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STA301 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 11-5-2012 to 22-05-2012

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Optimux Prime  thanks & keep sharing 

STA301 Latest Mid Term  Paper (14-05-2012)


Total Question = 26

    MCQ’s         = 20

Long Question =  6


MCQ’s are all very easy because they are all from past quizzes and papers. & other paper is given below:


Question No. 21

For which type of Data Set Empirical Rule & relationship is applied?  (Marks= 2)


Question No. 22

If P (A\B) = 0 then A & B are independent . State is it true or false.

(Marks = 2)


Question No. 23

X0 = 200, Xm = 500, Q2 = 350

Skewness =?   (Marks = 3)



Question No. 24

Price (X) = 8, 13, 18, 23, 30

Coffecient of Variation = ?  (Marks = 3)



Question No. 25

Two dice are rolled, make sample space & also find the probability of Sum is 11 or greater. (Marks : 5)



Question No. 26

Check whether distribution is probability distribution.  (Marks: 5)




















Total questions 26


mcqs 20 ( mostly from probability)


  1. find coefficient of varience?   (5)
  2. Suppose X is a variable between integars 1 to 14 . what is the probability of X to b even number? (5)kuch aesa tha
  3. question about combination?  (3)
  4. what is the probability of commetee to b distributed amoung 10 persons? (3)
  5. what are the different measures of dispersion that donot use all values?  (2)
  6. what are the two suits that can b blackk in playing cards??  ( 2)


sorry friends i forgot the exact question but gave the idea.......  :(


best of luck........


Ammar Ahmed thanks 

ye kon c file he g??????

my paper was
find person,s coeffecient of skewness
find independent event
find skewness with 5 number skewness?y relative probabality is not b symmetrical?
find sample space ?
i just remember the Q NOT value mostly subjective numaricall tha objective easy tha

Total question 26 thay, 20 objective and 6 subjective.
Objective easy thay, calculations waley kmm thay lekin theory se zyada thay. Past papers jese same nahi thay, prconcept same thay.
Subjective part;

  • Define complement of an event.(2 marks)
  • What do you know about discrete random variable?(2 marks)
  • For a data set we find out the following results (3 marks)

By using five number summary, discuss the skewness of the data.

  • How many distinct four-digits number can be performed from the following integers 1,2,3,4,5,6 if each integer is used only once? (3 marks)
  • Find the coefficient of variation (C.V) for the following price of a commodity.

Price (X): 8, 13, 18, 23, 30 (5 marks)

  • The following table gives the probability distribution of the random variable X, the number of foreign tours a minister make in a year. (5marks)

Find the probability that:
1) Minister makes more than 2 and less than 5 tours
2) Minister makes at the most 4 tours

My today paper of STA 301
Define sample space
What is scatter diagram
Write the properties of random experiment
Find the mean deviation

total question were 26 all mcqs were new only ten to twenty percent were from past papers The subjetive portion was that
1.define sample space
2.what is scatter diagram?
3.mean=2.9 median=2.2 calculate pearson coffient of skewness
4.caculat coffient of stadardivation if x=111 123 153 173
6one question was to calculate permutation
7.last question was about to calculate probablity

STA 301
Current Mid term paper - 11-05-2011
20 MCQs
3 questions of 5 marks 
one question of 2 marks 
one question of 3 marks
Subjective questions were from Probability theory ... they were actually numerical questions easy to score ...like question was of 5 marks which demanded to make sample space of 2 dice rolled over and to tell the probability 
of getting a sum of 7 on two dice rolled
5 marks question = to calculate standard deviation
5 marks question = calculate mean deviation
3 marks = coefficient of variation calculation 
and the rest were MCQs of 20 marks mostly from central tendency and probability and past papers .

STA301 today paper 12-05-2012 (Session 3:30pm to 4:30pm)
Q1 - when we prefer the conditional probability? (2 Marks)
Q2 - Measure of Deviation? (2 Marks)
Q3 - A = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} (3 Marks)
B = {2, 7, 8}
C = {3, 4, 5}
Find (AuB), (AnB), (BnC)
Q4 - There is 4 red balls, 8 black balls, 3 white balls. Find the probability of drawing the 3 white balls. (3 Marks)
Q5 - Find First three moments about Mean... (5 Marks)
M1' , M2', M3' ki values di hoi thin....
Q6 - Yaad nahi h... Lecture 21 main s tha... Variance find karna tha kisi probability density function ga, data diya howa tha...


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