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STA301 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 11-5-2012 to 22-05-2012

Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2012 Papers, May 2012 Mid Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

mcqs 1) when two coins are tossed then what is the probability that atmost one head appears.

Sol: S = {HH,HT,TH,TT} A = {HT,TH,TT} n(S)= 4, n(A)= 3 P(A)= n(A) / n(S)= 3/4

2) In how many ways can 4books can be arranged on shelf?

3) when two events are independent, P(A)=0.5, P(B)=0.2 then find P(AnB)=? Sol: When two events are independent then P(AnB)=P(A)P(B) put values and get result......

4) Independent events?

5) probability of sure event? Sol: Prob of sure event always be 1.

6) probability ki range kahan sy kahan tak hoti hai?

Sol: -1 to + 1

7) Mid range ka formula btana tha.

8) Data was given. Find Midrange, Minimum Value, Maximum Value, Lower Quartile Q1, UperQuartile Q2. Ye sab find krna tha? (3Marks)

9) Define Scatter diagram? Q) when two dice are thrown then draw a sample space and find the probability of sum of both dice is 10 (5Marks)

10) aik long question aur tha jis ki probability batani thi. (5Marks)

aur bhi dhair saray mcqs thay per easy thy sab k sab

If every student  share his/her current midterm paper here we can get upto 90% marks in each subject.


sme1 plz share

total question were 26 all mcqs were new only ten to twenty percent were from past papers The subjetive portion was that

1.define sample space

2.what is scatter diagram?

3.mean=2.9 median=2.2 calculate pearson coffient of skewness

4.caculat coffient of stadardivation if x=111 123 153 173

6one question was to calculate permutation

7.last question was about to calculate probablity

yeah wahan se hi yahan post kia me ne 

sir yea he papers hein ur aaj wali kaha hein?

                       My today paper of STA 301

Define sample space

What is scatter diagram

Write the properties of random experiment

Find the mean deviation 

my paper was

find person,s coeffecient of skewness

find independent event

find skewness with 5 number skewness?y relative probabality is not b symmetrical?

find sample space ?

i just remember the Q NOT value mostly subjective numaricall tha objective easy tha

my paper was click file remember me in ur prays




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