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In the name of God, the most beneficial & merciful.

Unlike an idealistic like Plato, Aristotle is considered ‘realist’ by some analysts. Aristotle said: “Man is by nature a political animal.” I always have hated discussing politics of Pakistan, but Plato suggests us to always be connected to politics otherwise we may become extinct creatures. There’s the thumb rule of survival of the fittest in this animal kingdom construed as the human world.

This article is in continuation of my following article:


The crux of my last undesirable article is reproduced here:

  1. If the rule is democracy then we should follow the rule otherwise should change the rule so we may be compliant to new form of governance (e.g. dictatorship, theocracy, autocracy etc). We all should comply and defend the new rule.
  2. If the existing rule can’t be changed, then it’s better to stop tinkering with the system, if it’s bad system then take corrective actions by spreading awareness in the people. Propaganda & force will generate conspiracy theories and destabilize the system which will destroy both the subject and object. Intruding into the system to force or engineering changes will be brutal for the existence of this country.
  3. I suggested that politicians need to review Article 62 & 63 through amendments in parliament since cases of political nature cannot be dragged into courts, which makes courts as party or 'allegedly' part of a nexus and hence make courts as controversial institution. If people lost trust on such institutions then its too dangerous for the future of our country.

There is no proven/successful alternative system of governance so far in the world since last 100 years other than the democracy. 


I have always been hater of the conspiracy theories. Its a reality that conspiracies do exist but its warhead payload is mostly lower than presumed. It’s true that a hidden “powerful” hand in Pakistan always retain power to tinker with the system, can maneuver it according to its own philosophy. I don’t have any right to call any of the stakeholders of powers as enemies of Pakistan; they surely love this country in their own way. However, the point of core conflict is created on the matter that who has legitimate authority, priority or right to decide about the future of this country. If constitution grants an institution (i.e. Parliament), a person (i.e. PM) or stakeholders (i.e. Legislators) legitimate power to take decision on behalf of the country then they hold legitimate powers otherwise anyone else with illegitimate power and its use will be  the one who is tinkering with the system which will produce dangerous results which will compromise 'national security.' 

The only problem with Pakistan’s politics is: “We don’t know who is running the show here!”

History is a brutal elephant in the room that we are used to ignore. When people or countries don’t take corrective actions against the follies of the past, it will always drive them towards disastrous consequences. We are used to stuck on lesson “History repeats itself”, but we are adamant not to learn the more refined version of history. I believe “History keeps repeating itself, unless we don’t learn our lesson, lest the time come when we may be replaced by some significant others.” I mean, if we did not learn from our mistakes, we ourselves will be history one day.  That's what Quran guides us about. 


Pakistan’s politics is a bad business since 70 years, it consists of two powerful forces that are wary of each other. Undesirably these may be differentiated as democratic and undemocratic forces. It was Ayub Khan VS Fatima Jinnah in the 1960s, it was Zia-ul-Haq VS Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the 1970s, it was Zia-ul-Haq VS PPP in the 1980s, it was PML VS PPP in the 1990s, and now it’s the arena of Musharraf VS Nawaz since the 2000s. The game of ouster is on, to show who is running the show. I am not sure who will finally be able to keep his opponent out of power (may also kick his opponent out of the country) but I am sure Pakistan will worst suffer the consequences of this tug of war between persons & institutions.

We common people are more responsible for not learning from history. History, even if it is fabricated, but by the grace of Almighty, it always has capacity to bring truth to the limelight. When Zia hanged Bhutto, at that time, it was hard for people to know actual truth behind the scene. However, now it’s clearly called “Judicial Murder”, history clearly tells us today, how courts of the past compromised in favour of undemocratic forces on the basis of ‘doctrine of necessity’. The conspiracy theory of Political engineering & re-engineering can easily be measured from the recent events at Dharna 3.0 and spat between MQM-P & PSP in Karachi. I say don’t worry, just remember present, keep an eye on past, you will know who played a nexus between establishment, judiciary or elected moles called politicians, all will be exposed with the time. But only those will survive and know the real truth whose quest to know the reality is sincere.  

I have been a staunch supporter of Musharraf but education ruined my mind that how Musharraf could have this right to say that “There is no role for Benazir and Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan’s politics." In democracy, only people can decide on who should be their leader and should hold legitimate powers.

As I said earlier, I am no hard & fast believer of conspiracy theory. Despite all the valid reasons to howl the mantra of foul play by undemocratic forces, there are weaknesses within the democratic people who create a vacuum, an opportunity, time and again for other forces to intervene/intrude. Some politicians cant ever shun the practice of appeasing non-democratic forces. 

There always were so called democratic people (better to call them Moles or ghaddars) directly or indirectly involved in the killing of Liaqat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz, Zardari’s & Co. What? Do you think Nawaz Zardari & Co are breathing? Nope, they are already politically assassinated. You may call it judicially assassinated if you intend to, whatever the case, there are lesser chances of their survival before March 2018 (due to senate elections) since the recent political re-engineering demands a slight blow to blow away the house of cards built by sharif & co. Do you know what finally becomes of these political moles (Ghaddars)? They are exposed in future and become irrelevant at last. They lose their respect and remembered as moles in history.  


When politicians call the shot on establishment, they should be realistic enough to never forget, it was PNA against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto which provided basis to uproot democracy from this country. How do these politicians forget formation of IJI against Benazir Bhutto and being used against the democracy, how easily Mr. Nawaz forget the way he kept pulling the legs of democratic system whenever he was in opposition. Who is responsible for presence of article 62 & 63 in the constitution, if this article was hacked into constitution by a dictator then how come so called democratic parliament did not repeal it? Imran is a new lad, in his desperation to form next government; he already has shared his two bits to weaken the office he is desperate for.  Surely his time will also come when he will know how he was being used as pawn in this game of throne. Don’t you see Jahangir Tareen recently tweeted almost the same message “Mujhe kyun nikala”? I am happy for all those wanna be rotting-politicians who will follow the suit in future. If politicians won't learn, it will insha Allah be trademark sentence of every future Prime Minister of Pakistan.

As for the role of religious groups is concerned, firstly most of them are ideologically against democracy, then historically, there has never been as best pawn available as the religious groups to make and break the governments. They happily hold the sword of Damocles to behead democracy every time they get the signal. Who is making deals to uproot democracy these days? Chaudhary Nisar? Rana Sanullah? Shahbaz Saharif? Imran Khan? Khadim Rizvi? Tahirul Qadiri? All of them? Any guess? Any idea why cases against Shahbaz (Hudaibya Papers) could not be re-opened? How Imran survived despite having technical similarities to Nawaz's? Any idea why Law Minister Zahid Hamid was ousted by TLYR. Some analysts believe that Zahid Hamid was dislodged due to his hard lobbying to bring Generals & Judges under the ambit of a strong accountability law. Is it true? Do you know what is the percentage of vote bank held by these religious groups in Pakistan’s politics? darn! Its not more than 10-15%. Are you astonished I didn’t mention Nawaz’s name in the above list? May be you are forgetting that “beggars are not choosers.”

Democracy was and is always in threat in this country, it’s never going to be strengthened, unless the elected people are not used as pawn in the hands of non-democratic forces. It's better to blame so called democratic people before blaming the establishment. Get rid of Farooq Leghari’s & Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s of your so called democratic ranks, only then you will earn the valid right to criticize the establishment otherwise just shut-up playing this victim or martyrdom card. 

It’s too ideal to expect truth from Pakistan’s leaders, their modicum of truth floats only when they get the golden chance to say “Mujhe kyun nikala?”. However, it’s brutally important for people to speak truth to each other, if we do so we may survive & get better leaders in future. 

Politicians should always Remember:

  • History repeats itself (Proverb). 
  • Those who dont remember the past are condemned to repeat it. 
  • Silence ensures that history repeats itself….(Erin Gruwell)

Yet again when people or politicians are adamant not to learn from history, Mark Twain said for such people "History doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes."

I agree, but may be it rhymes like a mysterious voice in a horror movie based on true events. Politicians must be ready to live in the fear of coup on their future, if they don’t learn from history. 

May God bless this country from brutal clutches of dishonest politicians.....Ameen. 

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nice sharing of history

Bcz George R.R. Martin was know ,no wan can ply competitively well in the series of game of throne but IMRAN KHAN hahahahahahahah he is not being use as pawn he is playing vital role in democratic arena.. 

Mujy Q Nekala,,,will insha Allah be trademark sentence of every future Prime Minister of Pakistan,, I like your statement. hahahahahahah

Amending the sacred document of constitution for the sake of Protecting a politician should not be allowed. can we impose/apply this statement over Nawaz Shareef?


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