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Total 41 question thy.

26 mcqs thy.

2 marks wale 6 questions 

3 marks wale 5 questions 

5 marks wale 4 questions

  1. Draw the output waveform shape for this circuit, assuming as an ideal diode.
  2. State kirchhoff’s current law (KCL)
  3. If we want to find Vout by superposition, what type of replacement we will do with voltage and current source? Just draw the diagrams.
  4. State the superposition theorem.
  5. Forward biased or reversed biased.
  6. Differentiate between half wave and full wave rectifier.
  7. Conduction band and valence band.

current paper

current paper


What is the resistance level of photodiode in total darkness? (2 Marks)
Write constraint equation for given circuit? (2 Marks)
What is band gap energy? (2 Marks)
Determine the currant in secondary (about transformer)? (3 Marks)
Write KVL equation for outer loop? (3 Marks)
For the circuit shown in the figure using ideal diode, find the value of the voltage and count? (3 Marks)
Determine the DC load currant for the rectifier shown in fig.? (5 Marks)
Find V10 by division Rule? (5 Marks)
How we will convert 10v voltage source into currant in flowing circuit, what will be the value of currant source? (5 Marks)

Objective past main say tha kya ?

hellooo anyone telll me about current papers?

please share current papers .....



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