Grades. these are only 20% of your Total Grade but improve your semester performance. So make them as excellent as you can. 

According to New Scheme

Now there is a little bit change in new VU grading Scheme you must achieve atleast 20% in mid term and 30% in final term atleast and your final term aggregate should be atleast 50%. Grade below 50% will be considered as F grade.

I have confirmed it from Examination department and they told me that

Dear Student

to be declared as Pass in any subject you must achieve at least 50% (Mid+Final) aggregate in your exams otherwise you must improve your course again (reapear in the same subject in which you have less than 50%)

It means that it is ok that you get 20% in mid term you are pass but to pass final term as well you should must have 30% in final term. (20%+30%=50%=Pass) or 25%+25% = 50% = Pass etc

If a student fails to get atleast 20% in mid term exams but gets good marks in final term and Assignments,quizes or GDBs then he/she will not be declared as Pass because mid term score is less then 20% he/she will get F grade.

Similarly if a student gets good marks in mid term /GDB/Quiz but fails to get good marks according to scheme then he/she will not Pass and will get F grade. because final term exam result aggregate must be equal to 50% otherwise no chance to pass.


Important: Note:

Never miss any assignment quiz or GDB. If you miss them then it will affect your CGPA (if these activities are graded). These activities also give you clear understanding about VU examination Scheme.


Tips to pass your Exams in VU

1. Do not copy MCQs found from internet as it is. try to verify them from your text book and internet as well. because most of the MCQs are not correctly solved so these wrong answers can decrease your Final Result. If you solve any Material related to study then try to give reference for it( page number Lecture no etc).

2. Respect your parents respect your Teachers their prayers are source of your success.

3. Don't feel proud on your success and dont feel ashamed (disappointed) on your less grade. Pay thanks (be obedient) to Allah and have Faith on Him. Try to seek help from Him. Moreover Hardwork is Key to achieve your Goal of life.

4. Read handout properly and attentively also prepare from past papers (solved with reference)

5. Make your assignments, GDBs yourself it you copy from others then you will get Zero marks and it will effect your final grade. So be attentive and active in your activities. Do your work yourself. Do not rely on anyone because it may possiblr that the assignment or GDB idea you are coping is not correct so always use your own thoughts for your work.

6. Your concepts should be clear relevant to all subjects because VU exam questions are concept based so be present minded to solve your papers.

7. Always use solved with reference files for your exams preparation to avoid any disturbance and deduction of marks.

8. If you get low grade in mid term do not be disappointed. Start preparing for final term with double effort and try to overcome your loss. If you are able to get good marks in final term/assignments/quiz/GDB then it is possible that you will get good CGPA. So do not be disappointed with mid term low grade result, try to work hard for final term.

9. Never try to disgrace anyone and respect others because "A man who respects others is respected by all" and this is the key to success. Say your prayers five times  a day and recite the Holy Quran daily to get success. Never forget Allah Almight and He will never forget you and He will never ever let you down InshaAllah.

10. Remember that Allah Almight helps those who helps themselves so never rely on anyone never beg for anything before anyone. It is only Allah who can give you success and hard work and trust on Allah are key to success


Take Care

If any questions then feel free to ask and post your query here.

For more check this link

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+(✿◠‿◠)§קάяƙℓє Ŧάɨяẙ(✿◠‿◠)+

Dear mjy 1 confusion hy. jsy k VU ny reply kea.

to be declared as Pass in any subject you must achieve at least 50% (Mid+Final) aggregate in your exams otherwise you must improve your course again (reapear in the same subject in which you have less than 50%)

Is ka meaning hy k 50 percent Mid or Final ko milla ker ayen to pass ho ga.
Mera khd ka b opinion yahe hy k Ager wo subject js mn students 20 percent nae ly sky phr VU waly usy Final q dyny dy rhy hn jab k wo Mid term mn he fail declear ho chuka/chuki hy.
Plz clear this.

Slam Dear Question mera yeh hai k ager koi student midterm men 20% get krleta hai and final men 30% aur assignment ,quizz and gdb men wo kam marks  get  krta hai then he will declare pass or not .only 20 % required or  midterm,quiz,gdb =20% required.

Dear 20% k rule ka check VU mid term exam me nahi lagaya jata but final term me criteria check kia jata hai. So paper dene ka fayeda to nahi. Still i suggest k paper dena chahiye. Anhoni b ho jati hai

Reply of VU.

As per 20% rule for passing a subject;

'A student is required to obtain at least 20% marks in first half i.e. Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions and Midterm collectively and at least 20% in second half i.e. Final Term exam. 
So if u expect to get few marks in Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions such that including midterm 18% marks , you collectively get 20% marks at least, then you may appear in final exam.
For more details about 20% rule, visit below link

thnx but yeh mene MDB se ap logun k liaye paste kiya jin bro and sis k marks 20% se kam hain un k hosly afzai k liaye.

 best of luck

thanks for sharing

informative sharing

sirplz inform mid term k total marks per subject kitny thy than kitny wala pass ho ga plzzz mujy study scheme ki smajh nai aa rahi...need ur kind support...


   Mid mn 20 percent per subject wala pass consider kea jaye ga. Lykin abi jo result aya hy us mn Assignments, gdbs, r quiz k marks nae add. To ye final exams k bad add hon gy phr sb milla ker jis k 20 percent huye wo pass ho ga.

means i passed my examz with 40% mid term to ma pass hun na mid term main? mery almost sb k 35+ hain?

plz tell me k agr mid me 50% ay he total subjects k to kia final me b 50% any chai...?  ya k each subject me koi percentage leni parti he passing k lia....


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