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Thankyou : Indian Prime Minister Modi بھارتی وزیر اعظم مودی کا شکریہ

Since fall of Dhaka ( Dec 1971) ,  nobody in government raised a finger on the role played by India in cross border terrorism and conspiracy to divide Muslims of East and West Pakistan.

Indian plan succeeded and biggest Muslim country was divided.  Today the young generation of Bangalis is full of hatred against Pakistan due to fake stories  about atrocities committed by Pakistan Army made part of text books. Majority of teachers were Hindus in Bengal.

No body realized the negative effects.  The Hindu scholars wrote books with fake Muslim Names and provided a rubbish account of Bangladesh Independence.

Facts were tarnished.   

Today majority of teachers in Sindh province are Hindus.  Have not we learnt lesson in 71 ? 

I thank Indian Prime Minister Modi for speaking the truth. He acknowledged and admired the role played by India and Indian Army in supporting Mukti Bahni and defeating Pakistan Army. 

If the Indian leadership has thought Pakistan TOO weak to react ?  Are we divided in small groups ?

India is supporting terrorism in Pakistan,  their leaders and policymakers are openly challenging Pakistan to control and ensure peace, stability and prosperity in Balochistan.  Hindus by their religion and Indian as a state is a terrorist state. 

How come ?  Because they have provided material support to few miscreants .... They are counting on arms and material supplied by them.  

Wake up Pakistan. 

The interest of majority of  National Leaders of Pakistan are in India:

  • Business of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif  Family 
  • Blood Relatives of Bhutto family :  Any idea about grand father and Uncles ( Nana , Mamo ) of Z A Bhotto  and their continuous guidance to further destabilize Pakistan. 
  • No point on Sarhadi Ghandi and his family ( Wali Khan ) - the second largest family of state position  holders including  Governor of Balochistan today.  Spare Mr. Asfandyar for he is known....  

Aaman Ki Assha ,   Geo  , Hamid Mir , and other Media Anchors will find their names in list headed by Mir Jaffar ....  

بھارتی وزیر اعظم   مودی کا شکریہ
خاندانی  رشتہ داریوں  اور مستقبل کے بزنس  نے ہمارے نام نہاد لیڈروں کو تو 40 سال سے بے زبان رکھا ہوا  ہے۔ 
مودی کے بیان کو  پہلی جماعت سے  ٹیکسٹ  بکس میں شامل کیا جائے تاکہ ہماری قوم کو ہندو کا اصل چہرہ  نظر آتا رہے۔

سندھ حکومت ہولی  اور دیوالی کے تہوار پڑھانے کی بجائے    آریا  سماج کی شدھی  اور سنگھٹن تحریکوں کو نصاب میں شامل کر لے تو ہجرت کے دوران شہید ہونے والے 
 40لاکھ مسلمانوں کی روحوں کو سکون ملے گا۔

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Sarkar G, first of all the statement is simply waste of time and effort, we can never be friends politicaly and the second one is that india is an enemy that does not want peaceful coexistance. sharif govt is fooling itself by making overtures nothing more.

Some times it is better to awaken someone by appreciating the enemy and achievements of Enemy. 

We have sleeping fools:  Lions...... 

This Chachoo Modi is the most delusional man me have ever seen .

has he listened to what his ministers r saying ?

it is india that is exporting terror to pakistan.

Good or bad, just see the response and participation in this discussion, this is measure of our nationalism,

the number of responses and enthusiasm to reply to glamour or topics involving gender issues get hundred of replies and support.

Here is only one Gentleman from a nation of 200 Million strong patriot Pakistanis, WHO shared my feelings ....

I am not present in Pakistan at this moment, but I fear that things have gone worse ...

Insha- Allah I am coming back to fight for Kashmir and get back the freedom and restore our prestige.


Kashmir dispute is still under-process / procrastinate in United Nations.

So after comeback what will u do for the right of Kashmir?

To resolve the Kashmir issue the partition of Punjab in 1947 is first to be addressed.


Modi has dangerous aims about Pakistan.

Pak army, public and Govt must took Modi seriously.

mgr bro ap k favourite leader kabi mangoes aur kabi moodi ki mother klye dresses bjh rhy hty ha. jis k bad moodi thanks klye flood bjhta ha. nawaz sharif k bakool to hm ma aur indians ma koi difference hi nhi ha bas ak ptli si line ha. wo aur hm to ak ha.khawaja asif k baqool to hm na 1965 ki war nhi jeti thi aur nawaz sharif ki kargal war statement bi sb k amny ha.


           Where r u Mr Leo?

cant take it anymore, too much hate in one post... but then thats what we were taught

nice sharing.



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