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Sacrificing Ishmael (Zabiullah)

Sacrificing Ishmael (Zabiullah)

Abraham loved Ishmael very much and knew him as a gift from God. God wanted to test
Abraham’s love for Himself and so ordered Abraham to give Ishmael back to Him as an offering.
The angel Gabriel came down to Prophet Abraham and ordered him to take water and go
to the Arafat and Mina Mountains. Prophet Abraham spent the night there looking at the sky full of stars. He looked at the stars which looked like lamps. He knew that God created them, so he prostrated to God, the Creator. All good attributes belong to God. God gives life to (creatures) and makes (them) die. Prophet Abraham closed his eyes and slept. He dreamt that he is slaughtering his thirteen (13) years old son Ishmael by his own hands. When he woke up, he saw that his son was sleeping. So he slept again. Since then the eighth (8) day of Dhul Hijjah has been called the Day of Quenching (Yawm-e- Tarwiyah / The Day of the First Dream). Prophet Abraham often received God’s commands in his dreams, but because he was being asked to actually kill his son, he wondered whether it was real. On the next day he saw the same shocking dream and was now quite sure that his dream was a divine inspiration from God and was far from the devilish temptations of Satan. Knowing this truth, and with a heart full of faith, he
tried to prepare himself to obey God’s command accordingly. Prophet Abraham loved his son Ishmael very much. However, he loved God even more. Thus, the ninth (9) day of Dhul Hijjah is known as The Day of Sure Knowledge (Yawm-e-Arafa). However, was Ishmael ready to sacrifice himself for God? This made Prophet Abraham sad. When Ishmael saw his father sad, he asked him: “Father, why are you sad?” Abraham turned to his obedient, pious, and good son, and said: “I’m sad because I saw a dream, in which I had sacrificed you. Do you know the meaning of it?”
Ishmael understood that God, the Glorified, ordered his Apostle Abraham to sacrifice his son. Ishmael loved his father very much. He knew that his father behaved according to God’s orders. So he asked “Do you want to slay me father?” Abraham had no time to think, for God had ordered him to sacrifice his son Ishmael. So, he said “yes.” Ishmael who was the son of a faithful and honorable man and himself a pious subject of God said: “Father! Carry out your mission just as you were commanded and in God’s will you shall find me to be among the most patient subjects.” Prophet Abraham rejoiced at Ishmael’s words. Ishmael was loyal and obedient to his father, He believed in God and His Apostle. Prophet Abraham asked his wife Hagar to prepare her son for a journey. Before departing, Abraham asked Hagar to let him have a knife and a rope, which might be of use in case had to offer some sacrifice. Hagar thought that
Abraham and Ishmael are going to collect wood.When Prophet Abraham took his son outside to carry out the sacrifice, Satan the ‘cursed one’ met him in the form of wise man and said to him, “Oh, good Abraham, you are so old and this boy can help you
in your old age. How can you lose him so easily?” Abraham took seven (7) small stones and threw it at Satan. After going further again, Satan came again in a different form and talked to Ishmael. He said, “O’ young boy, why do you obey this old man and allow him slay you? Run away and go back to your sad mother!” Ishmael and Abraham again threw stones at him and he ran away. He came back again and tried for a third time but failed to make them change their minds and disobey God, the Almighty. And thereafter Ramy Jamrah became a religious tradition and each year pilgrims throw seven (7) pebbles at each Jamrah in memory of father and son.
In the desert of Mina Abraham laid his son’s head down on the ground and prepared to perform his heavenly mission. Ishmael looked at his father. He saw that his eyes were full of tears. He also wept for his father, who was an old man. He wanted to end the matter quickly. So he said to his father: “Dear father now that I am destined to die tie the rope so tight that while my soul is parting from my body. I won't struggle much lest I would enjoy less reward for obeying this divine command. I shall also ask you not to stand too close to me for my blood may splash up on you and your clothes and mother noticing the blood stains won't be able to keep her patience. Also blind fold your eyes to avoid seeing me dying. Meanwhile, sharpen your knife as much as possible so that I have the least pain while my head is being cut off because death is far too hard to stand.” Prophet Abraham wept and said: “My little son, you’re the best helper against God’s order.” He tied Ishmael’s hands & legs strongly. Ishmael completely submitted to God’s order and closed his eyes. Prophet Abraham then took out the knife put it on the neck of Ishmael and passed it several times with his great heartily sorrow. Thus Prophet Abraham acted on the Command of His Lord. When Prophet Abraham removed the fold from his eye, he noticed his son standing safe and a ram lay slain. Prophet Abraham was rather disappointed thinking that his Lord did not accept his sacrifice. At that juncture God sent him the divine revelation which said: “We called out to him O Abraham! Thou hast already fulfilled the vision! thus indeed do We reward those who do right. For this was obviously a trial. And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice: And We left (this blessing) for him among generations (to come) in later times.” (37: 104-108) The Almighty God having examined Abraham’s devotion sent a ram to be sacrificed instead of Ishmael. The great sacrifice is actually Imam Hussain’s (who belonged to the pedigree of Prophet Abraham through Prophet Mohammad) martyrdom in the battle of Karbala and for the sake of Islam’s survival. After his son had been saved, Prophet Abraham left for Palestine to return to Sarah. And thereafter sacrificing an animal became a religious tradition in Mina and each year pilgrims sacrifice an animal in that desert in memory of Ishmael’s sacrificing day. Muslims go to Makkah every year to perform the Hajj pilgrimage (Eid-ul- Adha). They remember the story of Abraham, Ishmael and Hagar, who were loyal and obedient to God. They do it according to Abraham’s religion. Abraham’s religion is the religion of Islam.The Holy Quran says: Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian; but he was true in Faith, and bowed
his will to God’s (Which is Islam), and he joined not God’s with God. Without doubt, among men, the nearest of kin to Abraham, are those who follow him, as are also this Prophet and those who believe: And God is the Protector of those who have faith. (3:67-68) Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in God. This is one of the favors of our Prophet Abraham. Prophet Abraham is called the father of the Prophets because; Prophet Moses (Moosa) is from the progeny of Prophet Isaac, son of Abraham. Prophet Jesus (Issa), son of Virgin Mary is also
from the progeny of Prophet Isaac. Our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is from the progeny of
Prophet Ishmael, son of Abraham. The Imams, from the members of the House (Ahlul Bayt),
also belonged to the progeny of Ishmael (pbut). For this reason we say: “O God, bless Mohammed and the family of Mohammed as YOU blessed Abraham and the family of Abraham. YOU are the Most-Praised, The Most-Glorious. O God, bestow YOUR grace on Mohammed and the family of Mohammed as YOU bestowed it on Abraham and the
family of Abraham. YOU are the Most-Praised, The Most-Glorious.”“I am the Son of the two Slaughtered Ones.” Do you know who said this phrase? It was Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). Why did he say it? He said it because he belonged to Ishmael’s progeny. Abdul Mutalib, the grandfather of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), belonged to Ishmael’s children. Abdul Mutalib asked God, the Glorified, to give him ten sons. He vowed that if God gave him ten (10) sons he would sacrifice one of them for Him. God, the Glorified, gave Abdul Mutalib ten sons, so Abdul Mutallb said: “God has given me ten sons, so I must fulfill my vow.” He drew lots between sons, and the lot fell upon Abdullah, the father of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). He wanted to sacrifice him. The people of Makkah loved Abdullah very much, thus they said to Abdul Mutalib: “Don’t slay your son. Draw lots between him and camels. Give your Lord till He is satisfied.”
Abdul Mutalib drew lots between his son Abdullah and ten (10) camels. However, the lot came to Abdullah. When Abdul Mutalib increased the number of the camels to one hundred (100), then the lot fell upon them. God was satisfied with this number. Abdul Mutalib ordered his people to slaughter the camels and divide their meat among the poor and the hungry. Abdullah was about to be sacrificed, but Almighty God was satisfied with the camels. So Abdullah was like Ishmael in this situation. For this reason Prophet Mohammed said: “I am the son of the two slaughtered ones.” That is because he was the son of Abdullah son of Abdul Mutalib who was among the children of the Slaughtered One, namely Ishmael. “I testify that there is no god but Almighty God, Almighty God is One (and eternal) and has no partner, I also testify that Muhammad (pbuh) is a slave and the messenger of Almighty God.”

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