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1) intellectual commitment to change

     what does it mean explain it.


1)  Lack of good delegation

     what does it mean please explain it   


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Strength - Intellectual commitment to change:

Change is part and parcel of business life-cycle. Organizations can survive the internal and external threats only by being adaptive to the "change." HBL clearly does not seem to be afraid to face changes in the micro and macro environment. It has a flexible approach to change with the changing environment and challenges of the market, therefore it is considered intellectually committed to change for the betterment of their clients.

Weakness - Lack of Delegation:

The prevailing administrative systems in HBL is based on "centralization" where all major policy making, planning and decision making is concentrated within the nexus of a particular group of people who have an autocratic style of taking decisions. Hence, the top management of the bank does not seem to delegate even their minor powers to downward chain of command. Whenever there is lack of delegation of powers from top management to middle management, it makes decision making too slow to implement and it also does not give confidence to the subordinate channels. Hence, this factor is considered a weakness for the organization.

Hope this will help you, you may ask for more details, if u got any questions.


1) inability to change

2) Government sponsored schemes

3) internal politics

4) non-banking institution

    PLZ also explain these points


1) INABILITY TO CHANGE - The management and employees of HBL seem to resist change within the organization.This rigidity of employees does not allow productive change in the organization. (Aik taraf ap intellectual commitment to change ko strength show ker rahay hain or dosri taraf ap inability to change keh rahay hain, isko defend kese karo ge? Isko "Employees Resistance to Change" ker do, phr justify ho jaye ga).

2) Government sponsored schemes - Govt has lower markup rates of every product or service they offer in the market. This is a great challenge faced by the private banks.

3) Internal politics - This is the most common melody of Pakistani organizations. Internal politics destroys productivity of the organisation because every employee is part of a group and they play dirty politics to bring their opponent down at every cost.

4) Non-banking institutions - Every bank is compelled to face various sorts of challenges from the open market, for instance, "Hundi" system is a kind of unofficial financial transaction made by the private individuals. Hence, they are snatching a piece of cake from the banking system.

5) Political pressure - HBL has to face a hefty pressure from the government powerful officials who try to pressurize the management to induct their blue eyed boys in the management who are mostly incompetent. Such people are also part of the management who influence management decision by favoring their desired internal/external parties/institutions/inviduals.



I am not too good with respect to explaining financial parameters. However, i ll try to explain them later as soon I found time.

AOA. ap na jo kaha ha k aik taraf intellectual commitment to change ko strength show kr rahay hain or dosri taraf inability to change ko threat show kr raha ho. is k waja ya ha k jb ma na internship report submit karai te to us ma ma na aisa he lika ta agr ab ma presentation slides ma inability to change

ko employees resistance to change kr do to VIVA k doran teachers is ko point out kra ga k tum na internship report ma inability to change lika ha or presentation slides ma employees resistance to change lika ha aisa kr sakta ha teachers VIVA k doran ya nahi . plz clear this confusion.? decline in profit rate ya b threat ha is ko b plz explain kr da. agr ap apna mobile no muja send kr da to ap sa information lana ma asani hogi. my mobile no is 03349058675.    

Chalo koi bat nahi, ap change mat kero slides me. But keep in mind k viva me jab ap "Inability to change" ko explain kero ge to ap ne iski detail me kuch aise kehna hai "The inability to change in actual is, the resistance of employees against changes in the organizational policies and decisions. Most employees resist the changes in the macro and micro environment" then ye point acceptable ho jaye ga or strength k sath conflict nahi karega. But agar ye statement boli to apko Micro & Micro environment ko explain kerna b ana chahiye. If the teacher is smart, then every next question is mostly, driven from your last answer, keep this fact in mind.

Decline in Profit rate is liye hota hai k jab govt. ki product and services k interest rates kam hote hain, services achi hoti hain, jab govt. ki guarantees or credit/debit rating, liquidity etc kisi pvt bank se zyda strong hoti hain isi liye HBL k profit me decline hota hai bcos k zyda client govt pe trust kerta hai not on private financial services. 

I have noted down your mobile, i ll insha Allah contact you at some convenience.


Your queries led me to some googling and that helped me remember a few concepts I dont ever had any interest to think about still thanks to you who helped me re-learn a few things, here is some worthy stuff you need to know first:

What are Primary and Secondary Markets?

The financial market is a world where new securities are issued to the public regularly. It is a world full of varied financial products and services, tailored to the need of every individual from all income brackets. These financial products are bought and sold on the capital market, which is divided into primary market and secondary market.

What Is Primary Market?

The primary market is also known as new issues market. Here, the transaction is conducted between the issuer and the buyer. In short, the primary market creates new securities and offers them to the public.

What Is Secondary Market?

In secondary market, the securities issued in the primary market are bought and sold. Here, you can buy a share directly from a seller and the stock exchange or broker acts as an intermediary between two parties. It's a market where investors purchase securities or assets from other investors, rather than from issuing companies themselves. The national exchanges - such as the Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) and Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) are secondary markets.

The secondary market is actually formed by another layer of investors who deal with primary market investor to buy and sell financial securities such as bonds, futures and stocks. These dealings happen in the proverbial stock exchange.



HBL can do a lot more to capture the opportunity provided by big stock brokers and investors. There are lot many market operations related to the secondary markets which need attention of the top management. For instance, the representatives of the bank should try to offer incentives to the investors and stock brokers to make financial transactions through HBL. There are many other major and minor services which can be offered by the bank to even non-HBL customers.


Capital Management is an accounting strategy that strives to maintain sufficient and equal levels of working capital, current assets, and current liabilities. This helps a company to meet its expense obligations while also maintaining sufficient cash flow and is primarily related to short term financial decisions. The management at HBL can focus of some cost saving aspects of decision making, putting more emphasis on quality than quantity (like opening too many bank branches). This will help management to maintain their capital efficiently.


The process of raising capital through the sale of shares in an enterprise. Equity financing essentially refers to the sale of an ownership interest to raise funds for business purposes. The best source of raising this capital is from family and friends, however the source may also be a business or entrepreneur. The HBL may take money from such reliable sources and invest in various projects. This can help skim big profits for the bank on lower cost than by borrowing from State Bank or other financial institutes.


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