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The solution to Pakistan`s problems is not some army, sorry to the
military fanatics, the solution to Pakistan`s problems is not
democracy, sorry to the "jamhoriat" aficionados, the solution to
Pakistan`s problems is not some secret service, sorry to the
espionage enthusiasts, the solution to Pakistan`s problems is
not some draconian man made laws, sorry to the sadists, the
solution to Pakistan`s problems is not some political crusade,
sorry to the "siasat" buffs, THE ONLY SOLUTION TO PAKISTAN`s
PROBLEMS IS 'The Sharia'.
No, not the Sharia of Nawaz Sharif or Zardari or Musharraf or Ziaulhaq or Bhuttos...., no, no, NO !
Not the sharia of Abdullah of KSA or Abdullah of Jordan or Khalifa Bin Zaid Al-Nahyan of, no, NO !
Not the Sharia of Omar Al Bashir of Sudan or Bashaar Al-Assad of Syria or Sisi of, no, NO !
Not the Sharia of Rouhani or Khamenei of Iran or Erdogan of Turkey...... no, no, NO!
Not the Sharia of Widodo of Indonesia or Najib Tun Razak of Malaysia or Tammam Salam Of Lebanon...... no, no, NO !
not even the sharia of Saddam or Gaddafi or Hosnei, no, NO !
Certainly not the Sharia of Abu-Bakar Al Baghdadi(ISIS) or Hassan Nasurallah(Hezbollah) or Fazlullah (TTP)....
The solution to not only Pakistan`s problems but the whole Muslim world`s
problems is the Sharia of Allah as revealed by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be
Upon Him)
If you disagree with it then you are disagreeing with the law of Allah and
if you have a better law then that then maybe you need to create your own
universe independent of Allah, but as long as you breathe the air he created,
and eat the crops he grew, and live the life he provided then you`ll have
to live by his code.
"And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah . They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying."(Surah Al-An`am-116)


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Bro, Freedom of expression is the fundamental rights of every citizen, Me appreciate your well thought but in logical view me not agree to your some points thats are stated over here.

U have misconception in some points due to lack of knowledge. Given Quranic Ayet at the end of your message is valid but me seems you himself diversificate to interpretation.

Keep in mind location is one Path is different and understand/presumptions the actual facts in the flow of right and wrong is very difficult. may be this is fault of your internal locus of control please deeply cultivate your inner for well absorbing and well thinking.

Sure you will be take my message positively,,,,,,,,, Goodluck.


well bro you may disagree by my point of view but I think solution to the problems of the world and Muslim Umah is only True Sharia

 Sharia of Allah as revealed by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) and practiced by Khulfaa e Rashideen (R.A)

Thank you to be with us.

Friends, we may differ in ideas, concepts, perceptions but can not deny the reality. The reality of this Pakistan is terrorism now. Terrorism is not new and its origin started when human being was sent to earth by Allah. Every nation / qoum had been fighting against this menace. We also have to fight against it.

Following the true Sharia is one of the solution but there could be many other solutions as well. 

This is very much my personal opinion.

Advance sorry, if somebody is hurt.

Yes brother I agree with you unlike other creatures ALLAH created Human beings with unique abilities and free will they can think other solutions but the perfect solution is only the solution given by The Creator (ALLAH).


mgr shariah koi laana nhn chahta Pakistan mein...

iske liye b to sochna parega na 

shariah ka naam sunte hi log dar jatay hn k pta nhn kya cheeez hai...


Bilkul aisa he hy k log shariyat sy darty hen magar hamny logon mein awareness create karni hy k sharyat sirf sir qalam karna or phansi deny ka nam nai balky burai ko jarh sy khatam karny ka nam hy



Khayaali pulao. The sharia you're talking about is far more than impossible to impose on any country in this age. There needs to be a working example. You're discriminating that Saudi Sharia is different than original one or Iranian Sharia is different than original but there needs to be a working example to prove that it will solve our problems. Unfortunately, the original sharia won't solve our problems, not because it isn't capable to solve them but because it won't and never will be imposed. There are more than one way to solve our problems but our religious fanatic brothers think that it's really easy to impose the sharia and that it will solve our problems almost immediately after being imposed, I don't think so.

Brother we have working example that is the Sharia of ALLAH as revealed and practiced by the Prophet (SAW) and Khulafa e Rashideen.

Which brand of sharia are you talking about?




Ahle Hadeeth?

Go brother first revisit history, Muslims were disbursed in groups right after Rasool Allah (SAWW). Muslim history is worst in this regard. Never one Muslim group could ever accept other group's brand of Islam. All Taliban, ISIS kind terrorists are destroying this country on the hallow slogan of sharia.

Mulla Aziz, his wife, many students of jamia hafsa himself have already given their allegiance to ISIS in the name of sharia. Now everyone should be ready to either convert to their brand of Islam or be slaughtered. God forbidden, Now a days, the dominance of Taliban and ISIS on Pakistan shall be the conclusion of this desire. Allah save us from being part of dividing Islam. The best a Muslim can do is not to be "TAKFRIRI" - A mindset which is imported in this country by Zia-ul-Haq (LA) from Saudia Arabia. 


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