Assignment No. 03
Semester: Spring 2012
Introduction to Computing-CS101
Student Name : - Zohaib Siddiq
Student ID : - bc120201817 For any query please contact : - 03087476605 Question No.01 Sum of Marks of all subjects: =SUM(B6:B15)
Average of all Marks: =AVERAGE(B6:B15) Highest Marks Attained: =MAX(B6:B15) Total number of subjects having Grade A: =COUNTIF(C6:C15,"a") Sum of Marks of those subjects having Grade B:=SUMIF(C6:C15,"b",B6:B15) 

Question No.02: - 

For loop: -

<title> For loop </title>
for(i=1;i<=99;i=i+2) {