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PSY502 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 and Past Solved Papers

Dear Students, Please share your Current Finalterm Paper (Current Paper) Fall 2020 as well Past papers and MCQs. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020.


Let's help each other in Current Papers and make VU ning forum into a better community for VU students.


Just copy text of each MCQ/Question of current papers and paste here or save in a MS Word file and upload in replies.


VU ning team will post here Current Papers, to help VU Students.

Let's discuss here Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck 


Share anything you remember!

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PSY502 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

PSY502 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 | 01-03-2021
1# Freud defense mechanism .
2# Carl Jung interpretation of dreams
3#self esteem .
4#Kurt Kohler
5# culture and sub culture
PSY502 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

PSY502 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 | 

1) idea of isomorphism was given by
-wolf gang kohler
2) A leader  who believes in considering the thoughts and opinions of others
- Democratic leader√
-Authoritarian leader
3) Who said the environment has an impact on human
4) in the bottom of Maslow hierarchy
- physical need√
- safety
5) we cant sale meet of pork in Pakistan
This is a factor???
-cultural √√
6) if we face embarrassing event in the office. we use which defense mechanism
- repression√√
- sublimation
7) if we listen about the food our mouth salivates
Symbolic stimulus √
8) fellow of Bernheim
-jean Charcot
9) Ego is based
-reality principle√√
10) if we have full control on super ego then our life will be
a) full enjoyment
b) tight life
c) Bala Bala
11) defense mechanism maladaptive ( es trh tha koi question)
- if excessive use of defense mechanism
- if Mmmmm pata ni
12) positive psychology
13) collective unconscious is
- archetypes√√
14) Finds meaning outside the self, in the surrounding world
- extrovert √√
- introvert
15) Which is not in Jungian Therapy
- collaboration
- focus
- structure √√√
16) manual labors was declared superior as compared to mental labor in
- psychology of work and labor√√
- educational psychology
17)if the loss of a person is got fulfilled but, yet he can't sleep at night it is?
- character psychoses√
18) Drugs used to relax the patient
- Anti deorecent drugs√√
-anti psychoses drugs
19) Metanoia means
Change in mind√√
20) label  that a person  is mad  is called
- scapegoating
21) organization comprising different characters and traits which differ to an extent
- diversity√√
22) system of glands in the body is included in
- endocrine system √√
23) aik es trh tha shayad
If a sportsman  remain calm and don't talk  more its
- personality factor √√
- anxiety mood factor
24) As we grow older and become senior citizens, we tend to slow down our productivity and explore life as a retired person
- integrity vs despair √√
25) client Centered therapy used by
- carl roger√√
26) if a person has problems in listening then he increases his auditory skill its
-compensation √√
- bala bala
Short Questions
1)What is common in vogystay and sergie RubensteinTheory.

2)Systematic desensitization
3) How the defense mechanism works.
4) in Adler theory how compensation is done by aggression and Social ...... ( Something )
5) What is the colonizer thinking

Long Questions
1)How it is easy to interpret a series of dreams
2) Wolfgang Kohler theory of insight
3) from which school of thought Heinz belongs and whats was his contributions
4) Psychodynamic methodology
5) Difference between culture and dub - culture

30mcqs 8long questions

90mins duration

Questions were related to kohlers contributions 

Positive psychology 

Ancient man 

Karen horney topic included in mcqs and long questions as well.


Koffka geographical field and experience field.


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