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Software Development is an art...

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Wota lovely and tricky question it is, twisted my mind a bit ....

Firstly we should know the difference between arts and science:

Arts is subjective in nature (music, poetry, sculpture, acting, painting etc)

Science is objective (Robots, Maths, Economy, theory etc)

Art is more definite, pure, empirical and emotional in nature than science. Art is more like esthetics and results and science is closer to processes, the processes which may even have to be refuted in future. (E.g. the law of force of gravity may be challenged in future but the painting of Mona Lisa shall be acknowledged for all coming years, unless destroyed by someone).

Now if we come back to the point, software development is a science (process) as well as an art (result). If we discuss it as an art, then what should be the factors of a product (e.g. Software Development) that could be called an art work?

  • Who is a good poet? he who has ability to convey his feelings in precise and best selection of words....A good sotware developer is the one who has the art of writing the code with minimum complexity and with clarity. Hence get his target as a result.
  • How is the look of a software? Does it have esthetics that a user like to see in a painting? Is this user friendly software, yes if you care about these factors, you are using it as an art.
  • Will a software developer be able to provide world with some tangible, empirical like application (result). If yes, then its an art.
  • Does the software development process has coding ability which can make additional use of multimedia? If yes then it has relation with the art...

If software development has to take care of any of the subjective matters of the world, it is definitely art work being done within the science of Software Development. 

Enjoy the mufta.....

i really appreciate your explanation but there is a little problem,

Art and Science is a different thing,
Art and Software Development is something else which can be compared as
Art and Craft.

this is the real thing cause Art & Science make a totally different sense.

But at the end i again appreciate you cause you have shared very good thing and cleared logic. it also make sense but someway esle.

Burried very nice ans. thumps up.

well programming is innovation. a programmer can create a new world in code.

I don't think so it is an art. baqi sari explanation burried ne de di he.

you have replied very well, i like it and i have to give you some best answer of it,,,

In 2014 "Andrea Janes" and "‎Giancarlo Succi" said that someone think that development is art, others think it craft (not science). cause when we will compare s/w development with science it create no sense at all.
read attached page also.


Thanx DD and Kashif for appreciation

Bro i think arts and science are correlated industries. If we talk with respect to software development, logically its science, however, it also clearly holds a hybrid or middle position between arts and science. The more realistic definition is that ...."the Software development is a science which has capacity to go hand in hand with arts and crafts. "

By the way, even arts and crafts are not the same entities. Arts hold higher degree than crafts. Craft is mostly an object, art has ability to be more than an object, its mostly an enhancement of object with an emotional touch. For instance, you give a lovely hand made vase to someone and then make some abstract painting on it. Here vase is crafts and and the esthetics added by you make it an art. 

I really enjoyed discussing this unique topic.

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dakhye jo bhi koi chize paida ki jati hai ya software develop kia jata hai wo apni jagah an art he hota ki boundaries nahi hai....kisi bhi art ko aap bound nahi kar sakte...har different chize jo dikhne me khobsurat ya kisi kaam ki dikhe art hain...chaha wo software he kion na ho

Yes software development is an art and science too because as you might have learned in SDLC programming and logic are one thing but also designing, as of going into the complex and complex design the building blocks are hard to manage, very simple example is developing an API, we just don't make methods to make work done , but we do make it integrate with 3rd parties products, and what if we just break the laws of arts and design? these products will not properly communicate properly.

and what creativity you put it in, is art and science together.

example is that it's not just 2+2 =4 always square of 2 is also 4 ..... polymorphism! ring a bell?


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