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Q # 1


Measuring wavelengths with a CD, A LASER beam of wavelength λ = 632.8nm shines at normal incidence on the reflective side of a compact disc. The track of tiny pits in which information is coded onto the CD are 1.60μm apart. For what angles of reflection (measured fro m normal) will the intensity of light be maximum?                     Marks = 7


Q # 2


The plate on the back of a certain computer scanner says that the unit draws 0.34A of current from a 120V, 60Hz line. Find (a) the root mean square current (b) the current amplitude (c) the average current (d) the average square current. 


Q # 3


Give several examples of electromagnetic waves that are encountered in everyday life. How are they all alike? How do they differ?                                                       Marks = 5


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question 2 answer :

given  that

  current  drqwn by a computer scanner  I = 0.340A

  voltage  = V = 120v

 frequency  f = 60Hz


  power  in the scanner  P = VI

                                      = 40.8W

 resistance  in the   scanner  R = V/I = 352.9Ω

 a) root mean  square  current  Irms = √P/R

                                                      = 0.34A

 b) max  current  I max = Irms * √2 = 0.480A

 c) average current  Iavg = 0.6366 * Imax  = 0.3055A

 d) average  square  current  = ( Irms)2  = 0.1156A

Question 3 answer(From yahoo Answer)

--Gamma rays are emitted by thallium nuclei during stress tests for heart disease.
--X-rays are used to image body interior parts either in "photos" or CT scans.
--Ultraviolet light from the sun or tanning lamps has cosmetic effects.
--Visible light illuminates dark nights or rooms. It also exposes films for photography.
--Infrared light is used by some stoves for cooking. Infrared lamps keep hot food warm.
--Microwave radiation also cooks food or boils water.
--Radar waves are used by airplane pilots, ground observers, and ship and boat crews to image solid objects in fog or darkness.
--Radiofrequency radiation interacts with strong magnetic fields to view interior body parts by magnetic resonance imaging. Lower energy radio waves propogate radio and TV signals

where is the answer of question no. 1


wo tu urrr gya ..  wo mujay nae ayta  hira ko bolo us ko buht achi ayti hai physics ..



             please some one share question no 1 of  5th assignment .......

             If any one know about this plz share.

theta = 27 degree



    pls share 1st que solution here



    pls share 1st que solution here

hira please help me in question no. 1
All the questions which are solved here totally wrong.


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