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CS601 Data Communication Fall 2013 Current and Past Final Term Papers at One Place From March 01 to March 12, 2014

CS601 Data Communication 

All Current and Past Final Term Papers at One Place

From March 01 to March 12, 2014

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Today Paper CS601

Type of fiber transmission mode            marks-5

HF and SHF  range and one application of each           marks-3

multiplexing modes           marks-5

check sum solution           marks-3

ENQ/ACK, POLL/SELECT, why need addressing in second one?           marks-5

FDM and WDM difference           marks-2

type of source in optical fiber           marks-2

why need signal amplification in a network           marks-3

name of FDDI registers and timers           marks-5

total 52 question, 42 MCQs other2,3,5 marks questions

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Replies to This Discussion

Fazel Rabbani  thanks for sharing 

Attention Students: You don’t need to go any other site for current papers pattern & questions. Because all sharing data related to current Final term papers of our members are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links. Just keep visiting for all latest updates.

Today's CS601 Paper
MCQs were mostly from past papers.
(2 Marks Questions)
1) Range of radio communications bands
2) Name of at least four itu-t  protocols
3) Why Addressing bits are added in Asynchronous ARQ and what is the disadvantage of it 
(3 Marks Questions)
1) State disadvantage of step index fiber over graded index.fiber
2) one question about HDLC
(5 Marks Questions)
1) Types of Noise
2) Mechanism of Sliding window with example of n = 8
3) Mechanism of HLDC and name and functions of three frames
4) Two companies A and B want to communicate through radio waves. Discuss about the modes of communication and write about at least two modes 
Rest I don't remember now, but 1 question of two marks is also about HDLC

Today my paper

(1)why we use guard bands in FDM?

(2)classes of synchronous protocols?

(3)in Poll/select method why addressing is necessary?

(4)advantages of ENQ/ACK?

(5)why coaxial cable called coaxial? explain its structure?and give one example of its implementation(5)marks

(6)briefly explain stop and wait method?

(7)a data frame is given and we explain the following frames SYN,STX,DATA,ETX,BCC?

(8)IN multi block frames we use ETX? explain it why we use?

(9)who can we implement TDM explain its type?

(10)different types of noise?

remaining 2 question are not remember

best of luck

Anmol Maha  thanks for sharing ur paper... best of luck for ur exam & result 

Attention Students: You don’t need to go any other site for current papers pattern & questions. Because all sharing data related to current Final term papers of our members are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links. Just keep visiting for all latest updates.

 Comment by sehar (mcs) 1 hour agoDelete Comment

to day my paper
If db is amplified then attenuation is ------------------
Ø Positive (Page 142)
Ø Negative
Ø Zero
Ø None of the above
The _______________ layer changes bits into electromagnetic signals.
► physical 
► transport
► none of given
Data link protocols can be divided into ______________ sub-groups.
► two (Page 202)
► three
► four
► five
Check sum method is used for _______________ layers.
► Physical
► Application
► Transport
► Data link
Multiplexing is the set of techniques that allows simultaneous TX of multiple signals across ___________
data link
► Single (Page 147)
► Multi
► Single and Multi
► none of the given
Primary device uses ____________ to receive transmission from the secondary devices.
► POLL (Page 191)
The inversion of the level at 1 bit is called as __________
► NRZ-I (Page 73)
► RZ

How much bandwidth for modem is required in case of FSK? [2] Answer: BW required for FSK is equal to the Baud rate of the signal plus the frequency shift. Because of the limitations of voice-grade telephone lines, these modems are restricted to a bandwidth of about 3 kHz 
Question#2 What is R G rating of coaxial cable? Answer:- (Page 126) Different coaxial cable designs are categorized by their Radio government ( RG ) ratings Each cable defined by RG rating is adapted for a specialized function: RG-8
• Used in Thick Ethernet
• Used in Thick Ethernet
• Used in Thick Ethernet
• Used in Thin Ethernet
There are many types of redundancy check techniques but we want to apply a most common and less expensive error detection technique. You are required to describe the suitable technique meeting the given requirements. Also apply your suggested error detection technique on the message “vu” (ACHII code is given bellow).
01110110 v
01110101 u
A flow control method has its specific mechanism to keep track of transmitted and received frames. What is the main factor on which the identification scheme of sliding window relies to keep track of transmitted and received frames? Explain this tracking scheme with an example of n = 8

Read more: CS601 Data Communication - Virtual University of Pakistan


today CS601 paper..

mcqs almost from past papers..

4 question 2 marks

1. in which situation, checksum cannot detect error?

2. geosynchronous satellite?

3. name of devices 

for internetworking devices, and networking devices

4 questions for 3 marks

  1. capacity of T1 line for  24 voice chanal at 8000
  2. mr. amir wants to estalish a network, what three types of guided media you suggest him?
  3. steps of uploading, why uploading speed is less then downloading?

4 question of 5 marks

  1. CSMA/CD In this carrier scenc multiple access with colission detectin

what is meant by,  carrier scenc,  multiple access,   collision detection

2.  write the timer and regiester for FDDI and ASCI.?

3.  what is the process of ack and lost of data in GO-N-BACK AND SELECTIVE REJECT ARQ?

mcqs past pprs myn se 20% the.






VU Today's Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 52 of Total 80 Marks
Total MCQ = 40 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 2 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 4 Each of 5 marks

Q)Find db?

Q)Find power loss?

Q)Find the type of error in the given data?

Q)Why we need address bit in ATDM?Disadvantage of using address bit ?

Q)What does NAK represent in poll?

Q)Define Carrier sence, Multiple access, Collision detection?

Q)How lost frame and ACK is treated in Go BAck and ARQ?

Q)Types of synchronous protocols?

Q)Advantages of STP over UTP?








Line of Sight Propagation


NAK: Error or start of transmission


Write all steps of checksum method. [3] Answer: (Page 179)

o The sender subdivides data units into equal segments of ‘n’ bits(16 bits)

o These segments are added together using one’s complement

 o The total (sum) is then complemented and appended to the end of the original data unit as redundancy bits called CHECKSUM

 o The extended data unit is transmitted across the network

 o The receiver subdivides data unit as above and adds all segments together and complement the result

 o If the intended data unit is intact, total value found by adding the data segments and the checksum field should be zero o If the result is not zero, the packet contains an error & the receiver rejects it




Channels must be separated by strips of unused BW (guard bands) to prevent signals from Overlapping




What are the two major classes of synchronous protocols at data link layer?     2 Answer: (Page 206)

Character – Oriented Protocols

 Bit – Oriented Protocols   


in Poll/select method why addressing is necessary?

For the primary device in a multipoint topology to be able to identify and communicate with a specific secondary device, there must be some addressing convention,,


For this reason, every device on the link has an address that can be used for



Advantages of ENQ/ACK?


(6)briefly explain stop and wait method?

In this method, the sender waits for an ACK after every frame it sends

194 Only when an ACK has been received, is the next frame sent


o This process of alternately sending and waiting repeats until the sender transmits an EOT frame


Example: Officer giving dictation to the Typist, He says a word, typist says OK, he says the next word, typist says OK and so on





1) Which type of device used for connect a terminal to a T-line

2) What should b the relationship between the size of thr crc remainder and divisor

3)Two employee in 2 diff companies suggest device to connect each other

4)Physical specification on which RG rating of coxial cable are defined

5) EM spectrum is divided into several call bands just write the complete name of 6 of those range

6) why do we need to have address bit in Asynchronous time division multiplaxing ? and disadvantages of using address bit in it..

7) consider a net work topology based on poll\selective procedure where on device is designed as primary other device is secondary.. you mention two possibilities to terminated data transmission

Yeh 7 question hi aye the Slip ki back pe.. Page hi khatam ho gaya

Aik question b past papers ya currents papers jo yahan share hn in ma se nai tha..

Jo meri tarah past papers se tyari krta wo to gaya..So sub handouts kro tyari

Aik achi baat bus mcqs 40% moaz wali file se the wo b age peche kr diye howe the...

Bara muskil Paper tha...

Best of luck 


anyone solve 2014 cs601 paper and upload, sir Tariq malik please solve the above paper and upload please, Thanks for sharing


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