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Introduction to Psychology (PSY101)
Assignment No. 01

Due Date: 09. 05. 2013 Marks: 20
Dear Students,
Given below are five different advertisements/images. Each advertisement/ image somehow
relates to or represents a different level of the need according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
· Firstly learn carefully Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
· Then identify the levels being depicted in each of the advertisement.
· Finally you are required to justify your identification with strong logics and reasons that why
do you think that particular advertisement/image represents a certain level of need according to
Maslow’s theory.

***Important Instructions:
· Do not include unnecessary details in justification. Keep your statements to the point and focus
only on the given images/advertisements.
· Only use the table given below for attempting this assignment.
· Accuracy of the identification of the need level depends on that how well this selection is
· You can relate given advertisement/image either on the basis of pictures or the written message
· A single level of need should be denoted for one advertisement/image only.
***Marking scheme: 1 mark for the identification of each level of need and 3 marks for the
justification of that selection.
Advertisement/Image No. 1

Advertisement/Image No. 2

Advertisement/Image No. 3

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Replies to This Discussion

1st safety hi hay ap kindly meslow's ki needs ki detail prho or answer khud hi mil jay ga

in my opinion ,

1st diagram is = SAFETY.

2nd diagram is=  love and belongingness.

3rd diagram is = esteem needs.

4th diagram= physiological needs.

5th diagram= self actualization 

lvlv hain toh sahi per q hain kia waja hai ye kesy lihkna means 3rd box ko fill out kesy krna 
or new assignment per pics upload krni hain kia ? jo hum khud lihky gye?

okay may idher apny lehaz sy sab ko explain krti hu..

look at pic No:1

ab es may main chz to apni or apni family ki saftey ki hy... so esi liy SAFETY NEEDS

( These include needs for safety and security. Security needs are important for survival, but they are not as demanding as the physiological needs. Examples of security needs include a desire for steady employment, health care, safe neighborhoods, and shelter from the environment.)

look at the 2nd image;

ab es may love and belongingness kiu hy.. bcoz .... 

its a father's day celebration or father sy to sab ko piyar hota hy na...

now look at image No: 3

ye esteem needs kiu hy .... bcoz its a honor for our country. and honor is equal to esteem needs. 

Its much easy don't see the picture of no.4 qk picture dekhne se lagta hai k koi bhooka bichara leta howa hai so we think k physiological :-(  but if we read what mother teresa said so we can definitely go with self actualization.

in image No 4: its a physiological needs .

bcoz its related to out thoughts.

in image No 5 

i m confusing here k image 5 ka physiological bhi bnta hy.. 

i think 4 ka self actualization ho ga es ka or 5th image ka physiological needs ho ga ..

what do u all say about it ???

kindly reply soon

1) Physiological: hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, etc.;

2) Safety/security: out of danger;

3) Belongingness and Love: affiliate with others, be accepted; and

4) Esteem: to achieve, be competent, gain approval and recognition.

5) Self-actualization: to find self-fulfillment and realize one's potential

look at here

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

                                                           Plz koi mje assignment ki reqiremant shmja dy k karna kia h...

whats is this Muhammad Zohaib Ullah  ???????  

ap opr de gai sari instructions prho or ab tak ki sari opinion prho smjh a jay gee. 

or aik baat or kindly solution na mnga kary... idher a kr discuss kary solution khud ba khud mil jay ga .... 

i hope u got the points...

i think uper jo di gai hain wo thk needs hain but mujh ko ye ni pta chla k hum image ko kesy dkh k ye btaen...


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