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SET @D1= '2019-1-1'

SET @D2= '2019-3-31'

select T0.BaseRef as 'Doc Num' ,T0.RefDate as 'Posting Date' ,T0.TaxDate as 'Document Date',T0.Ref2 as 'Ref No2.',

Account=(CASE WHEN T2.AcctName IS NULL THEN t3.Cardname else T2.AcctName end ),


T1.Account as AccountCode,T1.BPLName as Branch,
SUM(T1.Debit) as 'Debit',SUM(T1.Credit) as 'Credit',
(SELECT SUM(t1.Debit) - SUM(t1.Credit) FROM JDT1 Where RefDate <= DATEADD (dd, -1, DATEADD(yy, DATEDIFF(yy, 0, GETDATE()) +1, 0)) and Account = T1.Account Group by Account) AS 'Opening Balance',

when T0.Memo like '%Outgoing Paymentst%' then
(select top 1 Comments from OVPM where docnum = T0.BaseRef)
when T0.Memo like '%A/P Invoices%' then
(select top 1 Comments from opch where docnum = T0.BaseRef)


end as Particular,

when T0.Memo like '%Outgoing%' then
(select CardName from OVPM where docnum = T0.BaseRef)
when T0.Memo like '%A/P Invoices%' then
(select CardName from opch where docnum = T0.BaseRef)


end as Vendor

from OJDT T0

inner join JDT1 T1 on T0.TransId =T1.TransId

inner join oact tr3 on tr3.AcctCode = T1.account

left outer Join OACT T2 ON T2.AcctCode=T1.ContraAct

left outer join OCRD t3 on t3.CardCode=T1.ShortName

where T0.RefDate>=@d1 and T0.RefDate<=@d2

Group By T0.BaseRef,T0.TransId ,T0.RefDate,T0.TaxDate,t1.Line_ID,T0.Ref2, T1.[ContraAct],Tr3.AcctName, T2.AcctName,t3.cardname,
T1.Account,T1.Debit, T1.Credit,T1.BPLName,t1.ShortName,T1.SYSCred,T0.Memo,t3.cardname

Order by T0.TransId

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Ya Asim Bajwa ka subject hy wo university min pechly 10 sal say yhi phara rha hy. jab online aye tu kanoo sy nap lena usy.

ho gya resolved issue thanks bro

Us k begir hi

Sir aap bhi kisi say kam nahi, sirf khud ko chuptay har jagah kabhi apni karmaat ki jhalak deikhyain tu sahi

khoubsorat code, masla kiya hay?

MAsla bht bra hai :P mat pouchooo   

Wesa ap k ati qury ??

bro meri qabliyat par shaq kar rahay?

Har kisam kay kaam kar laita mein

come ib ... 

mjhy tou smj hi ni aii


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