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Do you agree that Temperature has significant effect on most of the Diode characteristic? Elaborate your answer by describing the effect of temperature on diode when diode is in Forward biased mode and when in Reversed biased mode.

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Replies to This Discussion

according to me when this is reverse biase then this will not effect on diode becoze in reverse biased the diode is like an open circuit and current is prohibited.

in 4rwrd biase tempture will effect on diode becose in 4rwrd the depletion region will become very thinner and the region become nearly equal to unresistive.

ayda tu obama, nai tay na sai

khisak khisak 

acha agar tu ne GDB bana li hai tu send to karde mujhay 

tu jigar hai apna 

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I can't say something bcoz it is not confirm to me. Well your answer makes sense. It is good. or kahin sy help na mili tu yahi submit krwa datay hain.
@nabeel ahmed dude temperature effects both forward and reverse bias diode ,ur answers are funny
i have submitted

I have also submitted..

@Ghufran Asif.. I think you are not understanding the answer post by nabeel. He said that temperature effects diode. he had not said that temperature effect reverse and forward biased. Well temperature will also effects the reverse biased if it does not show huge resistance. Now,  it is the open circuit so effect of temp has vanished.

ALLAH d sapurd. ab
Do you agree that Temperature has significant effect on most of the Diode characteristic? Elaborate your answer by describing the effect of temperature on diode when diode is in Forward biased mode and when in Reversed biased mode.
yes i agree Temperature has significant effect on diode
Temperature does have a very significant effect on most of diodes characteristic. Behavior of diode changes very rapidly as the temperature changes. Maximum Average forward current, Peak recurrent forward current, Maximum surge current, Peak Reverse Voltage and other properties of diode are directly linked to temperature.
In the reverse bias region for a normal P-N rectifier diode, the current through the device is very low (in the µA range). However, sufficiently high temperatures, a substantial amount of reverse current can be observed. Same way, forward voltage drop can change dramatically as temperature changes.

Temperature does have a significant effect on diodes.

1) In forward biased diodes temperature effects are less sensitive but they have some dependence on change in temperature. If voltage is held constant then the diode current decreases as temperature increases. Also it has been observed that barrier voltage decreases by 2mV for every 1 degree increase in temperature.

2) In reverse biased diode increasing temperature results an increase in reverse current through the diode. For every 25 degree increase in diode temperature there is a corresponding increase in reverse current of an order of magnitude. This increase in reverse current often results in diode failure.


Thats my answer.....hope its correct!!!

Iski last date 29 june thi... Or ap log aj answer dy rahay ho?? Ap tb kahan thy jb hamain apki zarort thi.. Or Rabia your answer is right.. gdb guzr janay sy pehlay yaha post kr dati tu hm gareebo ka b kuch bhal ho jata..

Or Tariq bhai ny 29 june ko tu gdb k mutaliq koi lift ni krwai aj baray comments pas kr rahay hain.. its not right way of discussion. It is my first discussion in this website. and i am very disappointed. No one take part to help at right time.  Thanx....


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