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VU students is a good social community. I took few months to surf it only , but now decided to join and share with all.
  Few may find this discussion Boring, but this is the essence of life. 

We all have given life, it started at a fixed and it has to finish one day at a preset time.  I thought to give title :

" Thought of the day ", then decided that I should be more objective. 

You may be surprised, but see where are we standing : 

  In a beautiful country, full of blessings, 

     I am thankful to Allah Almighty , for He has honoured me to the one who is praising Him ALOUD in this WORLD.

  Just join,  we will sail through.  Let us shape the destiny of OUR country: A gift of Allah. 


Join me in an intellectual fight against the so called leaders ( the Pharos of the Day). 


      Raise your voice against all sins , disobediences of Allah.    

   I shall accept Direct references from Holy Quran ( Translation only with reference)

     verses / poems of Hazrat Allama Iqbal and quotes  / verses from Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif. 


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Nice to find such thoughts, I am living where Girls are buried ALIVE and Politicians simply ACCEPT in NATIONAL ASSEMBLY the CRIME as their TRADITION.
Hell with such system.
I used to read about slavery, it remained a topic under discussion, I never knew that I will be soon working with an organisation in the area.
I am working on few projects realted to Education in the area. Major funding is coming with reference of Allama Iqbal.

The worst field is EDUCATION, Sradars do not want people to get educated. Schools are their cattle yards. School Building their personal property.
Its a vast topic sister. Loads of shortcomings not only in our leaders but we also r responsible 4 everything. Don't forget!! Leader is the one among us and we only choose him. Every indiviual should know the purpose of why he/she is here on this EARTH rather than cursing the cause and effects situation ahead coz of his/her own mistakes...The need of the hour is to recognize ur self and ur identity as a Muslim...Our pupose of life is clearly and briefly mentioned in many Quranic verses just as one I am sharing below..

Surah Al-Hajj(Ayat No 78)
In the Name of Allaah

And strive hard in Allâh's Cause as you ought to strive (with sincerity and with all your efforts that His Name should be superior). He has chosen you (to convey His Message of Islâmic Monotheism to mankind by inviting them to His religion, Islâm), and has not laid upon you in religion any hardship, it is the religion of your father Ibrahim (Abraham) (Islâmic Monotheism).

It is He (Allâh) Who has named you Muslims both before and in this (the Qur'ân), that the Messenger (Muhammad ) may be a witness over you and you be witnesses over mankind!

So perform As­Salât (Iqamat-as-Salât), give Zakât and hold fast to Allâh [i.e. have confidence in Allâh, and depend upon Him in all your affairs].

He is your Maula (Patron, Lord, etc.), what an Excellent Maula (Patron, Lord, etc.) and what an Excellent Helper!

U r welcome to VUSTUDENTS.TEAM. Keep sharing healthy and useful discussions. Visit the link below and find grps of all categories and start giving your input as per your interests.:)

Jazak Allah
Assalam - o Alikum, Thanks Brother. I just uploaded my assignments, this Title One Hours means the Hour I have invested for my Nation.
For my country, my Pakistan....
Many a times we listen about New Pakistan, Surely we will make the Dawn a reality of New Pakistan. A new vision.
Here are few words from Dil , Derya , Samunder by Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif.
Like Qalam-i-Iqbal, his work is reflection of Quran in our culture (language / life style).

AOA, lovely ideas. But I am far behind !!
Path is Good and right, difficuties indicate the correctness of path / objective.

( just a word: A man is known by the company he keeps : here these ideas atre for All Pakistani Youth) Wake up.

But , it does not mean ; Surfing , chit chatting , :D , Wonder / Focus think and find Way Forward.
A little correction in Urdu typing please


Thanks, Allah is the Most Beautiful Name , in this World.
Close your eyes, and see He is in front of you,
He is listening only You and no one else: He is your Allah.
He is the MASTER of everything. Ask from Him Blessings, His protection and MERCY.
I can not return you Tonns of GOLD if You could Pray for me. Thanks.

But My JOB is to GIVE WAKE UP CALL. Jagoo Jawanoo , meri Millat ki AAbroo.....

Drops make the Derya ,

Qatra Qatra Kulzam .....

( This page from Hazrat Wasif Ali gives a Great insight - I wish you Talk to Allah just now, close you eyes, Need not to say a word, a voice from your Heart : Allah and you will be surprised to find in your HEART , My Allah )
If you are in search of Peace, here it is.

is link py jana. bhot sy log kuch krna chahty hain lakin krain kya ya ksi ko samaj nhe araha.
Muslimah ny boht thek baat ki thi k hum sab ko khud ko change krna pary ga (i agree 100%) lakin is ma khuch r b add krny ki zarorat ha.

Collective effort...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm reaaly nice...we neeeed to awake ourselves


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