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STA630 Research Methods Assignment No 01 Spring 2019 Solution & Discussion Due Date: 22-05-2019

RESEARCH METHODS (STA630) ASSIGNMENT Due Date: May 22nd, 2019 Total Marks: 10 Learning Objective: To familiarize the students with the classification of research and the practical ways to develop hypotheses 

Learning Outcomes: After attempting this assignment students will be able to:  Identify the purpose (exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory) of doing research  Learn how to formulate hypotheses.
Crescent Textile Mills (CTM) have transformed their HRM functions from manual workflow to computerized workflow and for that purpose they have developed a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The basic purpose behind this technological up gradation was to simplify and optimize human resources management in CTM. Despite proper need analysis, pre deployment training to users, still HR manger has observed that newly installed HRIS is not being used by middle manages as was originally expected. HR manager believed that this behavior is unusual and needs to be examined. HR manager contacted the internal research consultant who share his team’s observation after two weeks of research. Their research findings establish that majority of the middle level managers still know very little about the input, maintenance and output functions of HRIS software. Some of them were experienced old employees who were not comfortable with the technological change due to computer anxiety and job security, hence they were resisting this change. They had very little idea about what information HRIS could provide, and how to assess and interpret information from it. Another important finding of the research team was that HRIS software has a completely new interface, large number of functions and specially configured workflows, it may demand users to exhibit some level of expertise in understanding the technology solution. Therefore, the managers are recommended to reduce the change resistance so that CTM may compete in this digital era.
Based on the above information you are advised to: 1. Recall the topic “classification of research”, and identify what is the purpose (exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory) of doing this research? You need to provide at least two justifications for the selection of research type. [3=1+2 Marks]
2. If the research team will be required to develop the research model based upon the above scenario, what ‘term’ will be used for this type of diagram? Explain that term. [3=1+2 Marks] 3. Develop at least two hypotheses from the above scenario. [4=2+2 Marks]

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Replies to This Discussion

STA 630 solution file idea

Salam, kindly send me basic idea / tips to solve this assignment no 1 of STA630.
My email address is Nadeem.afaq93@yahoo.com
Thanks and regards.

In second question in my opinion you do not need to construct the diagram. you only have to explain the term.

for example????sir........

Yes, but I still cannot figure out what that 'term' is. The instruction says that the research method uses a certain diagram, what is the 'term' for that diagram. And I don't know what that term is. I actually don't even understand the question fully. And the instructor refuses to elaborate further as it'll give away the answer. 

As regards question no 1 it is an explanatory research

i think it is a descriptive research

A lot of confusion:(. 

Sometimes it feels like its Applied then descriptive. but now after reading comments one person said its explanatory. 

Further on in second question uhhhh!. When they haven't to respond our questions in admissible answer then why they said 'feel free to ask' :/

Anyways: In first question they asking 'Purpose of research(scenario)'

while in Second question they asking 'If they develop model then which term' ?

First Question:

It can't be descriptive research becase DReseach focs on labour,population and education census.

In given scenario recommendation is given.So, its b/w basic  and applied research -_- .


The name of term is schematic model in second question

In question no 1 it is an explanatory research because of two reasons

1 when we know a problem and have description of it we use explanatory research.

2 Explanatory research try to figure out its cause and effect.

The first question:

we have to explain the 'purpose' of the research. Whether is purpose is to learn about something new (exploratory research), describe something we know (descriptive), find out reasons for behavior (explanatory)

Second question:
Depending on the purpose we've chosen, now we'll conduct the actual reserch. What type of research will that be. I think it'll be Applied Research as it's focus is on to find solution to the problems, and it is mostly undertaken for specific reasons by business organizations etc.

People are saying here that the diagram model will be Schematic Model..so that's what I've chosen too.

Third question:
Just write two hypothesis. We have talked about it in the previous pages here in this post.


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