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STA301 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 11-5-2012 to 22-05-2012

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thankyou so much..............


my paper
q1.what is statistics?
q2.define event?
q3.term statistic
q4. if a die is rool 100 times what is possible events can be occured?
q5.what is chebhy sheve inequality theorm state it?
quartile deviation
q6.prove am<g.m?

SHared By QAS...

My 2 day stat 301 paper may 13 2012

(1)Define the probabllity of event ? 2
(2)Fill the formula p(a/b) = ?/p(b) ? 2
(3) qiz from set u = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} A = {1,2,3,4} b = {2,4,6}
compute the power of A
define B bar
(4) compute mean deviation frm the given value

Shared By Amazing personality 

16 mcsq's
2 marks questn=3
3 marks questn=2
5 marks questn=2

1-two properties of average (2)
2-difference between frequency distribution and cumulative frequency distribution (2)
3- if a coin is tossed 6 tyms what is the probability of geetiing 1 head (5)
4-whisker plot (5)
IF P(A^B)=... and P(A)=.. P(B)=..
are A and B independent? (3)

discuss the skewness of data. Co efficient of variation.. Standard daviation ka ek quest tha.. ek QUEST ME mean and S.D ki value k sath k=2 and k=4 di hui thi value and use find tha chebycheves theorem k sath... The following table gives the probability distribution of the random variable X, the number of foreign tours a minister make in a year. (5marks) X 1 2 3 4 5 P(X) 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.3 0.1 Find the probability that: 1) Minister makes more than 2 and less than 5 tours 2) Minister makes at the most 4 tours jo mujhe aya tha us me px ki value nahi tihi di hui or x btaya hua tha.. Ek us ne diff pucha tha mujhe co efficient of variation and coefficient of mean..

hmmmm thnx alot.....

jawad ahmed thanks for sharing & keep sharing 

STA301 VU Midterm Current Papers Spring 2012 of Virtual University of Pakistan [May 2012]

total question were 26 all mcqs were new only ten to twenty percent were from past papers The subjetive portion was that
1.define sample space
2.what is scatter diagram?
3.mean=2.9 median=2.2 calculate pearson coffient of skewness
4.caculat coffient of stadardivation if x=111 123 153 173
6. one question was to calculate permutation
7.last question was about to calculate probablity


Another Paper:

find person,s coeffecient of skewness
find independent event
find skewness with 5 number skewness?y relative probabality is not b symmetrical?
find sample space ?
i just remember the Q NOT value mostly subjective numaricall tha objective easy tha

today 14th may
Q#1 Five no summary
Q#2 Chebechev's theorem
Q#3 question to solve mean deviation
Q#4 Problems on probability
Q#5 Objectives are from moment ratio,probability,frequency etc

Total Questions = 26
18 mcsq's (mostly from probability)
2 marks questn=3
3 marks questn=2
5 marks questn=2

1- why we need to calculate coefficient of variation? (2)
2- what is the scatter diagram? (2)
3- A number X chosen at random from the integers 1 to 14 both are inclusive.find the probability
i) if x is an even number
ii) if x is an multiple of 5 or 6 (5)
4- P(A/B) = P(B/A) if P(A) = P(B) is the statment true or wrong if statment isnot true then justify the reason? (3) 

baki ppr yad nhi .........

STA301 Latest Mid Term  Paper (14-05-2012)


Total Question = 26

    MCQ’s         = 20

Long Question =  6


MCQ’s are all very easy because they are all from past quizzes and papers. & other paper is given below:


Question No. 21

For which type of Data Set Empirical Rule & relationship is applied?  (Marks= 2)


Question No. 22

If P (A\B) = 0 then A & B are independent . State is it true or false.

(Marks = 2)


Question No. 23

X0 = 200, Xm = 500, Q2 = 350

Skewness =?   (Marks = 3)



Question No. 24

Price (X) = 8, 13, 18, 23, 30

Coffecient of Variation = ?  (Marks = 3)



Question No. 25

Two dice are rolled, make sample space & also find the probability of Sum is 11 or greater. (Marks : 5)



Question No. 26

Check whether distribution is probability distribution.  (Marks: 5)


















STA301 Latest Mid Term  Paper (14-05-2012)



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